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Drive ecommerce sales with your customers

Blendtec created a new sales channel with their ambassadors that generated 10% of all their ecommerce sales within 12 months.

how Blendtec Drives ecommerce sales with your customers


Blendtec knew word-of-mouth marketing was a huge part of their success. So the company invested in building a passionate ambassador program based on social content. Once the community was in place, they wanted to empower its ambassadors to drive ecommerce sales directly through its website.



Home Goods & Food Services



The Challenge

As a company, they had come a long way from its 1970s inception, when its founders set out to create a better wheat mill. As time passed, the company introduced a commercial-grade blender for everyday cooks. The heavy-duty blender is far more sturdy and robust than its competitors’ models.

With advancements like these, the products are a must in every kitchen, restaurant, bar, juice shop, and café. However, brand awareness and low name recognition was a problem.

“We make the best blenders in the whole world. But no one really knows about us.”

– Blendtec

Blendtec teamed up with Roster for three primary reasons.

1.  Track and grow sales

2.  Optimize and manage awareness

3.  Try something new and evaluate its effectiveness

blendtec ambassador program application


Blendtec partnered with Roster to create and power their new influencer, ambassador, and advocate programs.

With the Roster platform, the director identified customers who already love and talk about their products. Then they empowered these ambassadors to share product recommendations and discounts.

One recruitment form was used for everyone. They promoted it via social media, DMs, newsletters, post-purchase emails, and their website.  Each applicant was then added to the influencer, ambassador, or advocate program.

Why Roster blue burst


Influencers have the largest social influence, and the brand community includes professional chefs and bloggers.

Brand Ambassadors 

Ambassadors are existing customers and need to be active on social media. Even customers with small social followings were welcome into the ambassador community.


Everyone was accepted into the advocate program as long as they had a valid social media account.


Community Results

“Roster has been insane for us! We sell more than 10% of our direct-to-consumer sales through Roster.” 


1. Track and grow sales

Blendtec was able to track overall sales performance and see each ambassador’s results using the Roster platform. 

Each referral and personal purchase was tracked and attributed via individual links and discount codes. Participation metrics such as engagement, activities, and user generated content helped them reward performance.

Within 12 months, the company had massive D2C sales growth!

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2. Optimize and manage awareness

The number of social media followers skyrocketed. More than 18 million individuals were exposed to their message thanks to their thriving ambassador and influencer community.

New ambassador driven revenue

3. Innovate and measure a new strategy

The company created an entirely new distribution channel for its products. In less than one year, they increased the number of brand ambassadors from zero to over 100.


Blendtec created an entirely new distribution channel for its products. In less than one year, they increased the number of brand ambassadors from zero to over 100

Why Roster?

The multiple programs were impossible to run using spreadsheets and emails, or a simple affiliate app. Roster automated every stage so they could scale quickly.


Branded Portal

A branded portal engages, inspires, streamlines communication, and creates program transparency



Roster cut 85% of program management by automating applications, emails, links, codes and reporting 

All-in-one Platform

Roster handles sales and social with its consolidated software and integrations that save money and time



With Roster’s CRM and organization, companies can infinitely scale creator programs



“Roster has been super patient with us. They got us set up and are always optimizing to meet our needs, reach goals and beat benchmarks.”