Brand Ambassadors


Leverage trust & loyalty with brand ambassadors

Roster is a complete ambassador marketing platform that amplifies the power of brand ambassadors to build credibility, generate content, and rapidly raise income.

Leverage trust & loyalty of brand ambassadors

Collaborate with your brand's biggest fans

Empower your brand’s biggest enthusiasts with Roster. Harness their passion with campaigns, product development, and community building, transforming fan loyalty into tangible brand success.

Customizable ambassador portal​

Build a powerful ambassador team

Potential ambassadors are everywhere! Roster gives you all the tools to connect with influential people through recruitment forms, social listening, and ecommerce integrations.

Customizable web app

Ambassadors love Roster’s personalized portal that keeps them informed and active.

With easy access to campaigns, actions, referrals, and rewards on their mobile devices, they can share personal discount codes are referral links. 

Equip for success

Keep these go-getters excited about word-of-mouth marketing with engaging campaigns, actions, referral links, discount codes, and resources via the Roster platform.

Equip brand ambassadors for success
Centralize payments for affiliates, influencers and ambassadors. Streamline compensating your biggest supporters while clearly showing your ambassadors their rewards and commissions. feature image

Incentivize and reward on auto-pilot

Give back to the people who built your brand. Recognize ambassadors by promptly rewarding them for their efforts. 

With Roster’s features, companies can seamlessly manage product seeding and rewarding. Send payments. And appreciate with discount codes.

Brand ambassador analytics

Brand ambassador analytics

Run your ambassador marketing program with a complete solution. Unlike affiliate tools, Roster tracks social awareness, campaign engagement, user content, and sales attribution. Ditch the spreadsheets and simplify your responsibilities with Roster’s ambassador marketing solution.

Ambassador marketing solution FAQ

Ambassador marketing leverages the loyalty of existing creators, customers, and super fans to scale word-of-mouth. They do this by creating UGC which bolsters credibility and generates genuine buzz. Ambassadors typically use digital channels, particularly social media, to promote company products and services.

For their endorsements, brand ambassadors are rewarded richly. From complimentary products, exclusive discounts, and gift cards to referral incentives and the possibility of a brand ambassador salary. Beyond these, ambassadors are privy to exclusive events, contests, sneak peeks at product launches, and even opportunities to contribute to product development.

Absolutely! You can easily upload your list of influencers or invite them to join, making a smooth transition from your existing tools or spreadsheets.

At Roster, we believe everyone is an ambassador. Passion and authenticity, not reach, is what drive the best results. The best place to start is with your grassroots, everyday influencers.

Our clients work with everyone from A-list celebrities and world-class athletes to people without social media accounts. Request a demo to see how it works.

Both are great promoters who use their networks and social following to find new customers for brands. Learn more about which is best, brand ambassadors vs affiliates.

The number of followers needed varies based on factors like industry and product. Nowadays, companies focus more on genuine audience engagement rather than just a high follower count, as loyal audiences tend to be more effective.

We’re glad you asked. There are two great options. First, click on one of the “get a demo” links and talk with a fun Roster ambassador. 

Second, download our free Brand Ambassador Playbook. You’ll get a step-by-step guide to ambassador marketing. ‍The playbook has it all!