Product Seeding


Streamline product seeding and rewarding with Roster

Cultivate success by equipping ambassadors with products, reaping the benefits of increased awareness through genuine UGC.

Scale UGC and rewards

Roster automates product seeding and rewarding that allows advocates to choose the products they want and love. The personalized approach produces happy, invested ambassadors who can’t wait to spread the word about your brand.

With our seamless product fulfillment and engagement tools, you can easily create product-led campaigns that get your fans using and recommending your brand.

Personalized product seeding

With Roster’s user-friendly approach, you create product groups and collections on Shopify for your ambassadors to choose from. They then handpick the items that match their preferences.

You’re not just gifting products. You’re building lasting connections, sparking conversations, and cultivating a customer community.

From your store to their door, Roster seamlessly manages every step of your product seeding process.


Personalized product seeding​

Seamless integration

Your brand, your ambassadors, and your ecommerce shop—all in one place! Roster integrates seamlessly with Shopify, making it a breeze to manage campaigns, track inventory, and communicate with advocates.

And it gets even better! Ambassadors make product selections directly from their ambassador portal.

UGC brand building tools

By empowering your ambassadors to choose their favorite products, you’ll inspire them to create and share captivating content that showcases your products in the most authentic light.

Effortless product seeding and rewards

Eliminate one-off codes​

Stop creating one-time discount codes for product seeding and rewards.

Tracking notifications

Automated order updates and tracking information for a hassle-free experience.

Self-select product

Choose rewards on the portal from product groups, collections, or dollar values.

Ambassador insights

Gain valuable intel on your ambassadors, their preferences, and their style.

Automated rewards

Activate your community with integrated product seeding and rewards.

ROI metrics

Track the success of product-seeded campaigns with advanced reporting tools.