Community Platform

An interactive community platform to easily unite and ignite ambassadors

Tailored for brands, shaped by ambassadors. Experience the power of community on the Roster ambassador portal.

Join the future of brand communities

Discover a dynamic and inclusive platform designed to grow your tribe and deepen their dedication. Experience a stress-free environment that amplifies interaction, fosters collaboration, and celebrates collective achievements. Welcome to the gateway of your brand’s community!

Fuel connections & kindle commitment

Community Feed on Roster's community platform

Interactive social hub

Our custom-built platform takes the essence of social media groups and enhances it for brands, creating a controlled space where your community interacts, engages, and strengthens their connection with your brand.

Foster the ultimate digital bond!

Assemble your community with ease & joy!

Forget the hassle of managing social media groups or communication platforms. Build a cohesive brand community in a single click, bringing together ambassadors, influencers, pros, affiliates, customers, and superfans.

Building communities, simplified!
create any community channel you'd like on Roster's community platform

Community tools to easily manage your tribe

Seamless collaboration​

Facilitate dynamic discussions beyond social media limitations. Shared ideas and campaigns bring your people together, fueling creativity, and fostering a sense of community.

Streamlined moderation​

Experience advanced moderation capabilities for brand communities. Steer dialogues towards your program and inspire active participation with ease.

Amplified impact​

Boost visibility and foster a sense of belonging within your community with personalized profiles. Encourage interaction and collaboration among your ambassadors.

Community insights​

Leverage detailed insights that typical social media analytics can’t provide. Understand what motivates your community, and make data-driven decisions.


Unlike typical social media groups, our platform offers brands a controlled environment for building communities. You get to create custom channels, moderate discussions, and gain unique insights into your community’s engagements. Plus, the hassle-free setup and management are an added bonus.

Very! With Roster Community Platform, you have complete control to create custom channels for various community members like brand ambassadors, influencers, pros, affiliates, customers, and superfans.

These channels, based on your brand’s interests or existing programs, promote active and relevant discussions, ensuring every member feels valued and engaged. It’s a personalized, interactive hub that fosters strong connections and caters to the unique needs of your diverse community.

It’s as simple as a click! With our platform, you can add individuals or entire programs seamlessly. Instantly create a channel or group that is based on one of your programs or shares common interests.

Our platform fosters an interactive social hub that allows your community to engage, interact, and deepen their relationship with your brand. Plus, the customizable profile feature enhances visibility and encourages interaction among members.

Absolutely! Our platform offers intuitive moderation tools, enabling you to guide community conversations towards topics that align with your brand values and inspire active participation.

Our platform provides a comprehensive view of community engagement. You can monitor the posts, likes, and comments allowing you to understand what motivates and matters to your community. This valuable data can inform your brand’s decisions and strategies.