Incentivize with points

Ditch the boring payment system and give ambassadors a reason to get excited. They’ll love earning points for bigger rewards and products while promoting your brand.

Give credit where it's due

Offering incentives for word-of-mouth sales is a great way to get people to talk about your brand without adding paid commissions or free product for every activity.

Using points and Roster milestones, along with progressive rewards, keeps brand ambassadors engaged and enriches your results.

End one-and-done participation

points make reward programs more fun

More fun

Spark excitement in ambassador programs with a tier or point system. Gamification enhances involvement and achievement.

Deploy your recruitment form
Small steps, big impact

Consecutive little actions yield big results. Brands gain UGC, buzz, and sales. while advocates relish the journey and prizes.

Super simple

Roster tracks points, keeping ambassadors updated on standings and next steps. More effort leads to bigger rewards.

Companies save both time and money by reducing the cycle of compensating ambassadors for everything they do. Ambassadors win by accruing big discounts and prizes.

Everyone wins

Save time and money by streamlining ambassador rewards. Advocates win by accruing big discounts and prizes.

With point rewards, 126% more advocates finish campaigns.

Points motivate continued effort

Gamify brand promotion with point rewards, boosting involvement, loyalty, and productivity. Enjoy a fantastic experience full of happy vibes, dopamine release (for real), and the uncontrollable urge to keep participating.

Points motivate continued effort​

Earn points for campaigns

Assign point values for campaigns and once completes, points show up in the portal.

Reward actions like: product reviews, social activity, UGC, and more with automatic points.

Track campaign hashtags and performance from the social listening dashboard.

Unlock and redeem milestones

Brands can offer tons of cool incentives with an earned reward system. Roster software is super flexible, so rewards align with the value ambassadors bring.

Ambassadors are an enthusiastic bunch. And the game-like structure motivates them to aim for higher milestones, top status, and bigger prizes.

Real-time point tracking

Roster provides two easy ways to keep track of points in real-time. To begin with, companies have the Roster dashboard, and ambassadors have their portal accessible from any device.

The Roster dashboard keeps track of multiple advocate programs in one place. Know how many points each ambassador has earned, any pending rewards to fulfill, plus the current standing of advocates.

Brand dashboard

Roster dashboard consolidates advocate programs, tracking points earned, pending milestones, and current standings in one place.

Ambassador portal

Advocates can see how many points they have, the levels they have unlocked, and the awards.

Through a user-friendly portal, ambassadors may track their progress toward rewards and learn about new opportunities to participate in current actions and campaigns.

Milestones motivate ambassadors and creators

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