UGC fuels people-first brands

Harness the power of UGC to create authentic brand experiences.

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79% of people say that UGC has a huge impact on what they buy.

Harness UGC for thriving, memorable success!

Tailor applications to collect the info you need and value. Include questions to help you understand your potential ambassadors.

Stand out from the crowd

Gather and recycle UGC to create distinctive and genuine content.

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Boost brand image

Empower audience voices and trusted peer opinions to strengthen connections.

Save resources

Utilize fan-created content for cost-effective branding.

Deploy your recruitment form

Drive sales

Leverage UGC’s emotional connections and social proof to convert more customers.

Get real with UGC

Get real with UGC

Utilize UGC to tap into authenticity and forge genuine connections that elevate your brand.

Share user stories to connect with your audience and foster trust. At the same time, boost your brand’s reach, sales, and trust levels.

Bring your brand to life

Make your brand’s vision to come alive with exciting tasks for content creators shared on our user-friendly ambassador portal.

Campaigns and actions offer clear guidance, ensuring that the content produced aligns with your brand’s core message.

Boost online reviews, social following, and audience reach through quick Actions and simple ambassador activities.

Effortlessly manage and discover UGC

With the Roster Platform, curating top-notch content for your brand collection has never been easier. 

Curate the best posts for your brand content collection

Intuitive tools for easy content search and filtering

Quickly save your favorite UGC to create a go-to content library

Repurpose UGC for impactful marketing campaigns

Recycle content for massive impact

Revamp your content creation machine to boost brand awareness, drive sales, and foster loyalty.

Expand your reach by sharing captivating content across social media and ads. And with Roster’s built-in licensing, reusing UGC has never been easier.