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Compare Roster: more than just keeping score

In the arena of affiliate and ambassador marketing, true winning transcends the scoreboard—it’s built on enduring partnerships and strategic community engagement.

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Roster is a Momentum Leader! We’ve soared to the top in our category, fueled by our award-winning customer success team clinching Best Support yet again.
What sets Roster apart?

Roster leads the way as the first platform to integrate a community space within its ambassador portal, fostering engagement, nurturing connections, and encouraging mutual support. Experience the ease of growing your brand community in one cohesive environment.

Revitalize your ambassador program with Roster’s gamified milestones and tiers.

This engaging approach not only increases participation but also fosters lasting loyalty. Easily manage progress and rewards in our all-in-one hub, turning every ambassador action into a step towards sustained collaboration and success. 

Uniting ambassadors, affiliates, influencers, and customers on one platform for simplified management and seamless engagement. Experience cohesive, cost-effective marketing and community building.

Compare Roster's unique features and toolset

Why ecomm businesses love Roster

Cutting acquisition costs

Reduce marketing expenses significantly through organic, word-of-mouth promotion.

Fostering brand loyalty

Deepen engagement and foster brand advocates with customized programs.

Simplifying collaboration

Streamline creator management for more efficient, impactful partnerships.

Revamping referrals

Easily convert customers and fans into ambassadors using an automated system.

Automated product seeding

Effortlessly gift products, allowing creators to self-select their favorite items.

Effortless rewards

Smoothly distribute rewards via PayPay, Venmo, gift cards, and store credits.

Grow with people who love your brand!

Step into a world of marketing brilliance with Roster. Compare and see the difference yourself – book a demo now.