Salomon Two-part Success Story

Salomon reaches new global audiences without ads

Salomon managed a worldwide sports marketing program and simultaneously blazed a new trail with women athletes.

How Salomon Reachs new customers without buying ads See how Salomon reached 23m people without buying an ad or paying an influencer.


Salomon began making ski equipment 75 years ago. Since then, the company has been a household name throughout the world of outdoor sports gear and clothing.


Salomon utilized Roster to manage its worldwide sports marketing strategy. The outcome? New audiences without advertising or influencers.

Explore this two-part success journey.


Consumer Discretionary Products (Apparel & Textile)




Global Athlete Management

Salomon’s sports marketing program spans thousands of athletes spread across the globe. The company wanted to grow this program while maintaining a keen eye on every detail and outcome.

Even with such a vast program, it was crucial for Salomon to track outcomes and discover new ways to engage audiences. Above all, they aimed to keep the process smooth for their team and the athletes.

The primary challenge? Gaining a global view to effectively scale and evaluate their sports marketing efforts.

Roster Solutions for Salomon

Centralized all global ambassador programs

Salomon moved its sports marketing program from time-consuming, inefficient spreadsheets onto the Roster platform. 

“Our athletes love that we have a very structured and organized program. They know what our expectations are and how they’re performing. With Roster, it’s clear to the athletes that they are meeting their obligations to us.”

Cultivate local relationships with key athletes​

Salomon athletes had their own mobile portal with everything they needed in one convenient location.

“Building multiple programs inside Roster and monitoring activities helps us succeed on the worldwide stage.”
“Roster lets us see our results, monitor them over time, and provides ways we can influence them. We get the data we need, but it’s also easy for our teams to use.”

Local coordination of global campaigns

Large-scale worldwide campaigns were broken down into individual countries so that each market’s message, call to action, and materials are tailored to its specific needs.


🎯 Salomon’s initiative contributed to 26% of the company’s UGC, connecting with an audience of 350M+

💬 “Word of mouth has built our brand over the last 80 years. It’s just that we haven’t been able to have visibility.  For sure, Roster is going to keep remaining part of our strategy. It gives us another lever to pull and see what’s going on in the field.”

UGC seen by 350 million potential customers!


New Customer Segment

Outdoor retail marketing leans heavily towards male athletes. Salomon wanted to encourage women to get outside, break from traditional stereotypes, and share their stories. 

How could the company coordinate a global campaign of UGC and then measure the impact? They needed tools to coordinate the global campaign and measure its impact.

Roster Solutions for Salomon

Unified brand community with campaigns 

Salomon engaged their army of brand ambassadors, customers, and social media followers to participate in a customized campaign. 

Engaged and rewarded ambassadors

Leveraging Roster, Salomon mobilized and rewarded their brand ambassadors, who then engaged their vast social media audience.

Tracked successes with automated insights

Utilizing Roster’s automated social listening tool, Salomon seamlessly obtained valuable insights on reach and engagement metrics.

Maximized UGC with Roster

Salomon curated an impressive collection of outstanding user-generated content, showcasing authentic interactions and feedback from their community.

Trail Blazing Results

🏃‍♀️The new athlete community was a huge success. The UCG was incredible and proved that women were shattering their traditional stereotypes. 

2,800+ social media posts with 21.5 million impressions