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Social listening tools

Discover your brand champions with Roster’s social listening suite. Tune into conversations around your products and gain insights into the buzz.

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Social media magnet!

Who? What? When? Where?

Roster’s social listening capabilities provide invaluable insights into who is talking about a brand, what they’re talking about, and where those conversations take place.

Modern-day marketers can’t do without social listening tools.

Social listening dashboard

Roster collects and organizes all data from the most active social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok in one simple dashboard. 

Roster's social listening tool collects and organizes all social mentions from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok in one simple dashboard.

Capture every brand mention on social media. Harness trends to refine content and messaging.


Centralize and streamline your brand’s organic UGC. Repurpose user content effortlessly.


Uncover community sentiments, pinpoint audience preferences, and gauge impact.


Track media value and health across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter from one dashboard.

Social media listening data

Empower your brand with Roster’s social listening. Prioritize real-time insights, spotlight top ambassadors, track key engagements, and tap into the latest trends. Make informed decisions, tailor your strategy, and celebrate every brand win.

Sync-up in a snap

Harness the power of our social listening and content management system. 

Effortlessly curate and categorize top organic user content, giving your brand the edge to repurpose genuine narratives. Elevate your marketing strategy—because nothing resonates more than authenticity.

Discover which Instagram posts garner the best engagement, most likes, comments, and traction. Also, keep tabs with our TikTok social listening tool and Twitter social listening tool.

Gain insights on demographic trends like geography, gender, platform, and more through Roster social listening tools for Facebook and other platforms.

Track campaign hashtags and performance from the social listening dashboard.

Find posts based on member program membership, geography, gender, most followers, recent posts, highest engagement, and more.

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