Case Studies

Case studies & success stories

Organizations are crushing their KPIs with Roster. Learn how leading brands recruit and engage influencers, reward their communities, and measure brand ambassador marketing.

Roster case studies
How Salomon Reachs new customers without buying ads See how Salomon reached 23m people without buying an ad or paying an influencer.

Reach new customers without buying ads

Leveraging the power of UGC

See how Salomon reached 23 million people without buying an ad or paying an influencer.

See how leading consumer brands are capitalizing on the trust of user generated content and at the same time amassing tremendous media value.

Vooray creates better buying experiences with Roster ambassador software

Create better buying experiences

Learn how VOORAY enjoys a 31x ROI from purchases and referrals generated by their influencers, pros, and ambassadors.
GoBe Kids, small startup builds authentic advocates

Small startup builds authentic advocates

GoBe Kids is a two-person company with a mission to encourage kids to love healthy foods. Learn how their brand ambassadors are significant marketing partners.

The ROI for influencer marketing is 11x better than traditional digital marketing.

Turbocharge marketing with earned media value​

Turbocharge marketing with earned media value

Learn how brand ambassadors create Earned Media Value (EMV), a trusted and effective marketing tool used by millions of businesses. Understand the power of customer-driven word of mouth and how to measure its impact.
Blendtec starts new ecommerce sales channel with Roster

Drive ecommerce sales with your customers

Learn how Blendtec created a new sales channel with their ambassadors that generated 10% of all their ecommerce sales within 12 months.

Building a new company with ambassadors

See how FADED MOON recruited 1,200 ambassadors using the Roster form and generated revenue with shareable discount codes—all in just 30 days.