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Stay current: Roster's real-time social feed

Content’s the crown, and with Roster, you wear it well. Experience a dynamic feed brimming with UGC and social insights.

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Why manually scout when you can automate?

Ditch the digital dig through endless social profile! Our platform effortlessly fetches all user-generated content—not just the campaign posts.

Social feed dashboard

A dynamic display of all content about your brand, from Tweets and TikToks to Instagram Stories and beyond, curated right at your fingertips on the Roster platform.


Instant content discovery

No more endless scrolling through individual profiles. Roster brings together every piece of community content — and not just campaign posts — in one streamlined feed.


Diverse content showcase

From Instagram Reels to TikToks and fresh Tweets, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your community creates or chats about, we’re on it.


Social surge 

Our feed isn’t just a collection; it’s a celebration. Watch the as user-generated content takes the limelight, ready to supercharge your next marketing success.

All content in one place!

Stay attuned to the latest community chatter with Roster’s continuously updated social media feed. Easily filter, sort, and repurpose UGC.

Plus, enjoy stress-free archiving – your content is safely stored for access anytime, even years later.



leverage content from Roster's social feed

Repurpose UGC & leverage trust

Curate and deploy your favorite content across websites, emails, ads, and company social channels.

With Roster, user content doesn’t just last – it thrives!

What the stats say

85% of people say that images and videos made by users are better than those produced by brands.

Harness the power of your community

dynamic social media hub

Dynamic social media hub

From engagement metrics to follower counts, and even campaign hashtag performance—the Roster Platform does it all.


Advanced built-in filters: