Crush it and win big with influencers

Leverage the power of influencers and creators to amplify your brand’s voice louder and clearer. Because, when they talk, the world listens.

influencers feature images - Leverage the power of influencers and creators to amplify your voice and increase your visibility for maximum success.
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Influencers drive purchases

Ever wondered why some products fly off the shelves? Often, it’s the magic of influencers. These advocates, big and small, don’t just increase engagement—they spark
purchases. At Roster, we believe in building genuine connections for tangible results with our influencer tool.

47% of shoppers have clicked 'buy' after an influencer's recommendation. Imagine tapping into that potential!

Kick-start your influencer program in no time

Don’t get bogged down—join Roster for a streamlined influencer marketing experience. Forget the struggle with influencers! Roster is the ultimate influencer tool for top-tier influencer marketing campaigns.

Forget the struggle with influencers! Roster is the ultimate tool for top-tier influencer marketing campaigns.

The right influencers are closer than you think

Why chase creators who aren’t already fans of your brand? 

With Roster’s intuitive social listening tool and influencer CRM tools, find your brand’s true admirers. Plus, our streamlined influencer engagement tools make the entire process a joy.

Potential brand ambassadors are everywhere! Roster gives you all the tools to connect with influential advocates through recruitment forms, social listening, and ecommerce integrations.

A web hub that’s not just functional, but fun

Brand lovers, rejoice! The dedicated portal, designed just for your communitytaking fandom to the next level.

Prompt actions that lead to purchases, like UGC and product recommendations. Show appreciation with a customized point program that easily scales.

Influencer rewards? We’ve got you

Rewarding, product seeding, and paying ambassadors doesn’t have to be a chore. With Roster’s innovative tools, it’s easier than ever. Monitor, manage, and make payments—all under one roof.

Centralize payments for affiliates, influencers and ambassadors. Streamline compensating your biggest supporters while clearly showing your ambassadors their rewards and commissions. feature image

“It’s awesome to see the effects that authentic influencers have.

Roster allows us to find influencers. Track our conversations with them and scale our influencer marketing.”

Influencers are measured by more than likes and reach. Track direct sales attribution, user generated content, and social impact for each influencer.

Beyond likes - measuring true influence

Roster knows influence goes deeper than mere social media metrics.

Track the tangible—from UGC to sales attribution, and get insights into the social impact created. Utilize our advanced influencer reporting tool alongside our influencer measurement tools for automated reporting tailored to your preferences.

Influencer marketing FAQ

Absolutely! Whether you’re coming from an existing tool or a spreadsheet, importing your influencer data and inviting them to join your Roster program is a breeze.

Here’s our mantra: Everyone can influence. It’s authenticity and passion that count, not just reach. So, think grassroots, think passionate!


From global icons to word-class athlets to people without social media accounts, our platform is built for all. Curious? Let’s show you with a demo.



We believe that it’s more more than just numbers. However, the most common way to group or classify the different types of influencers is by the number of people follow them on social media.

MEGA:   1 million+ followers
MACRO:  100,000 – 1 million 
MICRO:   10,000 – 100,000 
NANO:   1,000 – 10,000 

Brand ambassadors resonate with your company’s ethos, often as devoted customers. Influencers? They bring the crowd. The key is to mix and match for optimum impact.

Dive deeper with our blog post: the difference between brand ambassadors and influencers.