The success of a brand ambassador program is measured by its ability to reach the target audience and drive results for the business. With a well-crafted program, brands can create an engaged and enthusiastic community of advocates who can act as a powerful marketing force. However, tracking and measuring the success of a brand ambassador program can be tricky. That's why we've put together this guide on how to track a brand ambassador program.

Game On: Master How to Track a Brand Ambassador Program

The success of any marketing effort is measured by its ability to reach the target audience and drive results for the business. With a well-crafted program, brands can create an engaged and enthusiastic community of advocates who can act as a powerful marketing force. However, tracking and measuring the success can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to track a brand ambassador program.

You’ll uncover the essential tools and strategies for effectively tracking and gauging the triumph of an advocate initiative. Moreover, this will allow you to make well-informed decisions that optimize your brand representation strategy and augment its impact.

A brand ambassador program

Before we delve into the methods of measuring its success, we must first establish a working definition. You may find this resource quite enlightening: What is a brand ambassador program and its dazzling benefits.

Let’s discuss the core elements.

A brand ambassador is a innovative marketing strategy, designed to engage customers in an authentic manner. It authentically proliferates brand awareness and driving sales. Typically, regular customers become the brand’s promoters, incentivized to represent your brand, endorse your products, and share their personal feedback and experiences related to your company.

These people, sometimes referred to as “influencers,” are active contributors within their social networks and carry more credibility than advertising. The primary goal of a such a program is to foster a community of fervent enthusiasts who can consistently stimulate engagement and pique interest in your brand

Track brand ambassador programs

Are you on a mission to expand your brand’s reach and amplify its exposure? If affirmative, representatives serve as an optimal solution to realize your objectives! Brand ambassadors possess a fervor for your brand, assisting in its promotion. But how does one gauge the success of a brand representative team. In this section, we’ll show you how to track your brand ambassadors and measure the wins.

Key metrics to track and measure

When setting objectives and evaluating the success of your program, it’s crucial to consider an extensive array of metrics. These metrics will assist you in assessing the effectiveness of your program and ensure progress towards realizing your desired outcomes.

You might want to contemplate the following indicators when supervising and assessing the effectiveness of a representative program.

Brand engagement

Social media proves to be an effective avenue to gauge brand engagement with your representatives. Monitor the count of likes, shares, and comments your representatives’ posts generate, using it as an indicator of engagement level with your brand. Additionally, it provides an insight into the resonance of each post with followers.

To quantify brand engagement, a brand tracking instrument or representative management application can be utilized. You may also track brand engagement by quantifying the total number of comments and posts on social media related to your brand or company.

how to Track a Brand Ambassador Program with campaign engagement


Reach is the number of people who see each post. Thus, you can use social media analytics or brand ambassador software to know how many people each post is reaching. A wide reach of your representative posts signifies a successful program.


If you have designated hashtags for your program, you should monitor how often they’re being used. The number of persons actively participating in your program may then be estimated.


An @mention draws attention to your brand and amplifies your message! It’s a great way to get your message out while your advocates show some love. 

Each time your company is mentioned in a post or message, you will be notified. This can serve as a powerful motivator for advocates to continue promoting your brand, rewarding them for their diligent efforts. Plus, it’s a fun, simple way to spread the word!


UGC, or user-generated content, is a fantastic strategy for generating buzz about your business! Track the content people post related to your program on their own social media accounts, such as pictures, videos, reviews, or stories. Management platforms such as Roster will automatically compile and store all the valuable UGC in a social feed

Not only is UGC an influential way to promote your company and engage people, but brands may also repurpose this content for their own marketing.

leverage content from Roster's social feed

Link clicks

One of the most crucial success indicators is the volume of leads generated by the program. It is advised to consistently monitor the quantity of leads your advocates are generating and evaluate the growth over time. Additionally, if advocates disseminate links to your online storefront, it is beneficial to track the degree of traffic their posts engender. By doing so, you’ll gauge their effectiveness in attracting new visitors to your site.


Track the number of reviews your advocates are posting. Analyze their ratings to learn more about how customers feel about your company.


Ambassador are key players. Measure the number of referrals they generate and use that as a success metric. With all this data, you’ll better understand how well your advocates connect with multiple audiences.


Ultimately, the goal of any marketing strategy is to drive sales. Measure the program’s success by tallying the number of purchases credited to each ambassador. To keep track of sales, use e-commerce sales attribution or tracking systems. Also, you could also calculate sales in a spreadsheet or by hand.

It’s important to note that measuring sales is not a precise science, and there are many factors that can impact your sales figures. However, by monitoring these metrics, you’ll be able to assess of your brand ambassador program and make sure it’s moving the needle.

Sales attribution at every level​

How you can know if your brand ambassador campaign was a success

Did your campaign make a splash? Here are some signs your campaign worked.

More brand buzz

Noticed a surge in overall brand recognition or a growing chatter online? Applaud yourself. Your initiative was a win.

Follower boost

Your brand advocate’s influence should have guided more social media followers, website visitors, and email subscribers your way.

Improved engagement

Witnessing more likes, shares, and comments? Your brand representatives probably played a key role in firing up engagement. Another metric to keep an eye on is the fresh followers they attracted and the interaction on their posts. This data sheds light on the reach and effectiveness of your campaign.

Traffic surges

Witnessing more website visits, inquiries, or sales? Your product spokespersons have likely steered more traffic to your brand. Plus, you can peek at your website analytics to estimate how many new customers your brand champion campaign enticed. Watch how many visitors evolved into actual customers and their spending pattern.

Receiving applause

Your brand evangelist campaign nailed it if you’re receiving positive reviews, feedback, and customer stories.


If you have management software, then monitor your sales numbers before, during, and after your brand enthusiast campaign. A rise in sales from the campaign kickoff indicates it’s been a triumph.

Sales Attribution Identify the ROI of your fitness brand ambassadors by keeping track of orders and sales by customer, campaign, and program. ‍


Tracking actual sales is the undefeated champion in determining the success of a brand promoter campaign. Using discounts, referral links, and discount codes is a solid strategy. The Roster platform harvests a wealth of analytics, including the number of clicks each brand ally garners. Roster keeps a tally of how many discount codes are used and the sales outcomes. Moreover, the reports are categorized by the individual brand rep, each campaign, and the overarching program.

This information makes it easy to evaluate your brand influencer program’s success. If you can tick off several or all of these indicators, you can confidently declare your brand creator campaign a roaring success!

Return on investment

The ultimate victory is determining if the value was more than the cost. You can work out return on investment (ROI) in a few ways. 

Brand visibility: To calculate brand lift, you can use customer surveys to gauge satisfaction. You can also test brand lift by measuring the difference in customer perception pre and post program. 

Revenue: To compute revenue, use sales reports to note net new purchases. You can also calculate revenue lift by measuring the sales credited to your brand advocate program.

Cost per acquisition: To calculate CAC, divide the program cost by the total number of sales it contributed to.

How to start tracking a brand ambassador campaign

Kickstarting a word-of-mouth campaign can be a thrilling and rewarding ride. You’ll get to mingle with an amazing group of individuals sharing your zeal for your brand.

It’s game time, so you’ll need to get things in order. An array of resources, including software, are at your disposal to start tracking a brand ambassador campaign. But first, make sure you’ve got the basics nailed.

Set objectives

Before hitting the ground, be crystal clear about your desired outcomes. Are you aiming for:

  • More brand awareness?
  • Lead generation?
  • Enhanced customer engagement?
  • Fresh content?

Set a precise target before starting. Having a clear game plan allows you to keep tabs on your campaign’s performance and ensure your brand evangelists are on the same wavelength.

managers discuss how to find brand ambassadorsto

Choose promoters

Selecting the right promoters who’ll mirror your brand is essential. Hunt for industry influencers who have a robust presence and resonate with your brand’s mission. Check out these seven tips on how to find brand ambassadors

Design an engaging campaign

To ensure success, craft a campaign that strikes a chord with your audience. Brainstorm creative ways to involve your brand reps and fan their excitement for your brand.

Activate tracking

Identify the metrics you’ll track and how you’ll do so. This could encompass sign-ups, engagements, or sales. These metrics can be tracked manually or through a system like an analytics platform or CRM software. Throughout the campaign, track the outcomes to spot which strategies are a hit and which ones miss the mark. Use analytics tools to measure your success and tweak as necessary.

Building and growing a company is a collaborative effort. And Roster is the brand ambassador management software that powers authentic communities and teams of contributors. 

Keep an eye on progress

Regularly check how your brand reps are performing compared to your expectations. Doing so will allow you to highlight your strengths and uncover weak spots. For a deeper dive, refer to the sections above on how to track brand ambassadors and how to know if your brand ambassador campaign was a success.  

Crunch the numbers

After seeing the performance, it’s time to dissect the results. Which tactics hit the mark? What pearls of wisdom can you gather to enhance your next campaign?

Knowing how to track a brand ambassador campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. With these nuggets of advice, you’ll be well-equipped to launch, measure, and boost your campaign’s performance.

Perks of tracking brand ambassador programs

Brand advocates boost your marketing by broadening your reach, engaging audiences, converting leads, and pushing sales. A strong campaign can elevate your brand, adding a personal touch to your marketing.

Monitoring your marketing initiatives offers amazing benefits! You can track success, fine-tune strategies, and assess your program’s impact on your brand’s image. By checking your brand affiliates’ engagement, you can reward their progress in content creation and social reach. Furthermore, you see their influence on your target audience and their role in spreading your brand’s message.

Still unsure? We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of tracking brand ambassador programs.

  • Promote your brand in a positive and engaging way 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Grow your customer base 
  • Strengthen customer loyalty 
  • Drive website traffic 
  • Gain valuable customer insights 
  • Amplify word-of-mouth referrals 
  • Boost sales and conversions 
  • Unlock powerful social media reach 
  • Get quality user-generated content 
  • Discover influencers and industry leaders 
  • Gain access to a larger network of potential customers 
  • Generate valuable user data to inform marketing strategies 
  • Maintain a consistent presence across multiple channels 
  • Build relationships with customers, influencers, and the community 
  • Measure the success of campaigns and partnerships 
  • Create campaigns tailored to your target audience
  • Unlock the true potential of your brand ambassador program!

We weren’t kidding about that exhaustive list.

Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to supercharge your brand evangelist program for top-notch results! Discover the magic of Roster firsthand with a free, customized demo. Explore how you can effortlessly assemble, manage, monitor, and fine-tune your brand champion squad, all under one roof.


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