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social feed

In marketing and branding, there’s a universal truth: content is king. Roster agrees, so we built a real-time social feed into the platform that pulls in social activity and UGC, delivering a steady stream of fresh marketing material.

feature image: real-time social feed into the platform that pulls in social activity and user-generated content, delivering a steady stream of fresh marketing material.

Save hours with the social feed

Are you tired of manually searching through countless social media profiles just to keep track of your influencers and ambassadors? With Roster, tracking down user-generated content (UGC) for your brand is a thing of the past. Unlike other platforms, Roster collects all community generated content into the social media feed, not just campaign posts.

View the incredible community content, such as posts, Instagram Stories, Reels, TikTok videos, Facebook, and more directly on the Roster platform.


Social feed dashboard

Roster simplifies collecting and managing UGC by gathering it in a central dashboard, where it can be easily accessed, organized, filtered, and repurposed for all your marketing needs.


All community content in one place!

Roster’s social media feed is the ultimate solution for gathering all community content. Our dynamic feed is always up-to-date, making it a cinch to stay on top of all the latest posts and UGC.

Don’t worry about downloading anything. Roster saves social media content so you can access it for years to come.



leverage content from Roster's social feed

Say goodbye to manual searching and hello to organized, efficient UGC management. Pick your favorite content or sort by performance and recycle it for websites, emails, paid ads, social media, and customer service, anything!

Give user content the longevity it deserves. Roster’s social content dashboard makes it simple to capitalize on the power of UGC.


The vast majority of customers, 85%, say that images and videos made by users are better than those produced by brands.


Check out the social buzz

The social media feed on Roster is dynamic and collects the latest posts in one convenient location. Roster makes it a breeze to keep track of all the enthusiastic people talking about your company online.

It’s the hub for all community-related posts. 

 ✓  Complete insights into demographic trends and social engagement data.

 ✓  Built-in filtering! Most engagements, most followers, least followers, recent UGC, location, gender, and more.

 ✓  Roster also monitors the success of campaign hashtags.


Roster social feed is dynamic with filtering for sorting UGC and social posts