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Roster Reveals: unboxing our product releases and updates

Perfect for brand communities, Roster is the future of ecommerce engagement. Explore our newest platform updates and keep an eye on the latest brilliance. 🤩

Releases in the last 12 months!

April 2024

⬇️ Download ALL columns in the Contact CSV export

Our friends at JASE Medical asked us why the columns they add to the Contacts List page weren’t included when exporting to a CSV. We had to admit, we overlooked this need. Thanks to their inquiry, now all of you can benefit 💙💪.

For instance, if you’ve added columns like Application Date, Milestone Points, and Lifetime Points to the Contacts List page and you wish to export that list for external customer data processing, those manually added columns will now be included in your CSV export.

📹 Add a campaign activity for uploading a video

Mo from Klim noticed a gap in our campaign activities: while participants could be asked to upload a video as a standalone action, they couldn’t be required to do so within a campaign. This capability has been on our roadmap for quite a while and it’s proof that the squeaky wheel gets the worm 😉

Now, you can add an “Upload a video” requirement directly to your campaigns. Participants can easily upload their original video content from phones or laptops. All uploaded videos are accessible from the Campaign Content tab. Thank you, Mo, for pushing us to improve!

🗄️ Filter referral rewards by attribution method

Responding to requests from our friends at Owala and BlenderBottle, we’ve introduced a new way to manage your referral rewards more effectively. They needed a way to filter referral rewards by the attribution method—whether a reward was attributed through a discount code, a referral link, or a recurring order. This feature enhances control over monitoring potentially leaked codes and better understanding referral acquisition methods.

We’ve added a new filter on the Referral Rewards page titled “Attribution Method.” To use this filter, simply click the “More filters” button, open the filters drawer, and select your desired method to view the referral rewards accordingly.

🧹 Less mess when archiving a program

We previously introduced the ability to archive programs. However, an unintended bug occurred where archiving a program would also deactivate all the discount codes in the personal and/or shareable discount rule linked to the program—even those assigned to members in other programs. This oversight unfortunately led to complications for several brands 😬

To resolve this, we’ve updated the archive program dialog. Now, the options to deactivate personal and shareable codes are defaulted to unchecked. Additionally, we updated the logic to ensure that when checked, only codes assigned to members of the archived program are deactivated.

We sincerely apologize to any brand that was adversely affected by this issue 💔

🔒 Better 2FA experience for ambassadors

For nearly two years, ambassadors have been seamlessly accessing their Roster profiles through magic links, dramatically reducing login issues and support requests related to account credentials and duplicates. Indeed, magic links have greatly simplified the process.

However, with the introduction of 2FA codes to periodically require ambassadors to confirm it’s really the owner of the link, an issue emerged where the ambassador became trapped in a loop when prompted to enter a 6-digit 2FA code sent to their email. This typically happened when an ambassador accessed their magic link via an email app on their phone, which opened the link in an in-app browser. To retrieve their 2FA code, they had to close the browser, and upon returning, they were prompted for a new code, putting them in an endless loop.

We’ve addressed this by updating the page to allow ambassadors to enter a 2FA code they already received, rather than forcing a new code request each time. This change aims to streamline the login process further and reduce access-related support requests back to near zero. Thanks for your patience as we continue to refine your ambassadors’ experience!

📝 Action descriptions now allow 1,000 characters

Kelly from Axe & Sledge gets a lot of mileage from Actions but found the 500-character limit in the description field too restrictive. Originally, our intent with actions was to keep them brief—quick, fast, and simple. However, we realized that we might have been too restrictive with the description field. In response to her feedback, we’ve doubled the character limit to 1,000. This update allows for more expressive and comprehensive instructions while still aiming to keep actions short and sweet. Thanks, Kelly, for helping us find the right balance!

👩‍💻 Klaviyo API has been migrated to v3

For those who have integrated your brand’s Klaviyo account with Roster, you might be aware of Klaviyo’s announcement regarding the sunsetting of their v1 and v2 APIs on June 30, 2024. We’ve proactively upgraded our Klaviyo integration to fully leverage the new v3 API, ensuring that Roster remains compliant with Klaviyo’s API migration timeline.

📊 Capture all metrics for IG professional posts, reels, stories (part 1 of 2)

Many of you have pointed out that Roster has been using a poster’s follower count as a proxy for their post’s reach. For instance, if Jane, who has 5,213 followers, posts to Instagram, Roster would display the post’s reach as 5,213—regardless of the actual number of Instagram users reached.

This method was initially adopted because a majority of Roster ambassadors’ profiles didn’t provide access to reach and impressions. For example, Meta doesn’t provide these stats for personal instagram accounts, nor Facebook profiles. The same holds true for Tiktok’s API. However, Meta does provide this data for professional Instagram accounts, and over the years, a growing number of our ambassadors have switched to professional accounts.

After discussions with several of our brands, we are now moving to capture actual metrics for reach, as well as impressions, saves, and shares for posts, reels, and stories through Meta’s official platform API. We are also developing a method to estimate the reach for posts where actual data is unavailable from the platforms’ APIs.

Details on when both real and estimated reach metrics will become visible in Roster dashboards, reports, and interfaces will be shared soon. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support channel.

March 2024

🤑  Ambassador-specific commission rates

Have you ever needed to give a specific ambassador or subset of ambassadors a higher commission than the program’s referral commission? Brands have previously accomplished this by having multiple programs that differ only in referral commission rates.

You can now create referral reward overrides within a program for one or more program members using Referral Reward Overrides.

For example, if your Ambassador program offers 10% referral commissions, you could create an override that gives 15% commissions to program members who have the Top Referrer tag.

Learn how to use Referral Reward Overrides.

More control when using auto-add for campaigns & channels

The auto-add feature of campaigns and community channels allows you to simplify the process of adding campaign and channel participants. Simply add a program and enable the auto-add toggle. Anytime a new member is added to the program, they are also automatically added to the campaign (or channel).

With this new update, you can enable this toggle for an existing campaign (or channel) without being forced to also add every program member who isn’t already in the campaign (or channel).

😕 Make IG Professional accounts less confusing

We love how easy and obvious Meta has made connecting Instagram Professional accounts to apps like Roster 🤥 🤥 🤥

Seriously, they couldn’t have made it more painful and confusing. We recently updated the experience for ambassadors to help them better understand how to connect their Instagram Professional accounts within Roster. Since making these changes, we have noticed a dramatic decrease in support requests from your ambassadors 🎉 🙌

Here is a guide with a video you can share with your ambassadors if they get stuck.

😲 OMG!! Send SMS to ambassadors via Klaviyo SMS

You’ve wanted this feature FOREVER! If your brand uses Klaviyo, you can now send SMS messages to your Roster ambassadors for important events, including adding somebody to a program, launching a campaign, reminder to join a campaign, launching an action, and unlocking milestones.

The two biggest problems with relying solely on email to notify ambassadors are 1) some emails end up in spam folders, and 2) some people don’t check email as frequently as we would prefer, both of which result in lower than expected engagement. 

Now that Roster pushes events to Klaviyo, you can create Flows in Klaviyo to automatically notify ambassadors when key events happen. 

Not using Klaviyo? Shoot us a message with the SMS provider your marketing team is currently using and we’ll look into how to enable this feature for your SMS provider as well.

Stay tuned for a video walkthrough on how to start sending SMS to Roster ambassadors from within Klaviyo. 

🤷 Ambassadors can now distinguish between pending and approved referral rewards

Cory from Axe & Sledge pointed out that it’s difficult for ambassadors to know which of their pending referral rewards are going to be included in the next payment cycle. This is because both pending and approved referral commissions were lumped into “pending” in the ambassador portal.

We have updated he ambassador experience to clearly distinguish between pending and approved commissions, giving them more context on what to expect for their next commission payment.

We also added the ability to filter their commissions and payments by date so that they can better track performance over time.

📝 Collect payment method on your application form

Valerie from Walli Cases shared with us one of her biggest pain points is having to collect PayPal or Venmo info from ambassadors after they have earned commissions. She requested that we add the ability to require applicants to provide their payment info on the application form.

We thought that was a great idea, so you now have the option to collect payment info directly on the application form, ensuring ambassadors can get paid as soon as they start earning commissions. Simply navigate to your program’s application form and enable the Payment method field.

February 2024

▶️  Bulk actions on Milestones & Campaigns 

Libby requested the ability to perform bulk actions within the Rewards tab on campaigns and milestones. When working with brands, she likes the ability to perform actions such as tagging, adding to other programs, updating custom properties, and sending bulk emails based on ambassadors’ earning rewards from campaigns and milestones.

Next time you’re viewing rewards on these pages, take a look at the bulk actions available and see how this new capability could optimize your workflow!

🏷  Improvements to discount rules 

When managing Discount Rules in Roster, you’ll notice a handful of improvements. 

  • There is now an icon to help you distinguish between shareable codes and reward codes.
  • Shopify-linked discount rules now display a link to quickly open the discount rule up in the Shopify admin.
  • If you have uploaded pre-generated codes into a discount rule, you can now see the number of unassigned codes.
  • You can now upload a list of pre-generated discount codes into a manual shareable discount rule. 
  • When uploading a list of pre-generated discount codes that you want to assign to specific ambassadors, you now get a better error message if any of the codes are missing email addresses.

👩‍💻  Updates to Roster’s REST API

We made a few updates to our REST API for brands who are looking for deeper integrations with Roster. See our API docs for the full specification.  

  • Update the PUT /orders/:order_id endpoint to include additional validation. The added validation will inform the call if invalid financial status or cancelled at values are submitted.
  • Update the POST /rewards endpoint to allow passing in a parameter to indicate that the reward should be marked as approved.
  • Update the GET /referral-rewards and GET /referral-rewards/:id endpoints to include both Roster’s internal order ID and the merchant’s order ID. 

January 2024

🔍 Quick-View Contact Drawer

Streamline your ambassador application reviews with our new contact drawer. Instantly access detailed insights to make smart, swift decisions.

Quick-View Contact January 2024 Roster update: Drawer

🌐 Translate Application Forms Instantly

Are you recruiting ambassadors internationally? Our forms now integrate with Weglot, letting you translate your application forms into numerous languages with just an API key.

📅 Referral Data by Date

Streamline your ambassador application reviews with our new contact drawer. Instantly access detailed insights to make smart, swift decisions.

TikTok Connection

Roster integrates directly with TikTok! Connect securely, unlock new audiences, and track campaign success with precision analytics – all seamlessly from your Roster dashboard.

CSV Tag Integration

Contact tags are now integrated into CSV exports for a streamlined file organization. Easily categorize your contacts based on your preferences, ensuring smooth navigation through your information

A Salute to an Unforgettable Year!

We thrive on improvement, yet it’s time to celebrate the incredible achievements Roster brought to life in 2023.

Roster 2023 year in review

December 2023

🏷️ Contact Tag Management

Check out the Brand Portal’s latest update. Tag management is now effortless and intuitive under Brand Settings > Contact Tags.

Easily view, rename, and organize your tags for a smoother experience.


image for Contact Tag Management - Dec 2023 product update
image for Subscription & Billing - Dec 2023 product update

🔄 Subscription Management

Update your billing info in a snap! Just head to: Brand Settings > Subscription

Our streamlined 3-step process makes modifying your subscription as easier than ever. Select:  Plan > Manage Add-ons > Checkout.


🔐 Single Sign-On with Google or Microsoft

Logging in just got simpler and more secure! Utilize our Single Sign-On feature with your Google or Microsoft account for a streamlined and secure access experience. Quick, easy, and secure – the way logging in should be!

single sign on to Roster with Google and Microsoft

Faster Order Attribution

We’ve supercharged our order processing just in time for the holiday rush. Enjoy faster updates on orders and rewards, adding a bit more sparkle to your programs.


Product Reward Webhooks

Expand your fulfillment options beyond Shopify with our new webhook feature. Enjoy seamless integration and fulfillment, just in time for the holiday season.


Control Your Email Notifications

More customizing your emails. Control individual or bulk contacts for program emails, approvals, and rejections – ideal for holiday campaigns!


Enhanced PayPal Integration

We’ve introduced clearer instructions and easier troubleshooting. Plus, a simple way to verify your PayPal connection on the Unsent Payments page.


Expired Social Profiles Alerts

Keep your social connections merry and bright! Our Brand Portal now alerts you to expired social profiles, ensuring your contacts are always up-to-date.


365 Day Date Range Filter

Enhance your insights with our new 365-day date range filter. Easily track yearly trends for smarter, strategic decision-making.

October 2023

 🕵️‍♂️ UTM Tokens in Referral Links

Get ready to supercharge your referral strategy! By setting UTM parameters in ambassador referral links, you’re unlocking the power to meticulously trace every step of each referral’s journey.  Unravel every step of each referral’s journey with precision and power up your Google Analytics with invaluable insights. 

🕵️‍♂️ UTM Tokens in Referral Links

 🔍 Detailed Social Profile Drawer

NEW for Pro and Enterprise customers! 

📊 Deep Dive
Easily explore rich, detailed social data about your community members.

🎯 Craft with Precision
Understand your audience and formulate impactful, relevant campaigns.

🚀 Strategic Impact
Ensure content reaches and resonates with your target audience.

 🔒 Discount Code Usage Limits

Our new discount rule lets you decide exactly how often a reward code is used. And if you happen to disable those limits, an alert will ensure you don’t distribute a reward code with unlimited uses.

🔗 Ambassador Magic Link

Enhance your emails effortlessly by adding the Ambassador Magic Link. Just select ‘personalize‘ in the menu of our email templates. Ambassadors get direct portal access and you get more engagement. Efficient, direct, and user-friendly—make it a snap for ambassadors to dive into their portal.

🛠️ Custom Properties Display

Elevate your data organization effortlessly by adding custom properties directly as columns. Now, managing your information is more streamlined and efficient than ever!

🏆 Milestone Upgrades

New Milestone Cards
Explore our revamped milestone cards, crafted to offer you and your community a clear, intuitive journey roadmap. The refreshed design promises a straightforward and user-friendly experience for all.

Points Rollover!
When milestones are set to repeat, leftover points from the last unlocked milestone will automatically move to the next round, ensuring every effort is recognized and rewarded.

⏳ Ambassador Portal Access

If your collaboration with Roster comes to an end or takes a break, rest assured, ambassadors will still have an extra 30-day window to access the portal.

September 2023

Introducing our newest feature…Community! 🤩

Yearning for one Community Platform to bring together all your programs and seamlessly interact? It’s not just a dream anymore! Now, there is one ultimate tool to not only manage but also communicate with your entire community. Exclusive to Roster customers



Community Channels
Create custom channels based on existing programs or any topic you’d like. Add individuals or entire programs with a single click.

Ambassador Profiles
With custom profiles, your ambassadors can build connections and collaborate seamlessly.



Guide your community conversations, fostering dialogue that aligns with your brand values and inspires active participation.

Gain a deeper understanding of what motivates, inspires and moves your community.

July 2023

🌟 Introducing Direct Feedback

We are excited to introduce Direct Feedback, a new and innovative feature now available on the Roster platform. After completing activities, ambassadors will now receive prompts to rate, review, and share their thoughts on the campaigns and actions directly within the portal. 



🌟 Valuable Insights
Harness the feedback to boost collaboration and engagement through insights.

🔧 Adjust on the Fly
Ensure the best campaigns with timely adjustments based on feedback metrics.

📊 Enhance Marketing
Elevate your ambassador initiatives by effectively evaluating their success.

🎯 Ensure Success
Utilize insights and adjustments to ensure optimal success on the Roster Platform.

🧭 New Platform Navigation

We are excited to announce the release of our latest update—a highly intuitive and user-friendly navigation system for the Roster Platform. 

With the implementation of drop-down and slide-out menus, users can effortlessly navigate through various features and functionalities.

June 2023

Automated Product Seeding and Rewarding 

Big News Alert! Brace yourself for the most anticipated addition to Roster’s arsenal.  Our latest tool is a game-changer, making product seeding and rewarding an absolute breeze. Embrace the future with automated processes! No more tedious manual communication or fulfillment. It’s time for hassle-free efficiency.

🛠️ Exciting Improvements

Recruitment Form

The recruitment form on Roster has been upgraded with a more user-friendly input field for the Date of Birth (DOB) section, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Roster has significantly improved the error handling process in the recruitment form, making it easier for users to rectify any form field errors quickly.

Automated Product Seeding and Gifting 

Roster brands can now add products to their cart even if the Inventory Policy is set to ‘Allow’ in Roster’s automated product seeding and gifting system, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

Social Posts

Roster now offers more comprehensive analytics by including a “Play” stat for Instagram Reel and TikTok posts, enabling users to gain deeper insights into their social media engagement.


May 2023

Roster’s updates this month revolve around improving user experience, enhancing engagement, and optimizing various aspects of the Brand Portal. They focus on features related to social listening, user-friendly navigation, clearer action value visibility, and effortless filtering of participants.


Expanded Social Listening

Monitor multiple TikTok accounts simultaneously, empowering you to stay informed about brand mentions, conversations, and trends across various accounts.

Enhanced TikTok Display Names

Easily recognize influencers with their display names instead of lengthy TikTok IDs. It allows for better recognition and communication with influencers and ambassadors, fostering improved engagement. 

Effortless Milestone Award Management

Seamlessly map existing unfulfilled or unredeemed milestone awards when creating new rewards, ensuring smooth tracking and timely fulfillment.

Optimized Product Builder

Set limits for the product builder when adding multiple products, ensuring streamlined configuration management for hassle-free product creation.

Actions Point Column 

Easily track the value of each action with the new Points column on the Actions List page. Optimize your engagement strategy and reward participants accordingly.

Clickable Participant Count

Instantly filter the Participants tab by status with a simple click on the Participant count in the Milestone Series overview. Effortlessly manage and engage with specific groups or segments.

Enhanced Participants Tab

Streamline participant management with the improved Participants tab. Filter participants by status to gain better insights and take quick actions based on their progress.

Main Nav Popout Menu

Navigate the Brand Portal conveniently with the Main Nav Popout Menu. Access important sections and features seamlessly, enhancing your overall navigation experience.

🔧 Fixes

Payment Sent Email 
Resolved the issue of payees receiving multiple payment sent emails. Payees now receive a single email notification.

Brand Image Download 
Brands can now download all the images from ambassadors enabling easy repurposing of UGC and all the other great content.


April 2023

Auto-add Campaign Participants 

Introducing Roster’s new feature – adding entire programs to campaigns instead of just individual contacts. This is similar to the functionality in actions and milestones.

Roster product updates and enhancements for April 2023 include Automatically include new program members in your ongoing campaigns!

Toggle the “auto-add” button, and Roster will automatically add/remove participants based on their program membership.

Personal Codes in Emails

Boost your program’s engagement and personalized communication with Roster’s newest feature! Now you can automatically remind ambassadors about their personal discount code in emails.

Add a dynamic placeholder to email templates that pulls in the program-level personal discount code for a specific contact, making it easy for them to use the code. Personalize email templates with a message specific to the contact and their personal discount code.

Use the Contacts List program filter to quickly find contacts who are part of a specific program and have access to the personal discount code.


Archive Actions

Now actions can be archived! Quickly access all the actions you have archived as needed . Stay clutter-free with a clear overview of both ongoing and completed actions.

March 2023

Time Just Got Better: Announcing Our Upgraded Timelines!

Get ready for a crystal-clear view of your contacts’ activity history with our enhanced contact timeline. Gain in-depth insights like never before! The contact timeline offers easy filtering to see specific activities, such as emails, opens, clicks, and content previews.

You can also see grouped daily activities for a snapshot of a contact’s interactions. Moreover, the timeline includes multiple activity types, such as campaigns, actions, milestones, points, referrals, payments, and personal orders.

With better engagement tracking, you can optimize communication and achieve better results for all your programs

Email Opens and Clicks

Included in the updated contact timeline is the ability to see which emails a contact has opened and the links they clicked. This is a great way to understand engagement.

You can even view the email directly from the contact’s timeline.


Enhanced Campaign Management

Get a better handle on your campaigns with the latest from Roster. With this new feature, you can now easily view and track participant statuses within your campaigns.

It’s now easier to see how participants are doing in campaigns, so you can keep track of their progress and manage things better. Also, you can now keep an eye on how far participants have come in a campaign, which helps you manage things more efficiently and effectively.


Team Member Campaign Sorter

Quickly find all the campaigns created by specific team members with the new sorting feature!

Roster product updates and enhancements for March 2023 include upgraded contact timelines

Points at a Glance

Easily view lifetime and milestone points on the Contacts List page! The improved view makes it a breeze to keep an eye on and understand participant engagement.

Also, you can now monitor participant progress and performance in the Milestone Series page.


Ambassador Submissions

Ambassadors can now delete images that are “pending approval” and quickly resubmit a new one. This gives them more control over submissions. 


🔧 Improved Campaign Page Loading

For brands with lots of campaigns, loading was slow. Fortunately, our engineers did their magic, and now the page loads lightning fast!

February 2023

One-off Referral Rewards 

Expand your rewards offerings with a new one-off referral reward option in Roster. In addition to the original commission reward, you can now choose to reward your community with one-time points

This update also includes the convenient feature of automatic approval upon saving. The outcome of this update is a more efficient rewards process. Fewer manual steps are required, saving you valuable time and effort.

New Ways to View Rewards & Details 

Roster just made it even easier for you to manage all of your rewards in one convenient place. With the new “Rewards” option in the Roster menu, you can now easily view the following:!

It’s all available in one easy-to-use location!

Change It Up: Edit Action Points 

Roster is happy to announce that our platform now allows you to modify reward points for actions–even after they have been published. It’s important to note that changes made to the points will not affect past action submissions. However, any future action submissions will reflect the updated point value.

The update to actions will provide greater flexibility for users, allowing them to tailor their reward program according to their preferences and make any necessary changes along the way.

We’re excited to see how this update will help our users achieve their goals and make the most of their reward programs.

Re-use Existing Discount Codes 

Roster has streamlined the process of managing discount codes, making it easier for brands to reward their ambassadors. 

Instead of creating new discount codes for other campaigns, milestones, or programs, the new feature allows you to select and link existing codes. 

Program managers save time and are able to reuse your favorite reward codes, making the process more efficient and convenient. With this update, you can easily manage your discount codes and ensure your campaigns run smoothly.



New APIs for Reward Templates on the Roster product updates

New APIs for Reward Templates 

We’re excited to announce that our REST API is better than ever! Five new endpoints enable even more exciting customization and optimization of your programs.

Many companies have already discovered the benefits of combining the Roster API with their own tech stack to create unique and engaging experiences for their communities.

Unleash the full potential of your ambassador programs with Roster’s API.

Check out all the Roster’s API endpoints.




🔧 FIX: Auto-captured IG Reels Applied as IG Post Actions

With our latest improvement to the handling of Instagram Reels, you can now rest assured that ambassadors will receive proper recognition for their content. In some instances, automatically captured Instagram Reels were accidentally categorized as Instagram posts. 

This update will guarantee the smooth and efficient running of your campaigns and actions, ensuring that ambassadors are rewarded accurately and effectively. So, sit back, relax, and let Roster take care of the rest.



A Year of Breakthroughs, Innovation, and Adventure!

Roster product updates. 2022: A Year of Breakthroughs, Innovation, and Adventure

December 2022

Referral Links 

Roster has enhanced its platform by adding a remarkable feature: the ability to edit referral links within the brand ambassador portal. This update is a major boon to the Roster platform, giving ambassadors the ability to customize their referral links and discounts as needed.

This technology gives ambassadors the power to tailor their links to fit their marketing strategies and get more referrals. Creators can customize coupons and discounts to give their fans an exclusive experience. The streamlined process of changing referral links in the portal makes things simpler and more efficient for ambassadors.


Editable Referral Links 

For instance, an ambassador named Miranda can make her discount code even more special by personalizing it with her own unique spin. She can create a memorable code like “Miranda25%off” to share with her friends and family, which offers a 25 percent discount.

This way, Miranda can ensure her fans benefit from her role as a brand ambassador while also putting her own personal touch on the code.



Hide Referral Links 

The referral section in the ambassador portal can be entirely hidden, or just the referral link can be hidden. This gives brands the option to remove the the referral link section keeping it private and secure. You can toggle the referral links on and off as desired, allowing you to keep the section visible or hidden as needed.

Export Referral Rewards 

Most of the time, brand advocates get rewarded for bringing in new customers, and now companies can export reward data in a CSV file. Program managers can better share information with other parties involved if they have the tools to export and manage files.

Also, marketers may easily modify the rewards for referrals sent to their advocates by using CSV files. All in all, this makes sure that their contribution is appropriately rewarded.


Roster API 2.0 

Roster released a new API version with 5x the number of endpoints designed to bring more features, better performance, and improved security to applications. With the latest version, brands can take advantage of a host of new features that make it easier to create, manage, and deploy applications.

Rename API Tokens 
We’ve heard your feedback and are proud to announce the renaming of our API tokens for a better user experience. The new names are designed to be more intuitive and easier to understand, so you can quickly find what you need and start building. No more guesswork or frustration, just simple and straightforward access to your data.
New Rest API Endpoints
Expand your development options with the introduction of new REST API endpoints. You can access and interact with a wider range of data through these endpoints to build even more powerful and custom solutions. Whether you’re looking to integrate with other systems or build new applications, this update opens new possibilities.
For more information, check out the Roster API Documentation.

Nerd Stuff 

✅  Capture URL parameters on ambassador application forms
✅  Ability to hide the entire Referral section or just referral link in ambassador portal
✅  Bulk-email campaign and milestone participants
✅  Set returned PayPal and Venmo payments back to pending
✅  Listen for TikTok profile name mentions
✅  Option to opt-out of magic links for in-app usage


November 2022

The Next Generation of Sales Attribution is Here

Introducing a major upgrade to our Roster platform for even better attribution. Enjoy even faster and more accurate sales attribution.

For influencer marketers, this means you’ll be able to more accurately track the impact of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to improved ROI.

Discount Rule Details: Now in Full View

Transform your discount rule management with our latest Roster update, where you can easily unlock the power of your discount rules and view their specifics with ease. With our latest Roster update, you can now effortlessly view the specifics of each discount rule. Get a complete breakdown of each discount rule, including triggering criteria, discount amount, and other relevant details.

Experience clarity and convenience like never before. Quickly see the details of discount rules at a glance, making it easier to understand how they’re being applied and their impact. Say goodbye to confusion and frustration – now you can clearly understand your discount rules and find them with ease!

Get a Sneak Peak at Upcoming Rewards

Get ready for a thrilling upgrade to our Roster product! Your ambassadors can now keep track of their progress toward earning rewards and see what’s coming up next.

With this new feature, they can view their upcoming milestones and campaigns and see what rewards they can earn. For seasoned ambassadors and new program members just getting started, this update will take your community experience to the next level.

Nerd Stuff 

✅  New REST API for Clicks, Orders, Attributions, Discounts
✅  Auto-adjust the page height of embedded recruitment forms
✅  New Campaign Participant & Campaign Rewards tools

October 2022

Roster on Shopify App Store 

We’re excited to announce that Roster is now available in the Shopify app store! ( 

Our app provides a simple and efficient way to manage brand ambassador programs, making it easier than ever to stay organized and on top of your tasks.


Create a brand ambassador community. Engage your most passionate fans to drive awareness and sales.

Roster’s ambassador marketing platform enables brands to scale word-of-mouth, driving greater brand awareness and sales with lower costs and less time commitment. Tools include ambassador recruitment, social campaigns and actions, ambassador portal and communication software, reward fulfillment and payments, collection and organization of UGC, and program performance reports and analytics.

RECRUIT. Discover & grow your ideal community with a suite of recruiting tools.

ENGAGE. Professional campaigns to generate UGC & drive brand awareness.

REWARD. Motivate & incentivize ambassadors with rewards & payments.

MEASURE. Optimize influencer marketing with engagement data & ROI reporting.

Nerd Stuff 

✅  New recruitment form editor & preview
✅  V2 forms for all new programs
✅  Improved social profile management for brands
✅  Include video stats in engagements for campaigns
✅  Overhauled UX for adding/editing discount rules
✅  New discount codes list page with filters and tools


September 2022

Delivering Magic! 

Introducing Magic Links for your brand ambassadors, the newest feature now available on Roster!  
We are excited to announce that Roster now offers a more secure and convenient way to log in to the ambassador portal. With Magic Link logins, users no longer have to remember their username and password. Instead, they will receive a unique link via email, which they can use to log in to the Roster portal.


Roster's latest product updates is magic links for passwordless logins

Auto-capture Instagram Reels 

Introducing Roster’s newest game-changing feature: auto-capture Instagram Reels. With this powerful new capability, Roster can automatically capture and save Instagram Reels, making it easier than ever to track and repurpose user-generated content.
Roster automatically captures and saves all Reels from ambassadors and influencers who connect their Instagram accounts. Also, Roster scans for specific hashtags or @mentions and captures any Reels that include them, saving them to your Roster account. 
This feature is essential for any brand looking to leverage the power of user-generated content and Instagram Reels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to easily track and repurpose Reels content featuring your brand. 


Nerd Stuff 

✅  Ability to seed recurring referral data for a brand 🌱 

✅  New brand onboarding
✅  Hosted application form ⌨️
✅  Make the attribution pixel more resilient and accurate 
✅  Option to prevent ambassadors from changing referral link 🔒


August 2022


Finally, solving the ambassador engagement problem just got a whole lot easier! Roster just launched the ambassador marketing industry’s most anticipated feature—ACTIONS.

Actions are a great way for creators and ambassadors to stay engaged! They’re simple to set up and should only take a few minutes to complete. Although they require a fraction of the work, actions have the potential to make a big difference. 

Get creative and have fun with your actions—the possibilities are endless!


Roster provide simple and easy things for your team of ambassadors to do that help amplify your marketing efforts. These simple things add up and keep your ambassadors engaged.

Action Templates

With this feature rollout and product update, Roster has 55 Action templates ready to customize and launch. Examples of Actions include taking pictures with a product and posting them to social media, or creating a video review of a product. By completing Actions, brand ambassadors help to spread awareness and generate enthusiasm for the brand or product.

How Actions are being used in the wild…One of Roster’s beta-testers, TrueLeafMarket, is using Actions in some pretty creative ways.

• Announce that you’re an Ambassador!
• Text a friend
• Brand testimonial
• What’s one of your hobbies?
• Subscribe to our newsletter
• Pin & comment on our Pinterest post
• Bring a friend into the community
• Review your favorite product
• Like & comment on our Instagram post
• Happy Father’s Day Instagram Story

Learn much more about Actions how to them and why.



July 2022

Wooly has rebranded and is now Roster

Wooly Is Now Roster!

Previously, all entries automatically met campaign requirements. And so, brands occasionally incentivized low-quality submission. Now you make the decision.


As brands gain confidence with ambassadors and the content the produce, they can tag their profiles for automatic approval. Untagged submissions will still queue for manual review.

When new submissions need review, don’t keep your ambassadors waiting by subscribing to Roster’s daily email notification. Wooly announced today that the company has rebranded as Roster, introduced an enhanced creator engagement platform, and raised a $6 million seed round to modernize traditional influencer marketing for e-commerce companies. 

Roster has created an innovative creator engagement platform that enables online retailers to leverage their customer community and turn them into brand ambassadors – and do it at scale. 

“The most powerful form of influence a brand can tap into comes from their customers – the people who use their products,” said Kyle Fraughton, CEO, Roster. “Roster helps retailers leverage their customer community to drive influence and ultimately spread word-of-mouth in an automated and measurable way. With Roster, brands can engage with customers at scale to spread influence, drive awareness, and increase sales.” 

A brand’s customers are unquestionably the most authentic source to promote products and services to others. For this reason, customers are the ideal brand ambassadors. They share first-hand experience from a position of credibility and trust. Studies have found that two-thirds of Americans trust word-of-mouth referrals from family and friends because they believe the recommendation is genuine and trustworthy.

Given the rising cost of social ads and traditional pay per click marketing, ambassador programs are the next wave of effective and cost-efficient marketing. Using Roster removes many complications inherent in scaling a brand on social media and enables e-commerce businesses to build brand communities.

“Ambassador marketing has changed, and we’ve changed with it. The Wooly team is proud to announce our new brand, Roster.“ said Danny Webb, CRO, Roster. “Our energetic new look expresses our passion for helping today’s best brands Recruit, Engage, Reward, and Measure a thriving ambassador community.”

With customers that include On Running, Cotopaxi, Salomon, Blendtec, 1 800 contacts, and Specialized, Roster’s on-demand brand engagement platform helps e-commerce businesses adopt traditional influencer, ambassador, and affiliate marketing strategies to drive better impact. Roster’s SaaS model enables simple budgeting and provides a more economical solution to harness the new creator economy. 

Additionally, Roster accelerates word-of-mouth marketing to capitalize on this source’s $6 trillion spent annually. CMO analysis shows that word-of-mouth generates 13 percent of all U.S. sales. According to the same research, word-of-mouth marketing generates five times more sales than paid advertisements.

As part of the company rebrand, Roster is announcing it has raised a $6 million seed round to help the company scale business operations and enhance the customer experience. Venture capital firms Grix VC, Peterson Ventures, Album VC, and Tuvalu Ventures, participated in the financing round.

For more information about how Roster empowers e-commerce companies to grow through word-of-mouth, visit

Read the full article: Wooly is Now Roster!



Roster: The Future of Brand Ambassador Management 

The team overhauled the existing design, user interface, and branding of the Wooly Platform to rebrand it as the Roster Platform. They aimed to give the platform a fresh and modern look to make it more appealing and user-friendly. The rebranding of the Wooly Platform to the Roster Platform represents a significant step forward in the platform’s evolution and promises to deliver a more enjoyable and efficient user experience.

Ambassador Portal Revamp

The brand ambassador portal was reimagined alongside the restyling of the Wooly Platform. The goal was to give the portal a fresh, fun, modern look and feel, making it more appealing and engaging for brand ambassadors. Additionally, the portal redesign makes it easier for ambassadors to access resources. The update features improved navigation, enhanced functionality, and a streamlined user experience.


Our Product Team Also Cranked Out…

✅  New recruitment form editor and preview mode within the platform
✅  Version two of forms for all new programs
✅  Improved social profile management for brands
✅  Include video stats in engagements for campaigns
✅  Overhauled UX for adding and editing discount rules
✅  New discount codes list page with filters and tools


June 2022

Klaviyo & Roster: A Power Duo! 

Unleash the power of email marketing with Roster’s Klaviyo integration! We’re excited to announce the release of our seamless integration with Klaviyo, the leading email marketing platform. With just a few clicks, you can now link your Roster account to Klaviyo and utilize the power of both platforms to get the most out of your brand.

Klaviyo integration and Roster: A Power Duo!

Say goodbye to transferring data by hand and hello to a faster and more efficient way to send emails to your community. Our integration allows you to effortlessly access real-time customer data, track your email campaigns, and analyze your results for maximum impact.


Nerd Stuff 

✅  TikTok social stats included in social media metrics 
✅  Roster tags on Shopify Orders 
✅  Ability to edit and delete published Actions ⚡


April 2022

New TikTok Integration to Grow Your Brand

Roster launched a new TikTok connection to help brands capitalize on the platform’s 1 billion monthly users.

The user-friendly design of Roster’s TikTok interface enables both brands and influencers to tap into the platform’s explosive growth and global popularity.


Great for Ambassadors

Ambassadors can quickly connect their TikTok accounts using the OAuth authentication method.

NOTE: This is the same safe technique they use to link their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.


TikTok Campaigns and Activities 

To get started, create a campaign that includes a TikTok activity. Roster automatically captures videos from ambassadors who have linked their TikTok accounts. It’s effortless for brands to oversee campaign activity and completion.


Product updates: ‍Auto-capture TikTok Videos and Metrics

Courtesy of SNO-GO

‍Auto-capture TikTok Videos and Metrics 

Roster now collects TikTok videos for campaigns in the same way that we automatically pull in and save Instagram Stories and Posts.

Also, the number of likes and comments is recorded, helping brands acquire more precise social engagement analytics.

With over 3 billion downloads, TikTok is an ideal platform for marketers to reach a massive enthusiastic audience. Learn more about TikTok Marketing.


March 2022

More Control Over Campaign Submissions

Brands now have the option to manually review campaign activity before ambassadors get credit for completing the campaign. With this product update and enhancement, you decide whether or not content matches the requirements.

1 – If you approve the submission -> the ambassador earns points or rewards for meeting the requirement. 

2 – If not, you can collaborate with the ambassador to ensure better user-generated content.


roster product updates: Brands now have the option to manually review campaign activity before ambassadors get credit for completing the campaign. With this enhancement, you decide whether or not content matches the requirements

Previously, all entries automatically met campaign requirements. And so, brands occasionally incentivized low-quality submission. Now you make the decision.

As brands gain confidence with ambassadors and the content the produce, they can tag their profiles for automatic approval. Untagged submissions will still queue for manual review.

When new submissions need review, don’t keep your ambassadors waiting by subscribing to Roster’s daily email notification.


Add Multiple Social Handles to a Campaign

Streamline campaigns by adding multiple handles to the same campaign. This is ideal for brands with more than one social handle for different geographies or markets.

As more businesses expand their global presence, it’s increasingly common for participants to @mention the social handle in their specific region.

If your brand has multiple Instagram or Facebook handles connected to your account, you can select more than one handle for a campaign. Participants can mention any specified handles in the campaign brief to complete the requirement.


Product updates: Add Multiple Social Handles to a Campaign

January 2022

Auto-capture Instagram Stories

Roster now automatically captures Instagram Stories shared by your ambassadors for campaigns! All ambassadors with Instagram Professional accounts can take advantage of this new feature.

To provide an accurate picture of campaign impressions and engagement, Roster also collects engagement data as soon as Stories expire.

Auto-captured IG Stories appear in the “Stories” tab of the campaign’s content.


product updates: Auto-capturing Instagram Stories

December 2021

Milestone Series

Milestones, sometimes called levels or tiers, are unlocked by earning points. Advocates complete campaigns, promote brands and drive word-of-mouth sales to gain points. Upon opening a milestone, a participant receives a reward, such as discount codes, store credit, or free products.

Brands that leverage milestones optimize their ambassador and influencer marketing programs.  

•  Promotes partnerships rather than transactional relationships
•  More enticing rewards
•  Organized framework
•  Far more efficient and exciting programs
•  Boosts campaign participation and engagement

Everything you need to know about tiered programs: SMART-ER Brands Use Milestones ebook.‍


December 2021 product updates - Milestone series

Recurring Referrals

Incentivize ambassadors with recurring commissions and points! Whether you offer subscriptions or just want to sweeten the pot, you may now reward your ambassadors and influencers with ongoing referral benefits.

Simply indicate which programs should offer recurring points and commissions. Set the duration for the rewards, and ambassadors automatically receive credit for subsequent purchases made by the same customer.

Note: Recurring rewards are based on the customer’s email address.


Apply Shareable Code Via Referral Links (Shopify)

By sharing their referral links and shareable codes, ambassadors and influencers drive word-of-mouth sales. Referral links have the advantage of a 30-day cookie, extending the attribution window. But the drawback with referral links is that they don’t offer a discount to friends, family members, or followers who click the link.

Shopify brands can now configure referral links to apply the advocate’s shareable code to link clicks automatically. Prospective customers have even more motivation to purchase after clicking a referral link.


Roster product updates: Apply Shareable Code Via Referral Links (Shopify)

PRO TIP: Drive more link clicks from IG Stories

The timing of this new feature is right in sync with Instagram allowing all users to add Link Stickers. Once you enable reoccurring rewards, advocates simply need to mention referral links or include them in their IG Story Link Stickers. All their followers will also get their discount by clicking the referral link. So easy!


Sales Attribution Report 

Now the Sales Attribution Report includes the total number of clicks generated by advocates. The report highlights total clicks, new customers, referred revenue, personal orders revenue, and total revenue.

Roster Sales Attribution Report - Now the Sales Attribution Report includes the total number of clicks generated by advocates. The report highlights total clicks, new customers, referred revenue, personal orders revenue, and total revenue.

‍New Zapier Actions

Zapier unites Roster data with your entire tech stack. We have added new Zapier actions that make it easier than ever to seamlessly connect your data with other products, such as creating new Roster contacts when a contact is added to your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others.

The latest Zapier actions available with Roster :

•  Add contact
•  Find contact
•  Update contact


Discount Codes


Automated Personal Discount Codes

Once new advocates are approved, they will automatically be assigned a personal discount code. Program members no longer need to log into the advocate portal to be issued a discount code

If a member already received a discount code from the program, Roster recognizes this. An additional discount code is not allocated.  

Open a Shopify Discount Code  

Adjusting your Shopify discount code is easier than ever. Roster’s discount rule now has a link that takes you directly to the discount code in your Shopify store. You can edit Shopify discounts, and all the changes seamlessly integrate into your Roster account.

Add Shareable Codes to Campaigns

Earlier in 2021, we made it easier to add discount codes to campaigns as incentives for joining or completing campaigns. In this product update, we made it easier to add shareable discount codes to campaigns, encouraging participants to share a code with their friends and family.

Simply select a shareable discount code in the “Discount Code you want participants to share” section of the campaign builder. When participants join the campaign, they will be prompted to customize and share the code.


Roster's product updates: discount codes

Export Options

When exporting your contact list from Roster, you may include the contact’s referral links. This is beneficial when you want to use a third party email provider to email your contacts and want to include their referral link to remind them to keep sharing your link with their friends and family.

November 2021

Roster product updates: new ambassador brand portal is

‍Ambassador Portal

The ambassador portal for all your advocates has undergone a significant design refresh. Major enhancements are:

•  Onboarding progress bar
•  Streamlined home page
•  Quickly see and access referral link and shareable code
•  Tab bar to jump between referrals, campaigns, and rewards
•  Milestones bar

The updates focus on making it easier for brand advocates to access their information quickly. Plus, they form the groundwork for introducing several new features on our roadmap, including Milestone Series. 

‍The navigation menus are consolidated into a single menu with simple navigation to access profile information, such as social connections, payment info, and brand questions.

‍Points as Campaign Incentives

Campaigns are a foundational strategy for brands to engage with influencers, ambassadors, and customers. A core feature of campaigns is to reward participants for joining and completing the campaign. The rewards establish a positive feedback loop between the brand and its advocates. 

Budgeting for and fulfilling rewards every month can be a challenge. Offering points as a campaign incentive is the perfect way to encourage participation and long-term engagement without constantly thinking about rewards. 


‍‍Points as Referral Rewards

Offering points for referrals is a smart way to reward advocates for driving sales without the overhead that comes with cash payments.

•  Reward advocates with points for driving referrals
•  Mix and match commissions and points based on each of your communities
•  Auto-approve point rewards

Another notable benefit is that the rewards advocates receive from unlocking milestones can be discount codes, store credit, and free products, deepening the advocates’ relationships with the brand.

To get started, view the guide on setting up referral points. >>


September 2021

Zapier Integration

‍‍Zapier helps you construct highly efficient, rock-solid automated workflows by integrating Roster with your existing marketing and ecommerce ecosystem. With Zapier, you can sync more than 3,000 web apps and software platforms, even if Roster doesn’t have an existing integration. The numerous possibilities are sure to save time and keep your team humming.

‍Some popular Zaps that Roster customers automate.

•  Slack notifications when new applicants are ready for approval.
•  Shopify tags to offer custom shopping experiences.
•  Syncing contact lists with email automation platforms such as Klaviyo.

We plan to add many more Zaps. So if you’re looking for a specific integration, please let us know.

Learn more about Roster integrations >>


Roster integrations

‍TikToks, Instagram Reels & Facebook Stories

Tap into the creativity and virality of TikToks and Reels by including them in your campaign activities. Roster now supports links to TikToks, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Stories content.

As with Instagram Stories, advocates upload a screenshot of their Facebook Story. TikTok and Instagram don’t yet provide APIs for TikToks and Reels, but in the meantime, participants can add links to the content they created.


‍Bulk Download Campaign Images‍

Quickly download all the user-uploaded content from your campaigns. Previously you were limited to downloading a single image at a time. Now you can select and download multiple images at once. The downloaded files are the originals from the advocate.

UGC is considered the most dependable, honest, and genuine type of content.

Now it’s super easy to download any of your user-generated content and repurpose it in your marketing and ecommerce projects.

Learn about public campaigns for giveaways, contest, and UGC >>

‍‍Search Contacts By Discount Rules & Codes

Expedite support requests involving discount codes by quickly searching for the contact who has been assigned to a specific code.

Additionally, monitor the health of your programs by finding contacts who haven’t yet customized their shareable discount codes.


‍Tag Program Members in Shopify

Shopify tags are the newest feature for Roster and Shopify users. The integration streamlines your ambassador and ecommerce workflow. Plus, automating Shopify tags unlocks a bundle of possibilities.

Additionally, monitor the health of your programs by finding contacts who haven’t yet customized their shareable discount codes.

Learn how to tag program members in Shopify >>

Roster automatically creates tags for each program. The tag tells third-party apps like Shopify and Klaviyo if a customer belongs to an advocate program.

‍And here’s where it gets exciting. When a Shopify customer is also one of your tagged advocates, then they can enjoy:

•  A personalized shopping experience
•  Exclusive products, pricing, and shipping options
•  Pre-set discounts for each program
•  Automated discounts without entering a code
•  Free shipping on every order
•  Unique items for different programs
•  And more!

Find out how to customize your ecommerce store with Shopify Tags >>


‍‍‍See Sales & Referrals in Your Currency

Your Roster brand portal now displays all monetary amounts in your brand’s default currency.

Orders received in different countries automatically convert to the correct currency. This means financial reporting and payments are seamless, accurate, and consistent.

Contact Roster’s customer support team if you would like to change your currency setting.

Automated Refunds & Cancellations for Shopify‍‍‍

Previously, canceled or refunded orders were not sent from Shopify to Roster, requiring manual work on your part to not reward or report on these orders.

Now Roster captures ALL refunds and cancellations from Shopify.

•  Data and dashboards are up to date!
•  Sales attribution and commissions are automated
•  No manual reconciliation
•  You save time!

August 2021

Automatic Email Notifications

‍Stay on top of your programs by turning on Roster email notifications.

Receive email alerts daily, weekly, or monthly when:

•  A new program application was submitted
•  Pending referral rewards and payments
•  New campaign incentives need fulfillment

Roster integrates with the most popular email tools including Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Learn more about Roster integrations for running your influencer and brand ambassador programs. 

Get notified about important events >>


Get the Full Picture

‍Marketers love tracking their customer’s journeys, so Roster created Contact Timelines to give you the same insights for ambassadors.

Find contact history and add notes by clicking the Timeline tab.


•  Application date
•  Programs
•  Campaign invitations
•  Participation in campaigns
•  Campaign invitations


•  Referrals
•  Purchases
•  Incentives and rewards
•  Payments
•  Notes to augment history


User Access

‍The latest of Roster’s product updates include user access management. Now you can limit team member visibility of contacts and programs by program, country, or both.

Setting access rights is extremely useful and prevents contacts from accidentally being added to a campaign, and protects high-profile personal information.


Importing Contacts

‍When importing contact lists via CSV, you have two more options.

1. Automatically add contacts to designated programs.
2. Import and add TikTok handles to contacts.


July 2021

Automated Incentives — Now Available on Roster

Manually fulfilling campaign incentives is time-consuming, especially for those overseeing multiple programs.

Roster just automated campaign discount codes, so sending rewards to influencers, ambassadors, pros, athletes, and customers is easier than ever.

•  Minimize campaign busywork
•  Streamline product seeding
•  Show instant appreciation
•  Flexible timing of incentives
•  See outstanding incentives

Learn all about Automatic Incentives >>


June 2021

Introducing Referral Rewards

Roster now has Referral Rewards and commissions built right into the platform!

The Roster suite is excellent for activating, optimizing and scaling advocacy programs with people who love your brand. But, in the past, you’ve had to use other tools to send payments and rewards. Not anymore!

Measure and understand all your social campaign AND referral data in one place. No need to mix various spreadsheets, management and payment software.

•  Create affiliate-style referral payments
•  Reward your top referring advocates with commission on sales
•  Quickly review and approve advocate payments
•  Send PayPal payments within the Roster Platform
•  Send Venmo payments via the Roster Platform

Learn all about Referral Rewards >>


Customizable Rewards

‍It’s easy to send advocates monetary payments, discounts, and merchandise. Also, fulfill payments for one-time projects such as content, referrals and campaigns.

Track activities and results at three different levels:

1. Program
2. Campaign
3. Advocate

‍Referral Rewards are available to every Roster user. Before you start compensating your ambassadors and influencers, configure your rewards and integrate a PayPal account.

Follow the steps in the Referral Rewards guide link below. Contact your CSM if you need help or have any questions

Learn all about Getting Started with Referral Rewards >>


Roster product updates: referral rewards for influencers, affiliates, and ambassadors

Referral Rewards Are a Standard Roster Feature‍

All plans automatically include Referral Rewards. Roster does not charge any additional fees or transaction charges for sending payments from the platform!

‍Referral Rewards are part of Roster’s payment system.  See the Platform Overview. >>


April 2021

Supercharge Referral Marketing with Pre-Generated Codes‍

Manual discount rules aren’t so manual anymore! Load them up with pre-generated codes from your store and get all the benefits of Shopify-linked discount rules. While Manual Discount Rules allow many brands to assign custom codes, this can be time-consuming and cause delays for advocates.

We’re excited to announce several enhancements and product updates to help simplify managing your advocacy programs.  

•  Add pre-generated codes to discount rules
•  Leverage manual discount codes in Programs
•  Tap into the power of Buy X, Get Y codes
•  Loads of improvements from your feedback – thank you!


Add Pre-Generated Codes to Discount Rules

We are excited to announce that now you can add pre-generated codes to a manual discount rule.

Plus, Roster can automatically assign codes to advocates, just like with Shopify-linked discount rules. Roster will then automatically assign codes to advocates, just like with Shopify-linked discount rules. This is a huge time saver for brands running stores on platforms other than Shopify because you can pre-generate discount codes and import them into Roster for automatic distribution via campaigns, programs, etc.

The new feature also includes the ability to get notifications when your pre-generated codes drop below a designated threshold so you can replenish the list of codes before they run out.

Setting up manual discount codes >>