Ideas and Templates for Social Media Campaigns

Influencer and Brand Ambassador Social Media Campaign Templates

Unleash the power of influencers and brand ambassadors in 2023 with our winning ideas and templates for social media campaigns.

This is a running list of the latest and greatest ideas. Much more to come!


"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic."


June: Social Media Contests

How to Run a Social Media Contest

Discover why and how to effectively run a social media contest. Drive engagement, leave lasting brand impressions, and achieve remarkable results.

Get started with our expert guide on How to Run a Social Media Contest!

May: Best Mother's Day Campaigns

Brilliant Ideas for Mother’s Day

Discover 16 amazing Mother’s Day campaign ideas in our newest blog post. Packed with heartwarming concepts, these campaigns will delight moms while boosting your brand’s engagement and exposure.

Dive in as we unveil unforgettable ways to honor and celebrate moms in your brand community.

April: Easter Marketing Campaigns

April Showers Bring Social Power

Easter presents a golden opportunity to connect with your community in a fun and unforgettable way. With ambassadors on board and festive vibes in the air, it’s time to jump into the egg-stravaganza of Easter marketing! 

With awesome ideas and some planning, you’ll charm your audience, sweeten loyalty, and send sales soaring.


March: Community Social Media Campaigns

Women’s History Month Ideas

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, your brand has the chance to honor the remarkable women who have shaped history and made a difference in the world.

With 26 unique ideas, we offer a range of inspiring events and innovative activities to help your ambassador program reach its full potential. Discover everything you need to celebrate the incredible women who inspire us all.


For every 1,000 members in an ambassador program,
an estimated $1.9M in advertising value
may be generated.


February: Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Love is in the Air

February is a month that’s packed with love, history, and a dash of extra time! From Valentine’s Day on the 14th to Presidents’ Day on the third Monday and the Super Bowl on the second Sunday. It’s also Black History Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions and achievements of African Americans. 

So, whether you’re spreading love, remembering legacies, or cheering for your Super Bowl fav—Roster has 31 ambassador program campaigns you’ll love!


January: Social Media Campaigns

Ring in the New Year

Ready to make 2023 your best year yet? Our team is here to help you get started! Unlock the potential of your social media presence, collaborations with influencers, and engagements with brand ambassadors. 


Our New Year’s social media posts and January marketing campaign ideas will give your business a powerful boost. Kick off 2023 with a bang and a fresh start!



Unwrap the Joy: A Collection of Holiday Gift Guides for Brands

Step up your holiday marketing and make the most of this festive season with holiday gift guides. From fun ideas and strategies, you’ll find everything you need to run successful holiday gift guide campaigns with your brand ambassadors and create impactful content that resonates with your target audience.


Get ready to make the holiday season a memorable one for your brand!



Winter Ambassador Marketing

Winter Can’t Stop Us! 

Winter is here. That means it’s time to make your marketing as cozy as possible!  From snowball fights and snowmen to warm fires and hot cocoa, there are plenty of winter-inspired themes that can make your social media feed stand out.

26 ideas for brand ambassador content highlighting snowy outdoor activities, discounts on winter apparel, and photos capturing the beauty of a winter wonderland. Let’s make the snow days a blast!

November: Social Media Campaigns

Thanksgiving Campaign Template

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate your creators and ambassadors. Don’t miss this chance to express your gratitude for all they do throughout the year to help your brand be successful. You could not do it without them.


Friendsgiving Campaign Ideas

Friendsgiving is the name given to a Thanksgiving celebration attended by a group of close friends. The basic idea is to get together with friends rather than family on Thanksgiving.

It usually takes place the day before Thanksgiving, but it can be anytime that works best for the group of friends.


Small Business Saturday 

The day following Thanksgiving is the busiest for local merchants. For many years, the Saturday following Thanksgiving has been designated as “Small Business Saturday,” a day set aside to support independent retailers and promote local shopping. 


Cyber Monday Ideas

The Monday following Thanksgiving has become known as “Cyber Monday,” a shopping holiday celebrated online in the US. Every company is vying for the attention of their target audience, which means consumers are bombarded with advertisements from every direction. 

Partner with content creators to help cut through the clutter and crush your November sales goals. 


Black Friday Campaigns

Black Friday is one of the year’s biggest shopping days and the perfect opportunity for companies to team up with influencers and ambassadors to drive sales. Creating exclusive deals and promotions for influencers and brand ambassadors to share with followers and organizing giveaways and contests drives traffic and raises sales. 

With the backing of big names and brand advocates, companies have a greater chance of connecting with their target customers during this chaotic holiday shopping season. Let’s make it happen!
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