User Profiles

Unbox insights with Roster's CRM

Simplify ambassador connections, tap into rich user data, and reward on-the-go. Cultivate loyalty, achieve unparalleled results.

Keep track of your community

Ditch the social media scavenger hunt and spreadsheet saga! Harness the power of Roster’s CRM to delve deep into your brand community. Get a unified view of demographic details, follower numbers, historical brand interactions, and sales attributions—all in a single dashboard.


Get to know your partners instantly, bypassing tedious and pricey manual vetting.

Track link clicks, referrals, codes, and revenue to gauge impact on sales targets.


Always thank your fans. Track payments and referral rewards from earning to payout.

Ideal profile

Spot the hallmarks of standout ambassadors and craft your perfect ambassador blueprint.

Connect deeper with your community through Roster's CRM!

rich user profile Roster provides a deep understanding of your brand community with robust user profiles. Collect demographic data, relationship properties, follower counts, historical interactions with your brand, sales attribution, and more—all in one place.
Demographic details

Effortlessly store contact details and data for your influencers, creators, brand ambassadors, and affiliates.

Program association ​

Instantly see ambassador program affiliations and company contacts.

Profile properties​​

Dive into the historical recruitment form and application data, including your questions and their responses.

Profile tags​​

Simplify ambassador categorization. Use labels for tailored campaigns, communication, trend insights, and more.

Seamless social integration

Automatically sync data from social platforms—Instagram, TikTok, Twitter,  Facebook, YouTube, and more—directly into CRM profiles.

Key metrics at your fingertips:

Roster CRM for Automated social sync

Access a goldmine of user generated content directly from user profiles. Repurpose UGC photos and videos with sorting and downloading tools.

access brand ambassador content in Roster's CRM

Activity overview

Know precisely the campaigns and actions your ambassadors complete, when they finish them, and the results they achieve.

Milestone progress

Monitor milestones and tier level progress across campaigns and actions.

Campaign participation

Monitor ambassador campaigns and outcomes. View engagement rates and post metrics.

Engagement rates

From ecommerce shopping carts to social media networks, Roster integrations auto-populate data into the CRM.