Stand out with Thanksgiving social media posts that are as easy as pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Social Media Posts Stuffed With Goodness

Every year during Thanksgiving, brands try to be relevant and give thanks. In that spirit, many companies create social media posts about being thankful, giving back, or making someone’s day. However, only a few go beyond the obvious and add some creativity to their Thanksgiving social media posts. So if you also want to be one of those out-of-the-ordinary brands this year, here are some ideas for your social media campaigns celebrating Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Social Media Campaigns

Thanksgiving is more than a huge turkey dinner shared with family, although that is a most delicious element. It is heralded as the start of the Christmas season. Countdowns, Black Friday campaigns, and cheery men in red suits delivering gifts are just around the corner.

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to get ahead of the curve and establish your brand in the minds of your target audience with social media posts before the onslaught of approaching shopping holidays.

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Happy Thanksgiving Social Media Post

A happy social media post should always center around gratitude. Starting the social conversation with a thankful message is the perfect way to kick off your Thanksgiving marketing campaign. Creating a post that inspires people to be grateful for what they have is a perfect idea for Thanksgiving social media.

You can share your thanks for employees, customers, or any other important aspect of your business. Another idea is to write about being thankful for your customers, being in business, and being able to create jobs. This will help your customers feel appreciated and connected to your brand. And it will also foster a sense of community around your business.

Thanksgiving Social Media Template

Once you’ve decided on the type of post you want to create, it’s time to create the actual post. Follow these steps to create a perfect campaign for the Thanksgiving season.

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The following three parts or components should be included in all the social media marketing templates you use:

Part 1 – Campaign details, including your internal campaign name, description, and length.

Part 2 – Campaign brief. The campaign brief is the meat of every social media template and encompasses many details, such as the campaign title, overview, links to share, discount codes, campaign header image, campaign activities, rewards for participants, and style guide.

Part 3 – Write and stage the campaign emails. If you’re inviting ambassadors to participate in your involving your thanksgiving social media posts, you’ll need a series of emails. First, ask them to join the campaign and provide the overview, style guide, activities, rewards, etc. Send them a few more emails to remind them of the due dates and express gratitude for their involvement in the campaign.

This easy outline for a Thanksgiving social media template could serve as the basis for a more extensive campaign.

Start by welcoming your customers to the holiday season by being thankful for the things that matter to them. You can also take a more general approach and be grateful for the things that matter to you. Then, encourage your customers to do the same by asking them what they’re thankful for.

Next, ask a question that relates to the holiday season. This can be something about Thanksgiving traditions or something related to food.

Then, conclude your post with a call to action that suggests your customers buy from you or check out your website while they’re there.

Thanksgiving Social Media Posts for Business

Refrain from the tempting everyday marketing urge of peppering social media posts with promotions or selling motives.

Dedicate your Thanksgiving social media posts to expressing gratitude. Numerous people and organizations could be the recipients of your appreciation. For instance, you could focus on thanking: customers, suppliers, employees, charities, etc. First and foremost, your expressions of gratitude must be sincere and come from the heart.

Multiple-day Campaigns

There are a few Thanksgiving campaigns that have stood the test of time. But you can easily modify these to fit your company’s style and goals.

The 10/1 Campaign

The 10/1 Thanksgiving social media campaign encourages everyone to give back by asking them to do 10 acts of kindness between October 1 and November 1. This can be anything from volunteering to donating to a charity to paying it forward by being kind to someone who has done something nice for you.

The 12 Days of Thanksgiving Campaign

This campaign asks brands to share something new every day for the 12 days before Thanksgiving. This will create good anticipation among your customers, and they’ll keep coming back to see your brand’s new offerings.

Thanksgiving social media posts that thank employees

Grateful for… campaigns

Social Posts That Thank Employees

Create a video of employees sharing why they’re thankful to work for your brand. Customers rarely get to meet the people behind the companies they love. It’s not every day that these people get to talk about the things they’re grateful to be a part of, either. So, why not take this opportunity to highlight the team members behind the scenes and why they love what they do?

One successful social media campaign around Thanksgiving is to create and post a video. Highlight your team members’ stories, sharing how they came to work for your company, what they’re thankful for, and what they hope to achieve by the year’s end. This will give your customers a glimpse into the human side of your brand.

Celebrate Your Employees

Another great way to celebrate the season and thank your customers is to celebrate the employees who have been with you for more than five years, ten years, 20 years, etc.

You can do this by sharing posts on your social media accounts. You can also create posts on your blog, including them in your email newsletters and in your website posts. These are the most common ways to celebrate the season and thank your customers. But remember to keep it genuine!

Reflect on Gratitude

Thanksgiving campaigns can be one of a kind if you already have an established brand community. It is a time to foster joy and thankfulness for all of their gifts, as well as to disseminate knowledge about your products, so take advantage of this opportunity! Have creators and ambassadors make a gratitude video and post as a TikTok or Instagram Reel. They could include a rundown of the things that they are most grateful for. The reason that ambassador marketing is so successful is that it is genuine, and what could be more genuine than customers expressing their appreciation?

Thanksgiving Social Media Posts Instagram Reel



Grateful Every Day Social Campaign

Another Thanksgiving social media campaign created by a Roster brand was entitled “Grateful today & every day.” 

The online sportswear retailer requested its brand ambassadors focus on the joy of life and express thanks. The specific ask or activity was to make a series of five to seven social posts in which they expressed gratitude for various aspects of their life and the world around them. The company was not overly concerned with the social platform ambassadors used to fulfill the campaign requirement, only that they tagged the brand and included the hashtag #gratefultoday.

The company may not have even asked its ambassadors to promote its products, yet many of them did. It was 100% authentic.

Doing Good Campaigns

Give Back During the Holidays

Typically, November is the month in which people begin to think about their Christmas shopping. However, the holiday of Thanksgiving is the time to pause and take the opportunity to count our blessings. In light of this, it may be a good idea to mix the two contexts in your social media postings this Thanksgiving by offering discounts or even free items or services to those in need.

During the holidays, many people have a tough time making ends meet because they’ve spent all their money on presents for their loved ones. That’s why it makes sense to give away or drastically reduce the price of your wares for those in need.

This will help you reach out to your community and go beyond just selling your products. You can include information about the discount or free service in your social media posts. Also, be sure to mention the same discount and campaign information in your email newsletters, on your website, and in your blog posts. While you’re at it, consider including a donate button on your website or in your app.

Share You Care

As part of your TikTok marketing, capture and share a video of your team helping out with a company volunteering event. This is a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level. It will also show your customers that you’re not just about making money; you care about the people around you and the community.

Holiday Food Social Media

Share the Plate

Share a fun photo of you and your team bonding over a Thanksgiving meal. Or perhaps, share photos of your employees helping out with a company volunteering event. You can participate in the Thanksgiving festivities by sharing a post about the company bonding and celebrating Thanksgiving at your offices. This can be a photo of you and your team celebrating Thanksgiving together or a photo of you and your team helping out with a company volunteering event.

This type of social media post is also fantastic for brand ambassadors.

Thanksgiving social media posts that thank employees

Gobble up This Special Time of Year!

One of the Roster brands ran a “Gobble up this special time of year!” social media campaign. The company had its ambassadors share their most beloved Thanksgiving recipes. Instagram followers then voted on the dishes and recipes for the top choices. The winners were thanked with a significant prize that they, in turn, talked about on their social channels. It was a hit.

Repurpose Content 

Gather all the images and content that your brand ambassadors produce and use them in your own marketing efforts. User-generated content or UGC, is a thanksgiving treat that keeps on giving. Incorporate UGC into your blogs, ads, social posts, promotions, and website. Why?

Adweek found that UGC is more compelling than branded visuals in the eyes of 85% of consumers.

A blog post is another excellent way to kick off your Thanksgiving marketing campaign. Write a blog post explaining how you’re going to give back this holiday season. You can explain in detail how you will give back this holiday season. This can be by giving free products or services or donating part of your profits to a charity.

You can also include an ad in your blog posts where you explain the same thing. You can also request that people donate to the cause when they see it while browsing your app or visiting your website. You can even include a donate button in the ad so that it’s easy for people to donate.


As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving and engage with your customers through social media. And there are even more ways to do it creatively. So if you want your brand to stand out from the rest this holiday season, follow these tips to create holiday-related posts that are out of the ordinary – without being corny.

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