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Need More Engagement? Motivate With Ambassador Tiers

Fresh yet potent, ambassador tiers are the new dawn in brand advocacy programs. They are heralding a dynamic strategy redefining how we engage and inspire brand communities. Very much like milestones, ambassador tiers add layers of excitement, motivation, and reward to your ambassador initiatives. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to implement ambassador tiers and the outcomes you can expect from this approach.

Understanding ambassador tiers

Ambassador tiers structure your community program in levels, each offering increasingly valuable rewards as ambassadors progress. Additionally, this system encourages ongoing participation and commitment. The underlying idea is to create excitement with better and better incentives for the ambassadors who reach the next tier and unlock the associated benefits. Consequently, the promise of high-tier rewards can reinvigorate enthusiasm, leading to a significant uptick in engagement.

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Setting up ambassador tiers

Establishing a robust ambassador program has never been more crucial. If you’re looking fuel brand loyalty and spark audience engagement, our comprehensive guide is your perfect companion. This walkthrough will help you skillfully craft ambassador tiers, design irresistible rewards, and assign meaningful tasks. Plus, we’ll show you how to track your ambassadors’ progress and maintain clear communication.

The end game? An engaging, rewarding journey for your brand ambassadors. Let’s get started!

1️⃣ Craft your tiers and rewards

First, begin by deciding on the number of tiers you’ll include in your program. We suggest starting with 3 or 4 tiers. This allows for a steady progression without overwhelming your ambassadors.

Secondly, for each level, establish enticing rewards that correspond with the level of commitment required. Finally, as your ambassadors climb the tiers, they should receive increasingly valuable rewards. This could start with discounts or exclusive access to products for the first tier to receiving free products or unique brand experiences for the higher tiers.

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Map out tiers 🗺️

▢  Decide on the total number of tiers. *Keeping it simple with 3 to 4 is a great start!*
Assign unique names to each tier to add a touch of your brand personality.

Create tempting rewards 🎁

▢  For each tier, brainstorm a list of rewards. Let your creativity flow!
Arrange the rewards in ascending order of value.
▢  The higher the tier, the more enticing the reward should be.

2️⃣ Determine the tasks for each tier

Now that you’ve defined your tiers and corresponding rewards, it’s time to outline the tasks for each tier. These tasks should reflect the effort required to reach a particular tier and should escalate in complexity or number as ambassadors progress.

For instance, the first tier might involve tasks like sharing a post about your brand on social media or writing a product review. As ambassadors move up, tasks could include creating and posting a video review, hosting a brand-related event, or creating user-generated content that aligns with a specific campaign.

a UGC program is product reviews on amazon and trust pilot and more.

Tasks and tiers 📝

▢  Design unique tasks for each tier. Remember, variety is the spice of life!
▢  Make sure the tasks reflect the effort required for each tier and increase in complexity as the tiers ascend.

3️⃣ Establish a Robust Tracking System

A pivotal element in successfully managing ambassador tiers is tracking each ambassador’s progress. This process calls for a reliable system capable of monitoring task completion and tier progression. As recommended by Growann.com, one excellent solution is the ROSTER platform, specifically designed with these needs in mind. Tiers and milestones are core features built into every Roster software package, ensuring a seamless tracking experience.

What sets Roster apart is its user-friendly ambassador portal. This unique feature provides a transparent interface for both brands and ambassadors. Brands can effortlessly monitor the progress of each ambassador, keeping track of their completed tasks, points accumulated, and their current tier.

tracking and communicating ambassador tiers through a portal

Moreover, the ambassador portal offers a significant advantage by allowing ambassadors themselves to view their status. They can see exactly where they stand, how many points they’ve accumulated, and the number of points needed to ascend to the next tier. This transparency not only ensures accuracy and promotes trust but also fuels motivation as ambassadors can see the progress they’re making toward the next level.

Hence, whether you’re dealing with a large group of ambassadors or just starting out, the ROSTER platform provides an efficient and transparent system to manage your ambassador tiers. The right tracking system and a clear communication strategy will result in a thriving and engaging ambassador program.

Tracking ambassadors 🔍

▢  Select a system to track each ambassador’s progress.
▢  Choose from a range of brand advocacy software options or even a well-maintained spreadsheet.
▢  Keep a close eye on task completion and tier progression. Promptness in updating progress is key.

4️⃣ Ensure Transparent Communication

With your tier structure in place, it’s essential to communicate this clearly with your ambassadors. They need to understand the tier system fully, knowing the tasks required at each level and the rewards they can earn. Transparency is essential to keeping your ambassadors engaged and motivated – they need to know what’s expected of them and what they’ll receive in return. Consider providing a detailed guide or handbook outlining the tier system. Remember to celebrate tier advancements with everyone. Publicly to acknowledge your ambassadors’ hard work and encourage others to reach the next level!

Ambassador Spotlight! We firmly believe that your incredible stories and achievements deserve the spotlight. Our new ambassador spotlight feature will shine a well-deserved light on your journey as a brand ambassador. It’s not just about recognition; it’s about inspiring others to join our movement and make a positive impact in their own communities.

Remember, the goal of ambassador tiers is twofold. One, is to incentivize. Two, create an engaging and rewarding journey for your brand ambassadors. The more thought and detail you put into crafting these tiers, the more successful your program will be. So put on your creative hat, roll up your sleeves, and create a tier program that’s truly a reflection of your brand!

Stay in touch with ambassadors 💬

▢  Share the structure of your tier system with your ambassadors.
▢  Clearly outline the tier system, rewards, and associated tasks. The more they know, the more they’ll grow!
▢  Celebrate and make some noise when your ambassadors move up a tier. Everyone loves a good cheerleader!

The impact of ambassador tiers: Mini case study

Blendtec, a blender manufacturing brand, provides a shining example of the power of ambassador tiers. Initially, Blendtec saw declining participation rates in their customer advocacy program due to the sporadic nature of their rewards. So they revamped their approach. The brand set up ambassador tiers with clearly defined tasks and rewards. The strategy was a huge success, with participation rates nearly doubling in the first campaign.

3 campaigns completed, earn an accessory of your choice 

 6 campaigns completed, earn a blender jar of your choice 

12 campaigns completed, earn a blender upgrade


Ambassador tiers provide a clear roadmap for your ambassadors, fostering ongoing participation and commitment. Setting up ambassador tiers requires careful planning, assigning tasks and rewards for each tier, and establishing a robust tracking system. Effective communication about the tier system and rewards is crucial to keep your ambassadors motivated. Moreover, ambassador tiers can significantly boost the engagement and success of your brand advocacy program.

Through the use of ambassador tiers, your brand can harness the power of building rewards and tasks to keep ambassadors engaged, motivated, and committed to your brand’s success.

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