Become a Roster Partner

Become a Roster partner and start earning

Leverage your network by joining Roster’s partner program and earn with each referral.

Become a Roster affiliate

Join Roster’s partner program, connect eCommerce contacts, and earn rewards. This program is perfect for people who can connect amazing brands to Roster’s ambassador and creator management platform.

Get a new income source

Unlock a revenue stream by earning commission on every subscription sold.

Track your sales

Monitor all your referrals and collaborate with our sales team on deals.

“Roster saves us countless hours of management, tracking, and reviewing ambassadors. I love how it integrates with Shopify and social media apps while always keeping ambassadors engaged through Actions and Milestones!”
Alete Active Nutrition

How the partner program works



Share a unique trackable affiliate link with your network



Your referrals learn about Roster and sign up as customers



You’ll get commissions on all subscription payments for the first 12 months