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Blueprint for an Unforgettable Welcome Campaign

First impressions are a big deal, especially in brand ambassador programs. And nothing epitomizes ‘first impression’ more than the welcome campaign. That initial welcome sets the tone, but also establishes trust and begins the relationship. However, it’s about more than just the welcome. It’s your chance to ignite a spark in your ambassadors, motivating them to promote your brand with passion. Get this right, and you’re laying the groundwork for a strong, enduring collaboration.

10 Steps for a Winning Welcome Campaign

As someone who’s helped countless companies successfully navigate the challenging waters of a brand ambassador program, I’ve seen firsthand the difference a great welcome campaign can make. Hang on because we’re about to dive head-first into the nitty-gritty of building a welcome campaign that not only impresses but also transforms newcomers into dedicated brand champions.

1️⃣ Plan!

Before jumping into the creative deep end, take a breath. Seriously, breath and take time to chart out your strategic course. Gather the information and details. Also, you’ll need to decide on the campaign duration. 

Consider these foundational questions to help iron out the minutia.

🎯 Overall Goal

What is the overall goal of the welcome campaign?

👥 Audience Definition

Define your program. What type of community will you have? For example:

💬 Key Messages

Determine the key messages for new members to understand.

⏳ Campaign Duration

How long will the campaign run?

👣 Desired Actions

What specific actions do you want your people to take?

📊 Measurement Criteria

Establish how you will measure your program. What is the success criteria?

🛠️ Available Resources

What resources do you have available for this campaign?

  • time
  • budget
  • personnel

📢 Communication Plan

How will you communicate the campaign details?

🏆 Rewards and Incentives

What rewards and incentives will you offer?

🔍 Feedback and Inquiries

How will you handle feedback and inquiries during the campaign?

Getting these questions and categories sorted out right from the start makes everything smoother for you. It turns complex tasks into simple ones and helps avoid headaches down the road.

Also, a well-planned welcome campaign really sets things up nicely. It’s not just about listing perks and rewards; it’s a chance to show what’s exciting about your brand. This approach doesn’t just make your job easier; it also gets your advocate community more involved and excited about what you do.

how to plan and launch a welcome campaign for all new ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates

2️⃣ Campaign brief 

A campaign brief is the heart of any marketing campaign. Think of your campaign brief as the foundation. This handy document, shared with ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates, contains all the details about the campaign. It needs to beat with excitement, reverberating the brand’s energy and passion. Emphasize the immediate perks and the value of active engagement. Outline the expectations clearly so that everyone is on the same page.

These are the must haves!

  • Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Style (more on this in a sec)
  • All the details

You’ll usually share the campaign brief via email. If you’re using a platform like Roster, it’s also available on the ambassador portal for quick and easy reference. This ensures everyone involved has access to the campaign’s main plan and guidelines.

In essence, it’s the guiding star of your campaign journey, keeping everyone on the same page and marching towards the same goal. The map (aka: campaign brief) navigates your community, ensuring all efforts lead to a successful campaign.

3️⃣ Highlight perks and benefits

Everyone loves a reward! What will your program members receive when they complete the campaign?

✓ Immediate rewards
Exclusive discount code, early access to new product lines, etc.

✓ Long-term rewards
Higher commission rates, a feature on our social media channels, etc.

Imagine showing up at a party where you’re instantly handed your favorite appetizer, and every step you take reveals another surprise tailored just for you. That’s the kind of user experience you want to create for your new members. No wonder, many brands start with the rewards at the top of the brief.

Your welcome campaign should be an engaging experience. Ensure you highlight and celebrate the immediate rewards, exclusive perks, and sneak peeks of what’s coming. It’s like telling your members…

“Hey, welcome aboard! Here’s a taste of what awaits.”

4️⃣ Activities

This is the campaign ask. And my advice is: the easier the ask, the better!

What tasks will your ambassadors be expected to complete? Here are some common things you can ask people to do.

  • Announce you are an ambassador on your Instagram Story!
  • Share your referral link in a Tweet
  • Review one of our products
  • Create a TikTok of your favorite product

5️⃣ Set expectations

One of the most beautiful aspects of a program is the sense of shared adventure it cultivates. When done right, you are basically warmly embracing new community members, saying…

“Come join us on this fantastic journey, and let’s make some magic together!”

Lay out a roadmap of engaging activities, campaigns, and milestones that they can participate in. Show them how they can share their favorite products, create buzz-worthy reviews, and become resident influencers in their circles. Tell them their voice matters, their creativity is valued, and their participation can foster a positive community.

You need to give new members an idea of how they can succeed.

For example,

  • Certain number of social posts per month
  • Share affiliate link on social media
  • Engagement in community discussions

And other activities that help your company.

6️⃣ Empower your community

Highlight the exciting opportunities and rewards that come with their advocacy efforts. Introduce your brand’s unique value proposition and demonstrate how engaging with your brand can positively impact their lives. In short, make them feel like they’ve hit the jackpot by joining your program.

Additionally, give your new members the tools to build their success stories with your brand. We have a growing number of video you are welcome to share.








7️⃣ Style guides

This section offers additional information to your new advocates, giving them a clear idea of what you expect from them.

Let’s face it; social media can be intimidating. Crafting engaging posts may seem like rocket science to some. This is why a style guide is super important in your welcome campaign.

Style guide must haves are:

✓ Your desired posting style
For example: Authentic, personal experiences with our brand/products, high-quality images, positive tone, etc.

✓ Required hashtags
For example: #BrandName and #BrandNameAmbassador

Remember to emphasize authenticity and invite them to share how they use your products in their daily life. Offer encouragement for sharing their genuine experiences and perspectives. Show them how they can transform their everyday experiences with your brand into compelling stories that resonate with others.

By providing brand guidelines, posting helps, and examples of what you’re looking for, you can inspire creativity and alleviate any concerns your new ambassadors might have. It’s all about striking a balance between expressing their unique voice and aligning with your brand narrative.

8️⃣ Automated emails

Think of automated welcome emails like a friendly first handshake from your brand to new ambassadors. They’re right on time, easy to understand, and full of warmth.

Emails do a lot more than just say hello; they set up your whole welcome campaign. They’re about starting a strong and lasting relationship with your ambassadors, making them feel part of the team right from the start.

✓ Prompt and clear
As soon as a new member is accepted into the program, the welcome email should be dispatched. This immediate response signals your readiness and enthusiasm to collaborate. Additionally, the email is where you’ll include the campaign brief. A summary of the key details can be included within the body of the email, with a link to the full brief for those who want to dive deeper.

✓ On brand
The welcome email should resonate with your brand’s voice and style. Accuracy is crucial too – ensure all links work, the information is correct, and there are no typographical errors.

✓ Offer support
Provide links to your help center or support contacts, letting ambassadors know they can reach out if they need assistance.

With a well-crafted automated welcome email, you make the first step towards building a strong relationship with your ambassadors. Remember, it’s more than an email; it’s your brand’s welcome mat.

9️⃣ Identify campaign participants

In the sphere of ambassador management, automating routine tasks is crucial for efficient operations and provides more time for creativity and relationship-building. This is where an ambassador management platform like Roster truly shines. It not only knows when a new ambassador has been accepted into your program but also takes care of the subsequent steps automatically.

For your welcome campaign, Roster makes your life incredibly easy. There’s no need for manual addition of participants or sending individual emails. Roster identifies a new addition to your team and promptly triggers the campaign process.

Here’s how it works:

✓ Automatic recognition
As soon as a new ambassador is accepted into the program, Roster automatically recognizes the change.

✓ Instant email prompt
Roster then dispatches the welcome email to the new ambassador. This email includes the campaign brief and a prompt to join the campaign, taking care of the entire introduction in one fell swoop.

✓ Continuous monitoring
Roster continues to monitor your ambassador’s engagement and activity, making sure they’re on track and assisting you in providing any necessary support.

✓ Efficient reporting
Roster provides efficient and easy-to-understand reporting on performance, allowing you to monitor the campaign’s success.

Through these streamlined operations, Roster ensures your welcome campaigns are seamlessly integrated into your overall ambassador program, making the process smooth for both you and your ambassadors. So you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on crafting engaging campaigns and building solid relationships with your ambassadors.

🔟 Review and publish 

Take a moment to review your welcome campaign. Does everything look just right? Great! Now, hit publish and watch your campaign come to life.

To help you along your journey, I’ve compiled a list of useful articles that offer additional tips.

➡️ Create a Welcome Campaign

➡️ Welcome Campaign Checklist

➡️ Best Practices for Successful Campaigns

And there you have it — a step-by-step guide to building a welcome campaign that resonates with your new members. Now, go ahead and start crafting your unforgettable welcome campaign. 

Final advice

Creating a powerful welcome campaign doesn’t have to feel like climbing Everest. With these tips in mind, you can set your brand ambassadors up for success right from the start. Remember, your new members are not just advocates. They are partners in your brand’s journey and success.

So, here’s to creating memorable first impressions, building a vibrant community, and making your brand story stick, one welcome campaign at a time!

I hope this insider’s guide helps you navigate your way to an extraordinary welcome campaign. Remember, the journey to building meaningful relationships is always worth it! Now, let’s make some magic!

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