One solution for all programs

Brand communities vary. Manage your influencer, affiliate, and ambassador programs your way. Swap scattered systems for centralized, streamlined customization!

Total flexibility

Stop the tedious juggling. Group and organize your influencers effortlessly. It’s up to you how many programs you have, the members you accept, the KPIs you use, and the incentives you give.

Here’s an example of how brands segment their community programs.

Big social following
Existing customers
Everyone welcome


sales, high-quality content, social reach & awareness

free product & commission


UGC & referrals

discount codes, free product & milestone rewards


UGC, referrals & purchases

personal discount code, friends & family codes 

Blendtec recognized that word-of-mouth marketing was pivotal to their success. They built a thriving ambassador program. Proof you can tailor influence programs to your unique vision.

Approval on your terms

Skip the generic approval methods. With Roster, choose how to onboard: auto-accept or curate. The choice is yours. Our multi-tier approval means managers see top picks, not endless lists.

Auto or manual acceptance members of multiple programs

Unite your community programs

Roster is the first platform that enables organizations to work with influencers, brand ambassadors, pros, athletes, affiliates, and customer on a single platform.

One platform

Say goodbye to software chaos. Streamline and customize your influencer programs in one place.

Simplified oversight

Monitor all your programs from a single platform, making managing and drawing insights a breeze.

Save time

Reclaim your time and budget. Merge all your influencer programs for enhanced collaboration and ROI.

Communication made easy

Keeping creators in the loop has never been simpler.

Get the right message to the right person, all automated. Roster’s programs email system ensures that you don’t send the right message to the wrong person.

Instant notifications

Alert creators as soon as they’re onboard. With Roster’s automation, let the platform do the heavy lifting.

Welcome in style

“Let’s get to it!” are the sweetest words any new advocate can hear. Seal the commitment from the start. 

Instantly enroll new members into automated welcome campaigns

Welcome campaigns on autopilot

Rewards they can't resist

Keeping creators in the loop has never been simpler.

Tailored incentives

Whether it’s commissions, points, or unique rewards, motivate your creators in ways that resonate.

Streamlined discounts

Streamline the distribution of personal and shareable discount codes based on program type.

Streamline the distribution of personal and shareable discount codes to advocates based on programs

Analytics and reports

Craving insights? With Roster’s comprehensive reporting, gauge each program’s performance, compare them, or see the big picture. Dive deep into the data when you want, how you want.

analytics and reports for multiple programs