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How to Create a Custom Brand Kit for Fantastic UGC

Influencer and ambassador programs are crucial for companies looking to expand their reach and engage with their audience. However, for these programs to succeed, the content must align with your brand’s aesthetic. This is where a comprehensive brand kit becomes invaluable. By providing clear guidelines for your ambassadors to follow, you can ensure that creations matches your brand aesthetic and resonates with your audience.

So, what is a brand kit? A brand kit is a collection of visual and stylistic guidelines that detail how your brand should be represented across various platforms. A brand kit includes everything from the logo, colors, fonts, and imagery to the tone and messaging. By providing a clear framework for your influencers and ambassadors, you can achieve consistent and impactful UGC that resonates with your audience.

The importance of a brand kit

A brand kit is like a map that guides content creation. It gives your brand communities the tools to properly reflect your company’s values and messaging. This way, creators can quickly produce high-quality material that positively showcases your brand while still being true to their style.

Additionally, a brand kit offers guardrails content creators, allowing them the freedom to express their creativity while staying true to the brand. These guardrails ensure consistency and alignment with the brand’s values and messaging.

By providing a clear framework, a brand kit empowers creators to focus on producing engaging UGC without worrying about straying off-brand. This balance between creative freedom and adherence to brand guidelines helps maintain authenticity and relatability. As a result, it fosters a genuine connection with the target audience. Ultimately, this leads to more compelling creations that benefits both the brand and its ambassadors.

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Building a brand kit

Need help deciding what to include in your brand kit? We got you. This section offers a thorough rundown of all vital components for an effective style guide. As a result, you’ll simplify the process for ambassadors to craft consistent and captivating output that perfectly embodies your brand identity.

Company logo

  • Visual representation of your brand
  • Provide various formats (PNG, JPEG, SVG)
  • Include different sizes for multiple platforms and use cases

Brand colors

  • Establish primary and secondary colors
  • Include color codes (HEX, RGB, CMYK)
  • Ensure consistent color usage in all content


  • Specify fonts for headlines, subheadings, body text, and captions
  • Provide usage guidelines (font sizes, weights, styles)


  • Set guidelines for images, illustrations, and graphics
  • Cover preferred styles, color schemes, and subject matter

Content tone and messaging

  • Define brand’s tone of voice (formal, casual, playful, authoritative)
  • Offer examples of suitable language and messaging

Social media and platform guidelines

  • Create specific instructions for each platform
  • Include profile image and banner sizes, post formatting, and hashtag usage

Examples and templates

  • Supply examples adhering to brand guidelines
  • Offer templates for content types (social media posts, blog posts, videos)
  • Assist influencers and ambassadors in efficient content creation

While this branding guide recommends specifying the preferred fonts, we understand that most social media platforms do not allow custom fonts. In such cases, we encourage you to prioritize the consistency of the brand’s tone, messaging, and visual elements. Focus on adhering to other aspects of the brand kit, such as colors, imagery, and UGC guidelines, to ensure a cohesive brand representation across all channels.

The perks of providing a style guide

A brand style guide or kit comes with several benefits that can help you in many ways. It can streamline your content creation process. And at the same time, it enables you to maintain control over your brand image. Additionally, it’s a vital resource for your community. Anytime they create content, they can refer to your guide ensuring you get all the benefits of UGC.

Stay consistent and recognizable

Want your brand to be trusted and easily recognized? Consistency is the name of the game. The brand kit is like a playbook for your ambassadors, helping them create material that nails your brand identity while also resonating with their audience.

Be efficient and get more done

No more wasting time on content that misses the mark! Your brand ambassadors can whip up top-notch, on-brand posts in a jiffy with a brand kit. Ambassadors have more time to engage with their audience and build those all-important connections.

Style guidelines are a central component of welcome campaigns for new ambassadors.

Keep your brand image in check

When it comes to your brand’s image, a brand kit is like a shield—protecting and controlling how the world sees you. It sets clear guidelines and expectations for your influencers, ensuring their content stays aligned with your values and visual identity.

Stay ahead of the game

A brand kit keeps you on your toes, adapting to ever-changing trends and shifts in your industry. Update it with fresh guidelines and visuals to stay relevant and competitive, and watch your brand grow stronger day by day.

If you’re wondering what to include in your brand kit to ensure a smooth collaboration with your creator community, look no further. This section provides a comprehensive overview of all the essential elements to make it easy for your program members to create consistent and engaging content that perfectly aligns with your brand identity.


When building a community marketing program, a must-have is a brand kit. By giving creators clear visual and stylistic guidelines, you can guarantee that the content is consistent, impactful, and accurately reflects your brand’s aesthetic. In summary, invest the time and resources in creating a comprehensive brand kit, and watch your brand ambassador program flourishes.

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