Maintain engagement with milestones

With point-based milestones and tiered programs, your brand will create long-lasting ambassadors involvement and results. 

milestones and tiers programs for brand ambassadors

Participation doubles across all communities when brands use milestone programs!

Milestones keep ambassadors hooked

What is a milestone?

A milestone is...

In a milestone program, you define targeted goals for your ambassadors, creators, and affiliates. They rack up points through activities like campaigns, actions, and referrals. Upon reaching a point threshold, they unlock a milestone and receive a corresponding reward. These goals are also referred to as "levels" or "tiers."
Milestone Program
Why Roster blue burst

“Milestones are great for us. We only award advocates if they reach certain goals. So we no longer send prizes every month to each person who participates. They earn rewards over time. 

It’s much easier and faster.”

Milestones motivate ambassadors and creators

Elevate engagement

Capture the excitement of leveling up in a game with our ambassador tiers. No more tedious one-off engagements. Get ready for a loyalty-driven adventure in collaboration!

Seamless control

Dive into Roster’s all-in-one hub. From timelines to rewards, it’s your command center. With everything at your fingertips, watch your brand community flourish, milestone by milestone.

Commitment pays off!

Every brand dreams of loyal ambassadors. And guess what? When ambassadors see their efforts being rewarded consistently, they stick around. Show them that every effort counts towards a bigger prize. They put in the effort, we ensure they shine.

Rewards like clockwork

Set the prize, and let the magic happen. With rewards pre-defined and goals crystal clear, Roster’s got your back. As your ambassadors hit their marks, we roll out the red carpet with timely rewards.

Long-term partnerships

Milestones change the game. They make collaborations feel like a joint adventure, not just transactions. By offering a series of smaller, fun actions and campaigns leading up to a grand reward, you endear participants.

Time saver alert

Launch your milestones early, sit back, and relax. Our consolidated rewards system ensures you’re not hustling last minute.

Smart structure, less cost

Fewer operations, automated reward management, and periodic reward distribution – that’s our mantra for your cost savings.

Ignite passion

Fire up the zeal in driven individuals with big, enticing incentives and watch them go the distance for those irresistible rewards.