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There Is a Better Way: Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Building a loyal customer base is more critical than ever in today’s business world. But with so many companies competing for attention, how do you set your brand apart from the crowd? One strategy that many businesses are using is to turn their customers into brand ambassadors—enthusiastic advocates who spread the word about your brand to others.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of turning customers into brand ambassadors, strategies for doing so, and real-life examples of companies that have successfully created brand ambassador programs.

Benefits of turning customers into brand ambassadors

Turning customers into brand ambassadors is a transformative strategy that bridges the gap between traditional business growth and the dynamics of human interaction. At its heart lies the potent tool of word of mouth marketing, harnessing the everyday conversations people have about their favorite products. This organic enthusiasm, when directed towards your brand, can become a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Let’s dive deeper into why nurturing your customers into brand advocates embodies a profound approach for long-term business success.

Reach new audiences

Brand ambassadors do more than just use your product. Often they extend your brand’s reach into new, uncharted territories. Their personal networks and social circles become fertile ground for your brand’s message, fostering an organic expansion that traditional marketing methods rarely achieve.

Genuine recommendations

Ask yourself, who’s more convincing…a billboard or a friend who genuinely swears by a product?

Hands down, a friend is the most convincing.

The credibility of a friend’s recommendation outshines any traditional advertisement. By transforming satisfied customers into storytellers, you’re leveraging the most sincere form of word of mouth marketing. These real-life stories, brimming with authenticity, are incredibly persuasive and impactful.

Social proof

In our digitally-driven world, social proof has become paramount. Customers sharing positive experiences on social media or other platforms not only validate your brand but also influence potential customers who are on the fence about your products or services.

Real-life brand ambassador responsibilities 

Authentic marketing

Traditional marketing methods can be seen as impersonal or fake. Brand ambassadors, on the other hand, offer a more authentic voice that resonates with consumers. Their genuine endorsements, born from personal experiences with your products, lend a trustworthy and relatable voice to your brand, enhancing its credibility and appeal.


The strategy of turning customers into brand ambassadors is a testament to cost-effective marketing. It emphasizes nurturing existing customer relationships and using their enthusiasm to attract new clientele. This approach is not just financially savvy; it’s a cycle of advocacy that feeds into continuous growth.

Increased brand loyalty

When customers become ambassadors, they become more emotionally invested in your brand. They are more likely to remain loyal to your brand and make repeat purchases. This goes beyond transactions. It’s about nurturing a community, a family of people who don’t just buy but believe in your brand. They’re your enthusiastic supporters, spreading your story in every corner they can.

Sustainable growth

By inspiring loyal customers to become brand advocates paves the way for predictable and sustainable growth. This strategy is built on a foundation of solid customer relationships, enhanced visibility, and the intrinsic power of word of mouth marketing. It’s about cultivating a long-term ecosystem where your business and its customers grow in unison.

In essence, by focusing on turning customers into passionate brand enthusiasts, you’re not just employing a marketing tactic; you’re spearheading a movement. This approach, centered around the authentic, shared experiences of your customers, does more than just sell products—it creates a community thriving on genuine connections and mutual growth. Isn’t this the kind of transformative narrative your brand deserves?

Examples of customer ambassador programs

Many companies have successfully created brand ambassador programs that have helped them grow and thrive. Here are a few real-life examples:

Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


REDCON1, recognized as the fastest-growing sports supplement brand ever, has achieved remarkable success by turning its customers into ambassadors through its innovative Tier Operator Program. This program is a cornerstone of REDCON1’s strategy, fostering a strong community by uniting a diverse range of fitness enthusiasts, from elite athletes to daily gym-goers.

The initiative stems from its ability to offer tangible rewards, including free supplements and exclusive merchandise, coupled with financial benefits like significant product discounts and the opportunity to earn commissions on sales. This approach not only incentivizes customers but also transforms them into passionate and authentic brand advocates. Their genuine belief in REDCON1’s products is pivotal to the brand’s rapid growth and high standing in the sports nutrition industry.

turning your customers into brand ambassadors and influencers


The home-sharing platform Airbnb has a Superhost Ambassador Program. It is a straightforward initiative that encourages experienced hosts to guide newcomers. Superhosts can apply to become ambassadors, and once approved, they are connected with new hosts. These ambassadors offer valuable advice on hosting, like cleaning tips and how to create attractive listings. For every new host they help who completes a reservation, the ambassador earns a cash reward. This program makes it easy for seasoned hosts to share their knowledge and grow the Airbnb community, all while earning extra income through referrals.


The Owala Hydration Club, the company’s ingeniously named ambassador program, offers a straightforward and engaging opportunity for brand enthusiasts to get involved.

Ambassadors are asked to help promote new products and promotions on social media. In exchange for their efforts, they receive significant discounts for themselves and their friends and family. The program is a fun way for Owala enthusiasts to stay connected with the brand and enjoy perks while helping to spread the word about Owala’s offerings.

Strategies for turning customers into ambassadors

So how do you turn customers into brand ambassadors? Transforming customers into brand ambassadors is a nuanced and strategic endeavor, one that goes beyond the conventional approach of tapping into influencer databases or relying on cold outreach.

1️⃣ Tap into your customer base

Begin by analyzing your existing customer base. Look for customers who have made multiple purchases or consistently engage with your brand. These are individuals who have already demonstrated a connection with your brand, making them prime candidates for ambassadorship.

Unlike the broad approach of influencer databases, this method is more targeted and personal, focusing on customers who genuinely appreciate your brand.

2️⃣ Personalized outreach

The key to turning customers into ambassadors lies in direct and personalized communication. Consider these strategies:

  • Announcing the ambassador program
    Utilize email marketing to introduce your ambassador program. Craft emails that speak directly to the customers’ experience with your brand, highlighting the benefits and value of becoming an ambassador.
  • Post-purchase invitations
    After a customer makes a purchase, follow up with an email inviting them to join the ambassador program. This invitation should feel exclusive and appreciative of their patronage.
  • Consistent messaging across platforms
    Include a banner or a dedicated module in all outgoing emails that informs customers about the ambassador program. Additionally, leverage social media to announce and promote the program. Platforms like Instagram are particularly effective for featuring ambassadors in story highlights, giving a face and story to your brand.
  • Utilizing package inserts
    Include inserts in your product packaging that invite customers to join the ambassador program. These inserts can be a powerful tool, as they reach customers at a moment of high engagement – when they are experiencing your product.

3️⃣ Provide clear guidelines and support

To ensure a smooth transition for your customers into brand ambassadors, provide them with clear guidelines and support. This can be in the form of a detailed guide or a PDF outlining the ambassador program, its benefits, expectations, and how they can effectively advocate for your brand.

  • Creating an online resource
    Consider developing a dedicated section on your blog or website with comprehensive information on how to become a brand ambassador. Include tips, best practices, and real stories from successful ambassadors.
  • Ongoing support and communication
    Establish a line of communication with your ambassadors. Regular updates, feedback sessions, and recognition of their efforts can go a long way in maintaining their enthusiasm and commitment.

By adopting these strategies with a focus on personalization, engagement, and support, you can transform your customers into passionate brand ambassadors. This approach not only enhances your marketing efforts but also fosters a community of loyal supporters who embody and spread your brand’s values and message. Remember, the goal is to build a relationship that benefits both your brand and its ambassadors, creating a symbiotic ecosystem of growth and advocacy.

If you need specifics on the process, an excellent guide is our blog: How To Find Brand Ambassadors: 7 Tips

Also, here’s a pdf you may follow.

Work With People Who Care About Your Brand The best influencers are loyal customers & followers


Final thoughts

In conclusion, turning customers into brand ambassadors is a strategy that offers many benefits for businesses in today’s competitive environment. It can lead to increased brand loyalty, greater reach, social proof, authentic marketing, cost-effective marketing, and predictable growth.

By identifying loyal customers and asking them to become ambassadors, businesses can leverage their enthusiasm and support to generate new business. Additionally, real-life examples from companies like Glossier, Airbnb, and Hootsuite show how successful brand ambassador programs can be implemented across various industries. By following the strategies outlined in this blog post, businesses can create successful brand ambassador programs and set themselves apart from the competition.


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