Payments & referral rewards

Get a complete payment suite to fuel your ambassador team —without any additional fees!

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Hassle-free setup and payouts

Quickly grow your bottom line with an affiliate style program with real-time visibility of all your social campaigns, referral sales, and commissions

Delight your promoters

Ambassadors can view their referral earnings in the portal, track activity, receive email alerts, and claim rewards through PayPal or Venmo

Static and Dynamic Text Activate and incentivize your

Referral rewards

Drive brand referrals and sharing with a program that clearly rewards these activities.

automatically send payments with PayPal and Venmo integrations

Customize payments

Oversee referral sales and rewards in one platform for greater efficiency and improved ROI.

Easy tools to fast-track brand growth

Get deep insights into the health of your influencers and ambassadors with real-time referral data.

Value amp

Unleash the power of social ties in payments, maximizing customer lifetime value. Cha-ching to lasting bonds

Smart savings

Lower customer acquisition costs through authentic engagements and social selling

Stand out

Why settle? Cut the ad noise and pay for standout engagement and tangible results

Automatic updates

Stay in the loop with the ambassador portal: real-time updates on perks, payouts, and reards

Frequently asked questions about payments

The idea of selling through your customer base isn’t new, you can just now track the whole process.

The best practice is to manage your ambassador programs and referral rewards both in one place. Roster’s referral rewards are available to all users. First, decide which type of influencers will earn rewards and set up the commission structure.

It’s really up to you. Some brands pay a fixed dollar amount, and others pass along a percentage of referred sales.

For example, if your brand’s VIP Program offers a 10% commission on referred orders, anytime a customer makes a purchase using a VIP referral link or shareable discount, the advocate earns a 10% commission.

Consider commission tiers with premium rewards for your top-performing influencers. This structure can incentivize people in lower programs to work toward the next reward level. Sometimes rewards are for specific activities, such as a blog or photo. You can create one-off payments in Roster to compensate for these engagements.

Reward your brand advocates through PayPal and Venmo. 

Send payments on your terms, such as after your store’s return policy, to avoid paying commissions on returned orders. Also, Roster integrates fraud detection to prevent commissions on personal orders.

Pay your influencers and ambassadors without any fees! Roster does not add on any transaction surcharges or additional payment expenses.