Sales Attribution


Sales attribution at every level

Roster’s real-time sales attribution tracks the ROI of ambassador marketing initiatives, whether they focus on customer acquisition, revenue growth through word-of-mouth, personal orders, or all three.

Sales attribution at every level​
Roster has helped us to turn personal trainers into the influencers that they really are. With sales attributions we can track their influence and, essentially, their conversion power with the members in their classes and the people they teach.

Quantify word-of-mouth marketing with sales attribution

Revenue is one of the ultimate benefits of using creators and brand ambassadors in the marketing strategy. But word-of-mouth can be challenging to attribute. Sales tracking tools and reports from Roster take everyday organic interactions and connect them to financial results.

Measure success with sales attribution

The Roster platform has detailed reports that help you see the big picture. With the all-important total revenue metric, managers know the return on investment.

Analyze the source of each sale in further detail. Sort the data based on unique program types or get an overall snapshot by filtering for the sales activity of all programs.

The Roster platform provides sales attribution for all programsget an overall snapshot of all program sales activity.
sales attribution by program, campaign, and influencer

Referred orders and revenue

Discovering, engaging, and rewarding ambassadors can all boil down to one number—referred revenue. The metric is a combination of the purchases made by people referred by your brand community. 

A key part of the Roster dashboard is tracking these sales, including the actual discount codes, the referral links, how many times they are clicked, and the number of purchases.

New customers with lower CAC

The cost of customer acquisition is typically a company’s largest expense, but with Roster’s effective ambassador marketing software, CAC is significantly lower.

Roster software facilitates online and offline communication amongst fans to generate revenue. Using creators and ambassadors to grow your client base rather than traditional advertising tactics is smart business, as evidenced by the increasing number of customers.

New customers with lower CAC​ tracked with sales attribution
sales attribution to measure customer conversion rates

Conversion rate

Every referral link and discount code is recorded in Roster. Thus, the sales attribution metric shows both the total number of clicks and the number of new customers. The percentage of visitors who become paying customers or the conversion rate is known.

Understand the impact of each advocate

Discount codes & referral links

Metrics such as link clicks, total referrals, and total referred revenue show how much each brand advocate contributes to reaching overall sales goals.

sales attribution with discount and link tracking

Personal Orders

A coveted perk for brand ambassadors is personal discounts on brand merchandise. Since they are already happy customers, many brand advocates would rather receive heavily discounted merchandise than monetary compensation. It’s a win for brands since the payout is less while consumer loyalty is greater.

Do not underestimate the monetary value of individual orders from brand communities. They really add up.