how much does a brand ambassador make from sponsorships and promotion

Unlock Your Potential: How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Make

How much money does a brand ambassador make? The amount of money varies widely depending on the type of contract, the scope of their duties, and the brand’s size. Generally, an ambassador can earn anywhere from $500 to $10,000 per month.

Brand ambassador salary in the United States

First, do brand ambassadors get paid? Yes! Absolutely! As with every job, the salary varies. According to Roster’s monthly tracking of brand ambassador salary in the United States, the average wage is $20.02 per hour. Generally, the range is anywhere from $15 to $35 per hour. However, the amount of money you can make varies greatly depending on the company, the type of work you are doing, and the number of hours you are willing to commit.

You might also wonder, how do brand ambassadors get paid? It’s a great question and, as someone who’s been in the influencer marketing game for a while, I can tell you that it varies quite a bit. Some get paid a flat rate for each promotion they do. Then there are others who earn their keep through a commission-based setup, which means the more they sell, the more they earn. But it’s not always just about the cash. A lot of ambassadors are also in it for the perks, like free products or big discounts. In the end, it’s all about finding what works best for you and the brand you’re representing.

If you want to make the most of your earning potential as a brand champion, you should familiarize yourself with the compensation plan before accepting the position.

Highest paying cities

The highest paying cities for brand ambassadors in the US are typically in the states of California, New York, and Texas. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City often top the list, offering the highest salaries in the country. Ambassadors in these cities can earn up to $100,000 annually, depending on their experience and the company they work for. 

Chicago, Illinois, follows these cities as one of the highest paying cities in the United States for ambassadors. Continuing down the list: in the state of Texas, Dallas, Houston, and Austin also offer attractive salaries. The cities have become hot spots for the profession in recent years. When considering the highest paying cities for ambassadors, these seven cities are often the first to come to mind.

How much do top brand ambassadors make?

Top ambassadors are highly sought after and can command high salaries. The exact amount that a successful brand ambassador can make varies depending on the industry, the company, and the type of work the ambassador is doing. Some can make six-figure salaries for a single campaign, and some may earn even more than that. 

According to data from Glassdoor, the average salary for a brand ambassador is $42,000 per year, which is just above the national average. On the other hand, top ambassadors can earn significantly more than the average. Some of the most wealthy advocates, for instance, have claimed annual salaries of over $100,000. Top brand representatives typically have a sizable fan base and a great deal of sway, allowing them to negotiate contracts with companies that give significantly more payments.

On the other hand, some may make much less, depending on their skill set and the scope of their responsibilities. Overall, the amount that top brand ambassadors can make is highly dependent on the individual and the company they represent.

10 highest-paid ambassadors

The biggest and highest-paid brand ambassadors are usually celebrities or well-known public figures. They fall into the mega-influencer category and sit at the top of the scale. Individuals commanding the biggest salaries are typically chosen for their influence, reach, and ability to draw attention to the brand. 

The most well-paid brand influencers and ambassadors usually have contracts worth several million dollars and are paid to promote a wide range of products and services. 

Examples of the high-paid ambassadors include athletes like LeBron James, actors like Dwayne Johnson, and singers like Taylor Swift. Their endorsement deals can range from a few hundred thousand dollars for a single ad spot to tens of millions for a multi-year contract. These mega-ambassadors create a positive perception of the brand, and their endorsements can generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Here is a list of the ten top-grossing influencers in the world. These people have leveraged their fame and influence to increase the visibility of the brands they represent. This list includes celebrities, sports stars, and influencers who have used their status to earn millions of dollars in endorsement deals. The dollar amount is the maximum dollar amount they have earned from one single post!

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – $3.9 million per post!
  • Leo Messi – $2.9 million 
  • Kylie Jenner – $1.8 million 
  • Neymar $1.8 million
  • Selena Gomez – $1.7 million
  • Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) $1.7 million
  • Kim Kardashian $1.68 million
  • Beyoncé – $1.2 million
  • Ariana Grande – $1 million
  • Justin Bieber – $1 million

These ten mega earnings are some of the highest-paid in the industry. See all the 32 Top Paid Influencers and Brand Ambassadors in 2023. While they are all incredibly prosperous, it is important to remember that the amount of money depends on a host of elements.

13 factors affecting ambassador pay

Several factors influence how much an advocate gets paid. These include the company, the type of work being done, the number of hours worked, and the location.

Also, the organization is a crucial component in establishing a salary. In the same way that one company may pay its marketing manager more than another, one company may compensate its ambassadors more. Thus, it’s wise to research the company before taking on an ambassador role.

The type of work being done is also an essential factor. They may be asked to do all kinds of things, from attending events to creating content for social media. Depending on the type of work being done, the earnings may vary.

The salary also depends on the time they put into representing the company. Before accepting a position, it is crucial to learn how the company plans to compensate you.

Another piece impacting salary is where they work. Do some digging as certain organizations may offer more income in select areas or regions.

The following is a list of the 13 variables playing into how much an ambassador will make.

1. Level of notoriety or awareness. 

2. Scope of the responsibilities. 

3. Number of followers or subscribers. 

4. Level of engagement with followers. 

5. Quality of content produced. 

6. Length of the contract. 

7. Number of products or services being promoted. 

8. Level of difficulty in promoting the products or services. 

9. Market size for the products or services. 

10. Market penetration of the products or services. 

11. Competition in the market for products or services. 

12. Quality of the product or service promoted. 

13. Amount of money the company is willing to spend.

Negotiating pay

Negotiating your salary can be daunting, but ensuring you are getting the best deal possible is crucial. 

Here are some tips on negotiating your compensation level or income.

  • Research the market rate for brand ambassadors in your area and make sure you are not being underpaid.
  • Understand the company’s pay structure and be prepared to negotiate if necessary.
  • Have a clear understanding of the type of work you will be doing and the hours you will need to work.
  • Consider asking for a bonus or additional incentives for completing tasks above and beyond the scope of the role.
  • Be bold and ask for more money if you feel you are being underpaid.

Tips for maximizing income 

There are several ways you can maximize your brand ambassador pay. Firstly, it is vital to clearly understand the type of work you will be doing and the hours you expect to work. 

Secondly, it is beneficial to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices. This will help you come up with innovative ideas to promote the brand, and you may command a higher salary rate.

Thirdly, do your best to understand the company’s pay structure and be prepared to negotiate if necessary. 

Finally, it is beneficial to network with other ambassadors and learn from their experiences. By connecting with other people in the biz, you’ll gain insights and tips on maximizing your earnings potential.


In conclusion, becoming a company promoter is a great way to earn extra income and showcase your skills and talents. The amount of money you can make will depend on various factors, such as the company, the type of work being done, and the number of hours worked. Understanding the reward structure before taking on a brand ambassador role and negotiating your pay if necessary is essential. Additionally, there are a variety of courses and agencies that can help you flourish.

Becoming a brand ambassador can be an incredibly rewarding experience and can open up a world of opportunities. So, if you’re looking to unlock your earning potential, you should definitely consider this opportunity. Get started by reading the article, How To Become an Instagram Brand Ambassador: The Ultimate Guide.

Learn more and start unlocking your earning potential today!


Feature photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash.

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