Sales Attribution

Sales attribution from UGC and discounts to conversions

Trace every sale to its champion ambassador and know where to send the high-fives with Roster’s real-time attribution!

The challenge facing modern marketers

With so many digital touchpoints available from social media posts to blogs, emails, and word of mouth referrals, how do you pinpoint what actually works? 🤔

Accurate attribution is crucial to optimize marketing strategies and ensure a maximum return on investment.

Roster has helped us to turn personal trainers into the influencers that they really are. With sales attributions we can track their influence and, essentially, their conversion power with the members in their classes and the people they teach.

More than just sales attribution...

Every click has a story. Roster ensures you know the ending. From initial interest to becoming a paying customer, see the entire narrative.


Conversion Metrics

Capture every referral and discount code, providing a clear picture of the visitor to customer conversion rates and overall click count.


Engagement Insights

Track the ambassador potency with metrics like link clicks, referrals, and generated revenue to understand their contribution.


Personal Orders

Bolster loyalty while saving money with automated product seeding, gifting, and milestones.

Roster's winning solution

Roster’s real-time sales attribution system offers precision and clarity. It provides businesses the capability to accurately trace every sale back to its originating marketing effort, be it customer acquisition, revenue growth through word-of-mouth, or individual orders.

Decode word of mouth

Turn that chatter into tangible numbers. With Roster’s tools, you can connect everyday organic interactions straight to your financial scoreboard. 

Get an overall snapshot by filtering for the sales activity of all programs.

Decode word of mouth with Roster's sales attribution tools
Track referred revenue for real-time sales attribution

Track referred revenue

The essence of ambassador engagement is captured in one metric: referred revenue. This represents the cumulative sales from those directed to you by your brand advocates.

Roster’s dashboard meticulously monitors these transactions, cataloging details like discount codes, referral links, their click rates, and purchases.




New customers with lower CAC

Redefine your spend! Roster’s ambassador marketing slashes traditionally steep acquisition costs. 

Harnessing the dual power of online and offline engagements, we fuel not just savings but innovative business acceleration.

New customers with lower CAC

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