Customers -
the OG influencers!

Nothing captures the heart of your brand better than genuine customers! Their stories and personal experiences often resonate deeper and wider than the most polished marketing efforts.

Customers are the OG brand ambassadors!​

True influence!

Consumers do more than purchase. They talk. And when they talk, it greatly impacts a brand’s popularity. Using Roster, companies turn loyal customers into active brand ambassadors who spread the word about products and services on social media, through online reviews and posts, and in person.

Customer-powered marketing

Unleash the power of everyday consumers. With Roster, brands amplify word-of-mouth marketing and ensure products are recommended, brand values upheld, and traditional influencers are outpaced—all without the typical influencer costs and risks.

Empower your customers

Leverage Roster’s toolkit, designed to help businesses cultivate and enhance their relationships with customer advocates.

Activate customers for big wins​

Activate clients for big wins

Roster makes engaging customers easy. Simple actions and tasks like writing reviews or following on social media help grow your brand. Plus, you can offer low-cost rewards like discount codes and freebies, making it fun and rewarding for your fans.

Low upfront costs

Ignite your fanbase and reward their passion in a snap.

Embrace the power of outcome-based incentives, leaving behind commission and flat fee models. Rewards can be anything from a percentage off discount code to points to free product.  

Rewards are based on the customers performance so expenses only follow results. Rewards might be anything from a percentage off discount code to points to a free product. You're not stuck in a commission-only model. 
Word-of-mouth marketing with customers creates a loyal following, not just a stream of one-time buyers.

Real talk, real impact

Customers have great influence because they use your products and share real experiences. Roster’s tools  scale and measure the impact of this authentic form of marketing. 

Plus, word-of-mouth leads to more loyalty and repeat purchases (aka – higher lifetime value) maximizing your return on program  investment.

Referral links

Instantly see how much traffic and revenue customer advocates drive with referral links.


Give your supporters unique promo codes to use and share with friends and followers.

Track and optimize your customer community’s growth, UGC, social metrics, and revenue. 

Seamless communication

Your current customer’s enthusiasm for the brand significantly affects the rate you acquire new consumers. Keep customer ambassadors enthused with their very own program portal. 

Customizable ambassador portal​

Roster’s portal is a big hit with customer ambassadors since it keeps them in the loop and engaged.

See available campaigns and activities. Track participation and milestones. Share content and earn rewards. Get constant access to all of the tools you need.