Brand Ambassadors

At the heart of our brand ambassador solution are authentic advocates and fans. They craft and share content, trigger discount links, influence purchases, and spread happiness across the board.

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Creators & Influencers

Activate and amplify your brand’s voice on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by collaborating with creators and influencers aligned with your brand’s mission and audiences.

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Reward those who support you with points, products, and a sense of community. Roster’s library of engaging actions and campaign solutions, drive sales with lower acquisition costs and higher order values.

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Scale your business through affiliate and partner programs. Create personalized tracking codes and affiliate links in seconds, and then effortlessly pay commissions using PayPal and Venmo.

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Athletes & Pros

Gear up with champions on your side! Discount coupons and exclusive product rewards equip this brand community to hit it out of the park—racking up authentic connections, UGC, and referral sales.

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Roster collaborates with agencies to offer a full-scale ambassador and influencer solution fortified by unparalleled support. Together, we create social strategies with huge impact for brands.

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