Social Listening


Social Listening

Find your most passionate advocates with Roster’s social listening tools. Know who is talking about your brand and products plus what they are saying.

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Social media magnet!

Who? What? When? Where?

Roster’s social listening capabilities provide invaluable insights into who is talking about a brand, what they’re talking about, and where those conversations take place.

Modern-day marketers can’t do without social listening tools.

Social listening dashboard

Roster collects and organizes all social mentions from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok in one simple dashboard.

Roster's social listening tool collects and organizes all social mentions from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok in one simple dashboard.

Social listening tools


Find and record every time your brand is mentioned on social media. Then leverage trends to fine-tune content and messaging strategies.


Automatically organize all your brand’s organic UGC in one centralized place. Repurpose fresh content for future marketing initiatives.


Easily see how your customers are talking about you, understand what audiences value most, and assess the impact of current advertising.


Track and measure your brands’ total media value and health across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter from one dashboard.

Social media listening data

Compile the information you need to roll out the red carpet for your community members. 

social listening for engagement data, demographic trends, hashtag tracking and powerful filtering

Social engagement metrics

See what posts get the best engagement, including the most likes, comments, and traction.

Demographic trends

Gain insights on demographic trends like geography, gender, platform, and more.

Hashtag tracking

Track campaign hashtags and performance from the social listening dashboard.

Powerful filtering

Find posts based on member program membership, geography, gender, and more.

Favorites and archives

With a content management system, it’s easy to find and organize your favorite posts. Use your favorite UGC and posts in relevant brand marketing. 

Content created by actual users is more engaging and effective. 


tag you Favorite content straight from the social listening dashboard