Brand Ambassador Playbook for 2023

brand ambassador playbook

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Learn how to expand your consumer base and boost your revenue while reducing your reliance on ads in 2023. 

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The power of
brand ambassadors


When it comes to marketing, we have an abundance of tools. But digital advertising costs are climbing, and worse, the public’s overall trust in advertising is plunging. 

Ads still work, but there is a far more effective approach. A marketing channel that harnesses believable recommendations—brand ambassadors.



96% of consumers do NOT trust ads.
~ Inc.

Get the brand ambassador playbook


92% of people completely TRUST
recommendations from people they know
~ Nielsen

No wonder three out of four brands have allocated budget dollars to influencer and ambassador marketing in 2022. Get ahead of the trend with Roster’s Brand Ambassador Playbook.

Brand ambassadors are 11x better than ads and search engines at driving traffic and sales!

Things you'll learn

Brand ambassador marketing has numerous advantages. Every day, ambassadors share brand enthusiasm, which organically improves awareness, trust, and sales.

We split the process into four key stages to help you develop an ambassador program that awakens brand enthusiasm.

BONUS: Ambassador marketing spreadsheet

Download the 2023 playbook and you’ll have access to a spreadsheet so you can start and manage your own ambassador marketing program.