Ultimate Guide to Brand Ambassador Salary in the US

Ultimate Guide to Brand Ambassador Salary in the US

The demand for brand advocates is increasing, and so are the salaries. Whether you’re a company, a seasoned ambassador, or just entering the field, it’s essential to understand the brand ambassador salary landscape.

Our brand ambassador salary guide is compiled using multiple data sources, such as companies using the Roster platform, top industry companies, and online job postings. We extensively utilized job posting sites like Salary.com, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter to gain a thorough understanding of brand ambassador salaries. We constantly add the most recent information and updated numbers to ensure the data is the most accurate possible.

The research delivers the most comprehensive analysis of brand ambassador salaries available. We hope it is valuable and helpful for both companies and brand ambassadors.

How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Make in the United States?

At Roster, we’re committed to providing you with valuable insights into the world of brand ambassadorship. We understand the importance of staying informed about compensation trends, which is why we’ve gathered fresh data for February from various reliable sources, including Salary.com, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.

Now, let’s get down to business. Our analysis reveals that the average salary for brand ambassadors in the United States stands at $46,884. This figure serves as a useful benchmark for both professionals and employers navigating the field of brand ambassadorship.

But that’s not all. When we factor in bonuses, incentives, and additional compensation, the average total earnings rise to $54,182. This comprehensive figure provides a more complete picture of the financial rewards associated with brand ambassador roles.

Average salary: $46,884
Average bonus + additional pay: $7,299
Total earnings: $54,182


While averages provide a helpful overview, it’s essential to remember that individual salaries can vary based on factors such as location, experience level, and specific job requirements. Nonetheless, understanding the average salary can serve as a starting point for negotiations and decision-making.

Whether you’re a brand ambassador seeking fair compensation or an employer aiming to attract top talent, knowing these average figures can guide your approach.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Roster as we continue to monitor brand ambassador compensation trends throughout the year.


At the top of our list is the consistently comprehensive salary data from Salary.com. As of January 26, 2024, brand ambassadors in the United States earn a median base salary of $50,971. Their typical earnings range from $36,208 to $66,143. With an average bonus of $10,615, their total annual compensation averages $61,586.

Factors such as educational achievements, certifications, additional skills, and the length of time one has been in the profession continue to significantly influence these compensation figures.

Breaking down this updated total compensation package, we find:

  • Annual salary + bonus: $61,586
  • Monthly salary: $4,248
  • Weekly salary: $980
  • Hourly wage: $24.51

These updated figures represent a modest increase, suggesting a steady market value for the role across the United States as per the latest Salary.com data.


Brand ambassador roles in the United States, as of February 9, 2024, show a consistent range according to Indeed’s latest data. These roles blend marketing know-how with social media skills, making them a rewarding career choice for those who love promoting brands and building strong relationships with customers.

Salaries for brand ambassadors are as follows:

  • Annual salary: $46,491
  • Monthly salary: $3,292
  • Weekly salary: $851
  • Hourly wage: $19.92

These figures reflect a stable earning potential in the field. Brand ambassadors play a crucial role in bridging the gap between brands and their audiences, making this career both financially rewarding and professionally fulfilling.


Based on the most recent update, brand ambassadors in the United States are experiencing a notable shift in their annual salary structure. Glassdoor’s data from February 8, 2024, reveals an unexpected 23% decrease, with annual earnings dropping from $60,721 to $46,679.

The decline primarily stems from a decrease in additional earnings, such as bonuses and incentives. Despite this change, base pay remains relatively stable at $43,187.

Here’s the current compensation breakdown:

  • Annual salary: 47,169
  • Monthly pay: $3,931
  • Weekly pay: $914
  • Hourly wage: $22.85

Given the magnitude of this decrease and the lack of similar trends from other sources, it’s plausible that this might be an error or a glitch in the reporting. The role of a brand ambassador, key in marketing and brand engagement, typically sees more stable trends.


As of February 6, 2024, the latest data from ZipRecruiter reveals a consistent trend in brand ambassadors’ annual pay in the U.S. Despite fluctuations in other sectors, brand ambassadors have maintained an average annual salary of $42,047 since December 2023. This stability contrasts with Glassdoor’s reported 23% drop in bonus pay, suggesting a resilient job market for brand ambassadors. The steadfastness of these salaries underscores the enduring value and demand for brand ambassadors, signaling a promising period for professionals in this field.

  • Annual salary: $42,047
  • Monthly salary: $3,503
  • Per week: $808
  • Per hour: $20

map of the states in the USA before we present the average brand ambassador salary in each state

How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Make in Each State?

Understanding brand ambassador compensation across states sheds light on regional market dynamics. In February, California and New Jersey lead with average salaries of $56,215 and $56,108, respectively.

On the flip side, South Dakota and Mississippi lag behind at $44,929 and $45,452. Delving into mean and median salaries uncovers nuances in income distribution, while considering cost of living and industry influence is crucial for professionals and employers alike. By leveraging this data, one can optimize compensation strategies and tap into emerging opportunities.

In this easy-to-read alphabetical list, you can find out how much the average earnings and average bonus are in each state.



Alabama $46,823
Alaska $55,604
Arizona $49,916
Arkansas $46,446
California $56,215
Colorado $51,491
Connecticut $54,931
Delaware $52,061
Florida $48,418
Georgia $49,454
Hawaii $53,474
Idaho $47,320
Illinois $52,368
Indiana $49,702
Iowa $48,775
Kansas $48,530
Kentucky $47,959
Louisiana $48,458
Maine $49,132
Maryland $52,549
Massachusetts $55,466
Michigan $50,547
Minnesota $52,230
Mississippi $45,452
Missouri $48,563
Montana $46,593
Nebraska $47,821
Nevada $51,516
New Hampshire $51,639
New Jersey $56,108
New Mexico $47,011
New York $54,385
North Carolina $48,927
North Dakota $48,937
Ohio $50,028
Oklahoma $47,091
Oregon $51,238
Pennsylvania $50,854
Rhode Island $53,421
South Carolina $48,154
South Dakota $44,929
Tennessee $46,808
Texas $50,036
Utah $48,233
Vermont $49,017
Virginia $50,696
Washington $54,682
West Virginia $45,914
Wisconsin $50,383
Wyoming $46,840


Which Cities Have the Highest Salaries?

The compensation for a brand ambassador is different in various states and locations. Generally, cities with a higher cost of living tend to have higher salaries for brand ambassadors. 

Check out the 21 cities in the United States that boast not only large populations but also some of the best pay for brand ambassadors. The chart is ordered by average annual salary, starting with the city that pays the most and ending with the lowest average amount.


San Jose, CA $63,972
San Francisco, CA $63,713
New York, NY $59,876
Boston, MA $57,430
Los Angeles, CA $57,210
Washington, DC $56,438
Seattle, WA $56,244
New Haven, CT $55,187
Sacramento, CA $55,173
Minneapolis, MN $54,327
San Diego, CA $54,983
Philadelphia, PA $54,094
Chicago, IL $53,810
Portland, OR $52,989
Baltimore, MD $52,402
Houston, TX $51,885
Denver, CO $51,642
Dallas, TX $50,665
Phoenix, AZ $50,346
Miami, FL $49,487
San Antonio, TX $49,156


In cities across the country, the average amount brand ambassadors earn has seen a slight increase. These trends highlight the importance of understanding how to hire a brand ambassador and the impact it can have on your organization.


How To Become an Instagram Brand Ambassador from a normal customer


Do Brands Pay Brand Ambassadors?

In the brand ambassador world, many kick off their careers without immediate cash incentives. They invest time in growing their brand and followers, endorsing products they genuinely stand by. As their influence expands, the potential for compensation grows alongside. The leap to a paid status? It’s based on their outreach, the brand’s magnitude, and current industry standards. Essentially, it’s about authentically meshing passion with the nuances of today’s marketing strategies.

How Much Can an Instagram Brand Ambassador Make?

Influential people on Instagram are paid according to their social currency. More followers and engagement mean more brand collaborations and higher pay. The top paid influencers and brand ambassadors rack in an absolute fortune. 

If you’re wondering how to become an Instagram brand ambassador, remember that earnings can vary widely. They can be from zero to six figures per post, depending on the company, industry, audience size, and engagement.

Roster’s data shows that brand reps could earn free merchandise or thousands per post. Top influencers have reported earning tens of thousands for a single post. Pay can vary and isn’t always cash. Some earn a flat fee, others are paid based on likes, comments, and shares. Instagram reps may also earn a percentage of sales from their profiles. Besides pay, they may get free products as perks.

Is Being a Brand Ambassador a Good Job?

Being a brand ambassador can be a good job for some people, as it allows them to monetize their social media following and connect with brands they are passionate about. However, it also depends on the person and the brand they represent. 


Being a brand ambassador can be a flexible and fun job, as you get to work on your own schedule and create content that aligns with your interests. Also, you can work with great companies. Some people may even wonder about how to become a Nike brand ambassador – one of the most globally recognized brands.

It can be a good source of income, as brand ambassadors often receive compensation for their work. The job can give you exposure and help you build your personal brand.


It can be demanding and require a lot of work, as you must create high-quality content and consistently engage with your followers.

Finding brands that align with your interests and values can be challenging. Plus, maintaining your authenticity and credibility can be tricky if you are promoting products or services that don’t align with your personal beliefs.

Overall, being a brand ambassador can be a good job but requires a lot of work and dedication. 

Just in case…

Do you need some clarification and what an ambassador is?

A person hired by a company to spread the word about its brand, products, and services is called a brand ambassador. They represent  the company’s values and mission and engage with customers and the public.

For more specifics, check out this resource: what is a brand ambassador?

🌟 Benefits for Ambassadors 🌟

Although this is not a comprehensive list, some of the major benefits of becoming a brand ambassador include receiving free or reduced items, gift cards, and referral awards. Organizations often give ambassadors early access to the debut of products, events, contests, and gifts. Additionally, ambassadors can make cameos in photoshoots and be featured on company websites and social media.

Other non-monetary benefits are the following.

  • Turn hobby into income
  • Unlimited growth
  • Paid recommendations
  • Work flexibility
  • Passive income
  • Sales & marketing expertise

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