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Our partner program is designed to bring the best ambassador marketing solution to our clients and yours.

Everyone plays an important part. App integrations, agencies, e-commerce experts, resellers, affiliates, influencers, ect… Become a Roster partner and let’s work together to help our clients grow.

Our Partners

Creator whitelisting

Boost your social strategy with Roster’s Lumanu partnership. Unlock effortless whitelisting, tap into various brand partners, and amplify influencer reach. Simplify, scale, and succeed.

Direct mail marketing

Roster brands like to give their ambassadors and influencers special treatment with hand written notes and postcards produced and sent by PostPilot through automation.

Email & SMS automation

Roster integrates directly with the Klaviyo API to sync contact tags and lists for email & SMS communication.

SMS automation

Roster brands can use Postscript to increase ambassador engagement. Roster syncs tags to Shopify, Zapier, & Klaviyo which are pulled into Postscript for smarter SMS communication.

Video uploads & streaming

Roster integrates with the Mux API for ambassador video uploads and playback.

Stop coupon leaks

Utilize Veeper to help prevent code leakage.

ReConvert post purchase upsells

Use ReConvert’s post purchase popup and video features to recruit new ambassadors

Email, SMS, Reviews & Forms

Engage with your customers and ambassadors at the right moments in their customer journey.


Roster’s integration with Weglot allows brands to translate application forms into many different languages.

Shoppable videos

Roster generates UGC and Tolstoy repurposes great UGC to increase store purchases.

“Roster saves us countless hours of management, tracking, and reviewing ambassadors. I love how it integrates with Shopify and social media apps while always keeping ambassadors engaged through Actions and Milestones!”
Alete Active Nutrition