UGC case study

UGC case study

The best brands are capitalizing on the trust and value of user-generated content.


85% of consumers say UGC is more compelling than photos and videos produced by brands.



Most folks prefer content made by everyday people rather than businesses. So, savvy companies are tapping into this, using their customers’ content to reach more people and boost brand awareness

User-generated content or UGC cuts creative costs in half. Even better, it leads to 4.5% higher conversion rates.  Because people trust it! When businesses leverage UGC marketing simply rocks!

Challenge - People don't trust ads!

People believe and trust friends, relatives, and even complete strangers more than ads.

or three out of every four consumers
do not believe or trust ads.


of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.



Both Blendtec and Purple Mattress hit the ground running with ambassador programs in partnership with Roster. They crafted campaigns to guide customers in creating and sharing their very own brand-centered content.


UGC initiatives and objectives

For the companies to get their brand ambassadors to create content and share it online. They implemented specific programs with unique goals and KPIs.


Scale word-of-mouth

Encourage user-content with specific ambassador campaigns and incentives.

Social impact

Work with ambassadors to share content, leverage their network, and improve conversion rates.

Repurpose UGC

Incorporate the content into social channels, websites, and other marketing material.

For every 1,000 members in an ambassador program, an estimated $1.9M in advertising value may be generated.


Purple Mattress started a UGC pipeline

Purple used the Roster platform to find their most enthusiastic customers, who became brand champions. These champions shared user-generated content, which quickly increased Purple’s visibility and interaction with their audience. Additionally, Purple conducted targeted campaigns to encourage and gather original content for their marketing efforts.

Every month, the company receives numerous authentic and top-notch images. They then repurpose these remarkable photos and stories to make the most out of their social impact. 

Ignited Word-of-mouth marketing

The Roster platform streamlined the management of their ambassador program. Word-of-mouth grew exponentially. 

Customer collaboration was 85% more efficient than the company’s influencer programs. 



Huge social impact

After the first six months with Roster, Purple saw a dramatic increase.

Over six months, brand ambassadors submitted more than 500 user-generated images and published hundreds of social media posts. The earned media value of the UGC initiative was almost $300k. 

Repurposing content

Content shared by ambassadors is repurposed continually on @purple and 

The company regularly features ambassadors UGC in their Instagram feed.

Advertisements that feature UGC have a 4x higher click-through rate than regular ads.


Blendtec built brand affinity with UGC

The ambassador programs cultivated a vibrant collaborative community. The massive volume of user-generated content inspired a digital recipe book. 

Blendtec included a prompt after purchase, urging customers to share a picture of their new blender on Instagram with the hashtag #blendtecfam. Upon sharing, customers received the Ambassador Recipe Book. And around it went!

Boosting awareness with UGC

Roster was the software solution used by Blendtec to connect with brand advocates, influencers, and ambassadors. 

Within months, their organic reach and engagement increased by leveraging the authenticity of UGC.

UGC impressions were 58% higher than brand-only marketing.

Blendtec’s Instagram followers doubled.