15 Amazing Cyber Monday Ideas for Ecommerce Brands

Are you ready to make the most of Cyber Monday? You are in luck because we’ve got the ultimate guide to help your brand capitalize on the shopping frenzy. Forget doorbusters and long lines. The real secret to success is all about leveraging the power of influencers and brand ambassadors. So lace up your shopping shoes, and let’s dive into some incredible Cyber Monday ideas to boost your sales and increase brand awareness.

Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity for brands to drive sales and increase brand awareness. But with so many options out there, how can you make your brand stand out? The answer is simple: leverage the power of influencer marketing and brand ambassadors.

Cyber Monday Ideas

Influencer marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful Cyber Monday strategy. When you work with influencers in your niche, you can offer deals and discounts that are only available to their followers. Not only will this increase sales, but it will also give your brand a boost in credibility and visibility.

These Cyber Monday marketing ideas are fabulous for brands that want to leverage the power of influencers and brand ambassadors.

📢 Gift Guides

Curated gift guides by influencers and ambassadors are always a hit. They work because the advocate chooses products for them that fit their style and interests. These guides give followers access to deals and mark downs they can’t get anywhere else. Because the influencer has built trust and credibility with their audience, their recommendations are way more valuable than a random advertisement.

Popular hashtags for Cyber Monday ideas

Popular hashtags that you could use in any one of the gift guide ideas include: 

#giftsforher, #giftsforhim, #christmasgifts, #giftguide, #giftideas, #holidaygiftguide, #giftsthatgiveback, #giftidea, #giftinspiration,#giftgiving, #christmasgiftguide, #giftcards, #giftcard, #giftbox, #giftbasket, #giftset, #giftwrap, #gift, and #giftcertificate.

Below are some specific Cyber Monday ideas for ambassadors and influencers to use on social media.

📢 Adventure Gift Guide

Create and post a gift guide for your adventurous spouse. This guide should feature items from [brand name] that are perfect for the adventurous type, such as outdoor gear, travel accessories, and adventure-themed clothing. Include pictures of ambassadors showcasing examples of gifts on their guides to give customers an idea of how they can use the products.

📢 Gift Guide for the Healthy, Sporty & Trendy 

Create and post a healthy/sporty/trendy gift guide for family members and friends. This guide should feature items from [brand name] that are perfect for health-conscious and sporty family members, such as fitness equipment, activewear, and healthy living accessories. Include pictures of ambassadors showcasing examples of gifts on their guides to give customers an idea of how they can use the products.

📢 Kids Gift Guide

Create and post a unique gift guide for children. Think outside the box when creating this guide and feature items from [brand name] that are not typically found in traditional toy stores, such as educational games, DIY kits, and creative activities. Include pictures of ambassadors showcasing examples of gifts on their guides to give customers an idea of how they can use the products.

📢 Neighbor Gifts

Why does it feel like every year we have to Google’ gift ideas for the neighbors’? Like it’s a new concept! Let’s get all the ambassadors to join forces and help those well-meaning folks out there, because we don’t want any more of those sad plates of store-bought cookies showing up at our doorstep! Let’s get creative and find some more exciting (and delicious!) ideas for gifting!

Create and post a gift guide for friends, neighbors, and co-workers. This guide should feature items from [brand name] that are perfect for gifting to friends, neighbors, or co-workers, such as home décor, accessories, or small electronics. Include pictures of ambassadors showcasing examples of gifts on their guides to give customers an idea of how they can use the products.

📢 Hostess Gifts

Invite your brand community to help step up the hostess gift game. Say goodbye to the boring bottle of wine and hello to a curated collection of unique and thoughtful gifts. 

Create and post a hostess gift guide. Ideally, influencers should show off items from your brand that would make great gifts for a hostess. Include pictures of ambassadors showcasing examples of gifts on their guides to give customers an idea of how they can use the products.

Similar to gift guides, a social media Cyber Monday idea is featuring Gift Bundles could involve partnering with influencers or ambassadors known for their expertise in a particular area, such as sports, nutrition, or fashion.

📢 Gift Bundles for Cyber Monday

Similar to gift guides, a social media campaign featuring Gift Bundles could involve partnering with influencers or ambassadors known for their expertise in a particular area, such as sports, nutrition, or fashion. Ambassadors can create curated gift bundles that combine various products from your company. They can showcase how they blend together to create a cohesive look or experience.

The campaign could be promoted on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, using targeted ads and posts highlighting the gift bundles and the ambassadors who curated them. The ambassadors could also share their posts about the campaign, along with their personal experiences and tips for using the products.

In addition, the company could also run a contest or giveaway, encouraging customers to create their own gift bundles using their products and share them on social media for a chance to win prizes. A special deal or discount could be offered to customers who buy one of the featured gift bundles during the campaign.

Overall, this campaign aims to show off the company’s products in a creative and interesting way while using the popularity of well-known ambassadors to reach more people. It can also help to increase sales and customer engagement.

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📢 User-generated Content

Select a group of influencers and ambassadors to receive your latest product for free. Unexpected holiday presents are certain to cement feelings of devotion. Even better is seeding new products that nobody else has. 

In return, ask influencers to share their honest feedback about the new products with their followers. Have them send or upload the UGC to your brand management platform. 

Pick a handful of images and recommendations to feature in the brand’s social media channels, website, and ads. Not only will they be among the first to try new products, but your brand can also highlight them. 

Always repurpose your content from influencers and ambassadors. For example, use By showing real customers and their good experiences with your products, you can show the value and excitement of your brand in a way that is real and easy to relate to.

Of course, the Cyber Monday ideas would work for your Thanksgiving social media campaigns and Black Friday campaigns

TikTok Live Event: Cyber Monday Ideas

📢 Live Event

Influencers could host a live event. The following are the steps for the campaign:

1. Do a TikTok live on Cyber Monday 2023
Host a live event on TikTok to showcase your top picks from all the specials.

2. Introduce and showcase products
Start the live event by introducing yourself as a brand collaborator and presenting the featured products.

3. Referral code for discounts
Share your referral code, offering viewers a discount on their purchases when used.

4. Free shipping offer
Provide a special link or code for free shipping on orders placed during the live event.

5. Promote sharing
Encourage viewers to share the live event and your referral code with friends and family to spread the deals.

6. Engage with viewers
Interact with your audience during the live session, answering questions about the products and offering more details.

Conclude the live event by thanking viewers for their participation and reminding them to use the referral code or link before the deals expire.

📢 The Non-cyber Event

People get tired of being tethered to their phones and computers. So, this campaign gets ambassadors to show how they disconnect and have some good old-fashioned fun with your products.

Activities could include the following: 

Show how you get offline and enjoy life with our products on TikTok or in an Instagram Story [you could feature a specific product line or item].

Post on social media your favorite things to do when you’re offline or unplugged. Ambassadors and customers are encouraged to use the hashtag #noncyberevent. Of course, it would be great if they weaved in your company’s products. 

Creators could also mention any human-to-human moments and discoveries this season. 

So, put down the screens, disconnect, and join us for the ultimate non-cyber event. Trust us. You won’t regret it. Happy unplugging!

📢 Cyber Monday Deals 

Gear up for a spectacular Cyber Monday! Your brand can skyrocket success by synergizing with your community. Utilize social media and influential collaborators to create a promotional wave that drives sales and enhances visibility.

1. Collaborative content creation 
Initiate collaborations for Instagram Reels that spotlight your Cyber Monday deals. Encourage creativity and personal touch in showcasing product highlights, ensuring each post resonates with the unique audience of the collaborator.

2. Hashtags
Develop a unique hashtag, such as #YourBrandCyberDeals. Instruct your partners to incorporate this into their posts, aiding in increasing campaign visibility and facilitating easy tracking of the promotional impact.

3. Enhance visibility
Ensure your brand’s Instagram handle is prominently featured in posts and captions. This step is crucial for boosting brand recognition and guiding interested viewers to your profile.

4. Optimize reach 
Guide your collaborators in choosing between feeds or stories for sharing content, based on where they engage most effectively with their audience. The objective is to optimize reach and foster engagement.

5. Emphasize urgency 
Encourage highlighting the limited-time nature of deals in both video content and captions. Stressing scarcity can prompt immediate action from viewers, enhancing the effectiveness of the campaign.

6. Gather audience insights 
Advise using interactive tools like Instagram polls in stories. This approach helps in understanding customer preferences, enabling more tailored and appealing promotions.

7. Exclusive discounts 
Provide unique discount codes for collaborators to share. This not only motivates purchases but also aids in tracking the performance of each promotional partnership.

This Cyber Monday, let your brand lead a collaborative triumph. Through community engagement and strategic social media use, you’re set to build lasting connections and elevate your brand’s market presence.

📢 Free Shipping Promotion

Paying additional shipping costs is a big deal for customers. Almost everyone who shops online reports that delivery costs are a major consideration.

When it comes to ecommerce,

95% of consumers said that shipping costs impact their decisions

So, you might want to run a social media campaign in which ambassadors offer free shipping to people in their communities. The title could be, “Don’t move. Free shipping for best holiday deals.” 

1. Share coupons
Generate a free shipping coupon for advocates to share with their followers on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

2. Hashtags and brand mentions 
Ask your network to use specific hashtags in their posts and to tag your brand. This makes your brand more visible and helps followers find you on social media.

A Cyber Monday idea for a social media campaign in which ambassadors offer free shipping to people in their communities.

📢 It’s Not Over Until We Get…

Create urgency and excitement with the “It’s not over until we get…” campaign. 

1. TikTok video showcase
Encourage brand ambassadors to make a TikTok video highlighting their favorite Cyber Monday sales.

2. Hashtag for visibility
Use #cybermondaydeals or similar hashtags to help customers easily find your deals.

3. Instagram story sharing
Ask ambassadors to post Instagram stories about great Cyber Monday items, using the same hashtag.

4. Creative captions
Encourage ambassadors to write engaging captions to spotlight the deals.

5. Link to purchase
Remind ambassadors to include a link to where customers can buy the sale items.

6. Instagram polls for insights
Use Instagram story polls to discover customer interests and focus on those in your sale.

Finish the campaign with a thank-you message and offer new customers referral codes or other perks.

📢 Cyber Monday Haul

The objective is to emphasize people’s joy and excitement on the biggest online shopping day of the year. The campaign could be titled “Cyber Monday Haul.”

1. Showcasing wish list or purchases
Ask brand ambassadors to share a TikTok video or Instagram Reel showing the items they’re eyeing or have bought for Cyber Monday, in a fun and unique way.

2. Hashtag and brand mention
Use hashtags like #CyberMondayHaul and #CyberMondayChallenge, and remind ambassadors to tag your brand.

3. Highlight discounts
Ambassadors should mention the discounts available on the products featured in their videos and reels.

4. Link to purchase
Include a link to where customers can buy the items, or create a landing page with all deals.

Consider making the campaign interactive by inviting customers to post their own haul videos on TikTok and Instagram with the campaign hashtags, entering them into a prize draw.

📢 Giveaway

Another Cyber Monday idea is to host a social media giveaway. Get your influencers to participate by promoting the competition to their followers. This will help you reach a wider audience and create buzz around your brand.

1. Prepare giveaway materials
Give brand ambassadors the necessary information and materials for promoting the giveaway, including prize images and descriptions.

2. Share giveaway details
Encourage ambassadors to inform their followers about the Cyber Monday giveaway, clearly communicating the rules and entry requirements.

3. Deadline and entry link
Include the giveaway deadline in posts and provide a link to the entry page, possibly via a dedicated landing page on your website or social profiles.

4. Announce and share winners
Notify the winners and encourage them to share their winning experience on social media.

Remember to comply with local laws and regulations regarding giveaways and sweepstakes. Make sure to have the official rules, terms, and conditions clearly outlined.

Get more awesome ideas with Roster’s Social Media Campaigns: 2023 templates.


For social media surrounding Cyber Monday ideas, working with influencers and brand ambassadors is a must. You’ll reach a wider audience and, most likely, a bunch of new customers. All this momentum is sure to impact sales and end-of-year revenue numbers.

Don’t put it off any longer. Start working with influential people and brand ambassadors now to see your company skyrocket over the next shopping season.




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