Brand Performance Dashboard

Tap into your brand's heartbeat with the performance dashboard

In a world where connection is key, Roster offers a unique vantage point through your brand community insights and impact.

feature image and screenshot of Roster's brand performance dashboards for companies managing community marketing programs

360° brand view with Roster

Roster delivers comprehensive insights, emphasizing the tangible impact of ambassadors on your sales and brand growth. From individual ambassador achievements to overarching campaign successes, get insights that matter.


Referred revenue

Experience the power of brand community-driven sales. With Roster, every referred dollar is accounted for, showcasing your clear ROI.


Personal orders

Dive into the personal buying choices of your ambassadors. Witness their true brand commitment beyond promotions.


New customer acquisition

Track every new customer via your brand community. Roster highlights the impact of ambassadors on sales and growth.

In-depth performance metrics

Brands driven by purpose and passion deserve a tool that mirrors their intensity. With Roster’s Brand Performance Dashboard, make every touchpoint, every interaction, and every mention count.

Empower your brand programs with insights

We help modern brands unravel the mysteries of their digital footprint by offering unparalleled insights.

Connecting the dots

Sales attribution isn’t just about tracking sales, but attributing them to specific efforts, campaigns, or interactions. By focusing on this metric, you can pinpoint what’s driving revenue, ensuring that you optimize strategies for maximum return on investment.

Influence translated to transactions

Capturing total purchases helps you understand the tangible impact of your brand’s outreach efforts. It’s the direct measure of how effectively your brand messages are converting interest into action, making it a critical pulse point for revenue generation.

Reach reveals the extent of your brand’s influence. By keeping an eye on this metric, you can comprehend the expanse of your brand’s voice, understanding how far and wide your messages are being heard and resonating.

Engagements are more than numbers; they’re reflections of your audience’s genuine interest and interaction. By measuring them, you can discern the depth and quality of connections your brand fosters, paving the way for more informed engagement strategies.

By tracking post mentions, you get a clear picture of how frequently and in what context your brand is being discussed. This allows you to gauge topical relevance, staying updated on the narratives that weave around your products and services in real-time.

The growth thermometer

Monitoring your program member trends gives you insights into the health and vitality of your brand community. It’s not just about quantity but the quality of participation, ensuring that your brand ambassadors remain actively engaged and your community is ever-growing

Community-driven success

Your brand’s performance isn’t just about numbers; it’s about stories. Each ambassador, every piece of content, tells a tale of your brand from a unique perspective. With Roster, these stories become strategic assets, helping you build a more profound, more authentic connection with your audience.