Why Roster

Why Roster

Ever felt like just another brand in the crowd? 

That is why Roster exists. Here, collaboration drives success. Any your brand becomes the hero in a community of champions!


Building true bonds

Crafting authentic brand and creator connections that last


Growing together

Cultivating enthusiastic communities that champion your brand’s story


Real talk, genuine growth

Spark real interactions, forge bonds – that’s how we roll with brand growth

Amplify authentic enthusiasm

Why Roster blue burst

“Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.” 

Gregory Ciotti

Customers are unquestionably the most authentic source for promoting products and services to others. 

An actual customer can convey your product’s value better than any advertisement or promotional material ever could. 

Why? Because customers have been there and done that. When customers share their own experiences, they do so from a position of authority and credibility.

In today’s ultra-competitive world, the most successful businesses use a bottom-up strategy. They focus on transferring their customers’ contagious enthusiasm and delight to new audiences. 

Roster enables companies to transfer customer enthusiasm. 

We fuel word-of-mouth marketing

Social media has become the go-to hub for word-of-mouth. Who better to champion your brand than creators, affiliates, athletes, and super fans? 

Our solution amplifies their real stories, igniting awareness, inspiring UGC, and driving sales.

 “Word of mouth will never go out of style. 

It is, and will remain, the #1 way people make choices about brands.” 

Jamie Turner (60 Second Marketer)

The network effect of those who built your brand

The famous Charlie Munger said, “The surest way to build a business is concentrating on what’s already on your desk.”

For marketers, this is your existing customers. Not only are they already “on your desk,” but they are also likely your most potent form of influence and most extraordinary amplifier of brand awareness.

Humans create trust. Systems create scale

Humans create trust. Systems create scale.

Social media lets people communicate with the world. But authenticity can get lost in its massive reach. 

That’s why Roster exists. 

We unite social media’s reach and scalability with the trust and authenticity that come from real people.