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How to Hire a Brand Ambassador and Create a Winning Team

Many businesses now prioritize word-of-mouth promotion above traditional advertising methods. Firstly, the strategy may be the perfect solution if you’re looking to expand your brand’s reach and influence. Moreover, running a brand ambassador program is quite different. For instance, this is your resource if you need to know how to hire a brand ambassador.

To begin with, an excellent strategy for generating exciting and cost-efficient brand awareness is through the use of a brand ambassador. Furthermore, they have the power to reach a large audience, raise awareness of your brand, and effectively promote your business. Additionally, they bring instant credibility to your company as trusted and respected figures in the industry.

Ultimately, we want to help you see the value, define the role, identify the qualifications needed, locate potential candidates, narrow the field down to the best candidates, and put them to good use. Hence, here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit.

Benefits of hiring a brand ambassador

Getting support from enthusiastic allies can bring many benefits and be a valuable asset to any organization. To begin with, these passionate individuals genuinely love your brand and gladly spread positive vibes about it. Not only that, they specialize in expanding your brand’s reach and reputation by reaching out to potential new customers.

In addition, they create and share great content, helping spread your brand’s message even further. Think UGC.

Businesses that source content to brand ambassadors cut their content budgets by 52%.   (AspireIQ)

Mapping out the role

First and foremost, take the time to outline their specific responsibilities and how they should embody your brand. For instance, you might task them with crafting captivating content showcasing your brand and sharing it on Instagram. Moreover, their active presence on social media and meaningful engagement in conversations form the foundation of their role. Let their genuine brand experiences shine through.

Roster studied the duties and answered the query what does a brand ambassador do? The responsibilities boil down to two primary things: share and engage

Once you have determined their role, you can start looking for the right people.

5 must-have skills 

In every marketing strategy, skilled individuals play a vital role. So, when assembling your team, finding the right fit is crucial. Seek passionate individuals who can effectively communicate your message.

Look for representatives with strong communication and design skills, a deep understanding of your values, and the ability to answer questions. They should possess strategic thinking abilities and embrace innovation in the face of challenges.

To make the most of your community, involve them in driving progress. Here are key skills to seek in top advocates:

Natural promoters
An effective strategy for raising awareness is to empower advocates to spread your message through social media, referral links, discount codes, and engaging content. Their wide-reaching networks can expand your consumer base.

Authentic and credible
Ambassadors hold a special trust with their followers. They must be genuine in sharing recommendations with friends and family, carrying more weight than your own content ever could.

Skilled networkers
By humanizing your company, advocates create personal and relatable connections. Encourage them to share personal stories about how your brand impacted their lives or their favorite experiences using your product or service.

Influential reach
Leverage their reach to amplify your content and expand your audience. Encourage them to share related content, discuss your brand with their circles, and attend events or conferences.

Ability to drive sales
People intimately acquainted with your products, make exceptional marketers. Boost revenue by empowering them to spread the word through their personal networks. Encourage content sharing, brand mentions, and the circulation of their unique discount codes.

Tap into their potential through social media, email campaigns, and other digital marketing channels. Remember, these skilled individuals are your secret weapons for success!

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Start recruiting 

Once you’ve outlined the essential qualities for your brand advocates and laid the blueprint for your influencer marketing program, it’s time to kickstart the recruitment process. A resource like how to find brand ambassadors can provide helpful insights during this process.

Utilizing the following platforms, you will discover a plethora of potential brand advocates who are poised to embody and promote your company.

Your customers
Customers make the best ambassadors to hire because they have a vested interest in the success of the company. That’s why this source is hands down our number one recommendation. These individuals are more likely to be passionate and more persuasive when communicating. They already have a relationship with the company and trust and believe in the brand. You know this because…they actually spend their own money to buy company stuff.

Social media
Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook can be a goldmine of potential advocates. Leverage these platforms to engage with your followers, find influencers, and even recruit directly. Be sure to check our guide on recruiting brand ambassadors on Instagram for some actionable insights

Job boards
Websites like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor offer an extensive pool of candidates. Posting listings on these platforms can help widen your reach.

Industry events
Attending industry events and conferences can help you connect with potential advocates in person. This method offers an opportunity to meet passionate and knowledgeable individuals.

Employee referrals
Your current employees could know individuals who would be a perfect fit for the role. Asking for their referrals could lead you to candidates already familiar with your brand and products.

Pay attention to the details

During the recruitment phase, you can enhance your prospects’ interest through several strategies.

1 – User-friendly landing page
Make it easy for potential advocates to express their interest via a simple recruitment form.

2 – Reach out
Send individualized invitations to your customers via email, acknowledging their demonstrated enthusiasm.

3 – Follow up
Keep the conversation going after your customer receives their new merchandise. To make this process slick and easy, you can use Roster’s product seeding and fulfillment tool.

4 – Be unforgettable
Integrating captivating banners in your emails and newsletters can help maintain a constant inflow of applications.

5 – Maximize social media
To begin with, social media is an invaluable tool to hire a brand ambassador. Inform your fans about the program on social media and guide them to the application page.

Extend the call for applications to potential candidates via platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Use these channels to connect with creators and influencers who may be interested in championing your brand. Make sure you check out our resource, recruiting brand ambassadors on Instagram for a wellspring of valuable insights.

6 – Tuck in a surprise
Include program invitations within product shipments to ignite interest and engagement.

use ‍Package Inserts to discover new brand ambassadors
Target customers for ambassador programs with your shipping packages.

7 – Sweeten the deal

Ignite the desire of potential advocates to apply by offering exciting rewards and incentives. Consider exclusive discount codes, complimentary merchandise, and other enticing perks for your stellar brand champions. Consider compensating your brand advocates adequately and emphasize that this partnership thrives on mutual collaboration. If you’re planning on paying advocates, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the typical brand ambassador salary.

Maintaining engagement is paramount for your team’s commitment and passion. Strive to cultivate their enthusiasm and make them feel valued. Inspire them to become zealous promoters of your company.


Work With People Who Care About Your Brand The best influencers are loyal customers & followers and hire a brand ambassador

Tips on selecting the right people

Once you’ve identified potential candidates, it’s time to start the selection process. The success of a marketing campaign hinges on the right individuals. There are several key factors to consider when you hire a brand ambassador. Of course, this includes qualifications, experience, and ability to represent your brand in a positive light.

By understanding the skill set that makes a great advocate, you can ensure that you bring the right people on board to help your organization reach its goals. Here are a few tips.

Set clear expectations
Before making your selection, clearly define the values, personality traits, and goals you seek. This clarity will guide you in finding individuals who resonate with your vision.

Seek influence
Look for respected people and leaders in your industry or niche. These individuals should boast a strong social media following and a prominent presence in your target market

social profile with the number of followers on each social media account so you know who hire a brand ambassador

Analyze content
Carefully examine their content and ensure it aligns with your values and objectives. If their content doesn’t match your brand’s essence, it’s best to explore other options.

Check engagement
High levels of engagement with their followers are crucial. Evaluate their ability to effectively promote your cause based on their existing engagement levels.

Conduct interviews
If you need more clarification, don’t just rely on the application. Invite potential advocates for an interview to get a better feel for their personalities and values. Moreover, this will provide insights into their personalities and values, aiding your decision-making process.

By following these tips, you’ll assemble a team that passionately supports your mission and shares your values.

Wrap up

Boost brand awareness and foster trust with a brilliant brand ambassador by your side. A well-chosen brand champion can create a memorable brand experience, drive sales, and save you valuable time and resources.

To find the ideal promoters for your brand, define their role, seek out essential skills, recruit top-notch candidates, and select outstanding advocates. Simplify relationship management with a demo of the Roster platform. It’s designed to help you effortlessly connect, hire, manage, and measure your influencer marketing efforts. Get started today.


Feature photo courtesy of Marc Rafanell López on Unsplash

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