Maintain engagement with milestones

Create long-lasting ambassador involvement and increasing ROI with point-based milestones and tiered programs.

Participation doubles across all communities when brands use milestone programs!

What is a milestone?

Milestones: achievements that are unlocked by earning points. Advocates earn points by completing campaigns and driving word of mouth sales. Upon unlocking a milestone, a participant receives a reward, such as discount codes, store credit, or free products.

Also known as “levels” or “tiers.” 

Milestones keep ambassadors hooked

Milestones motivate

Tiered programs and levels promote excitement and brand loyalty. Plus, the tiers can be personalized with custom activities and rewards.

Milestones give both advocates and brands a reason to trust each other and work together on long-term projects that make things more predictable. Companies have a consistent framework that integrates into an overarching plan. 

Never again will you or your advocates waste time on one-off initiatives mired in layers of detail.

Milestones motivate ambassadors and creators

You get what you give

Milestones guarantee that the highest incentives go to those who contribute the most to your brand. Long-term thinking and effort profit those who deserve it the most. 

Empower brand ambassadors to earn big rewards for finishing campaigns and actions

Automatic rewards

All of the incentives are laid out in advance. The final goal is clear to everyone.

Roster software tracks the completion of brand-assigned campaigns and actions making it easy for everyone. Once tasks are finished, rewards tie a prize and a promotion to the next level waiting.

Participants automatically get incentives like coupons, in-store credit, and even freebies when they reach specific benchmarks.

Guide new ambassadors through account setup with clear prompts that connect their social media accounts, user profile information, shipping information for products and rewards, and any questions you would like to know.
Easily manage milestones ​

Easily manage milestones

People are more likely to interact with and remain loyal to companies that make it easy. Thus, Roster makes tiers entirely customizable. Timelines, program names, levels, campaigns, actions, points, and prizes are all up to you.

A full-featured ambassador portal is a great way to keep your brand community up-to-date and get them devoted to milestone programs.


Why Roster blue burst
“Milestones are great for us. We only award advocates if they reach certain goals. So we no longer send prizes every month to each person who participates. They earn rewards over time. 
It’s much easier and faster.”

The marketing trifecta

Milestone-based relationships are collaborative and less transactional, making brand ambassadors more invested in a brand over the long haul. By offering a series of smaller, fun goals instead of low-value rewards, you can endear participants with one big incentive.

Save time

Simplify program management with milestones launched months in advance. Plus, reduce fulfillment time with consolidated rewards.

Lower costs

Cut down on operational costs by simplifying and automating management and giving out rewards several times a year.

Boost participation

Activate ambitious, goal-oriented people by keeping them motivated while at the same time working toward meaningful, enticing rewards.