Case study – Vooray


Create better buying experiences

Vooray enjoyed a massive 31x ROI from purchases and referrals generated by their influencers, pros and ambassadors.

Vooray creates better buying experiences with Roster ambassador software

Company Background

Customers are Vooray’s top priority. The company goes to great lengths to understand brand perceptions and the organic conversations customers have with their social networks.


Health, Wellness &
Fitness Retail




Vooray used many different influencer platforms, and each time, the retailer was underwhelmed. Several of the influencer marketing software platform providers specialized in helping discover influencers. Other platforms they tried focused on monitoring social chatter and social listening.

The company was frustrated because every system and software they used was overpriced and did not deliver the expected results. Further, Vooray was unable to obtain the information or insights they were seeking.

The athletic bag and accessory business had three main groups of brand champions. Thus they devised three advocacy programs, including trainers, customers, and influencers.

Working with three influencer programs can be a challenge, especially for smaller organizations. Vooray had to have the ideal platform to run three separate influencer channels.


Vooray developed unique communities to mass produce user-generated content or UGC. In turn, the involvement with the brand and groups would hopefully encourage brand loyalty and drive sales through three influencer communities.

Each advocacy program had distinct objectives and KPIs. 

Overall, Vooray was looking to organize and grow three distinct communities. It was essential for the company to:

1. Track and scale word of mouth

2. Build trust and foster authentic conversations

3. Grow referrals and revenue

Vooray Community Programs

Vooray promoted and invited trainers to join their community on their website, social media, and post-purchase emails.




We surveyed every new customer that Vooray acquired. A staggering number of people heard about us from a friend or saw a trainer using our products. These are things we could not track or replicate.

Roster allows us to know when these conversations happen and measure them. It is a huge goldmine for a marketer!


Results of Community Programs

For the first time, Vooray was able to quantify and scale the impact of word of mouth.

Track and scale word of mouth

Unlike all the other influencer platforms Vooray had tried, Roster measured the genuine product discussions. For the first time, Vooray was able to validate their word of mouth clearly.

“Roster allows us to know when these conversations happen and measure them. It is a huge goldmine for a marketer!”

The social impact of their advocacy programs was outstanding. Vooray advocates produced thousands of UGC  that reached almost 100 million new individuals. 

Brand awareness and reach skyrocketed. 

Vooray case study shows how to Track and scale word of mouth​
Vooray Build trust and foster authentic conversations​

Build trust and foster authentic conversations

Building trust and encouraging genuine dialogue was an immediate hit for Vooray. Because the connections were authentic, the engagement was massive. 

More than 2.4 million people shared, commented, and liked the posts. The conversations with their pros, customer, and influencers were more than 8x the industry average.

The power of word-of-mouth for Vooray goes beyond simple social interaction. It takes many shapes, including UGC, online reviews, and in-person product mentions.

“It’s awesome to see the effects that authentic Influencers have. The conversations are natural. They’re not forced. No BS radars are going off anywhere.

 It’s where you would want to hear about a new product from a friend, an acquaintance, and from someone you trust.” 

Grow referrals and revenue

The impact on sales for Vooray was tremendous. More than $325,000 in additional revenue was generated thanks to the company’s pro, customer, and influencer referral programs.

Vooray achieved an extraordinary 3,100% return on investment.


“Roster shows us which people actually influence friends to become Vooray customers. Not just talk, post or tweet about us. We know much more with Roster about true influence.

Now we have a model that we replicate and scale. It drops our customer acquisition cost significantly.”