Case study – GoBe Kids

GoBe Kids

Small startup builds authentic advocates

GoBe Kids is a two-person company with a mission to encourage kids to love healthy foods. Learn how their ambassadors are significant marketing partners.

Started by a husband and wife team, GoBe Kids is a unique spill-proof container with five different compartments. The design gives kids the freedom to make their own choices while reducing spills and messes. 


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The new GoBe product was a fabulous idea and had a convenient, fun design. Children and parents kids equally loved the snack holder.

Like most entrepreneurial ventures, sales were building, but GoBe lacked the rapid revenue growth they anticipated. They were looking for a marketing channel that could create a rapid sales trajectory. If they could generate product awareness and expand reach, they knew sales would improve.

The two-person startup did not have a large marketing budget or any extra time. They needed to generate both product buzz and customers quickly. 

The founders had three primary goals: 

•  Drive awareness

• Track and grow sales

•  Save time and develop expertise 


Being a startup, the company had limited resources. The organization felt the best route would be grassroots marketing and drawing on the strength of peer-to-peer connections.

Together with Wooly, GoBe Kids formed an advocacy program strategy. Their approach included both influencers who had significant social followings and ambassadors who were current customers and superfans of the product.

The brand attracted participants through its website, social media, post-purchase emails, newsletter, and direct messages. 

Every month, the organization introduced new campaigns to help its influencers and ambassadors engage with their own networks creatively and uniquely.

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Ambassador Program Results

The growth and outcome for the GoBe Kids advocacy programs were extraordinary.

Drive awareness

Within 12 months of starting their programs, over 1,000 people applied to be GoBe ambassadors or influencers. The startup D2C brand grew its advocacy program by 5400%. 

Now hundreds of additional enthusiastic users of the GoBe snack containers are incentivized to tell their friends, families, and followers about the product.

Instagram followers grow by 3 times

Track and grow sales

Ambassadors and influencers created and shared 6 times more user-generated content, and the number of social media followers increased by 3 times.

With this crew of marketers, the number of GoBe customers exploded from 9,000 to nearly 40,000.

Save time and develop expertise

The time investment was minimal. The team collectively spent between two to five hours a week running their advocacy programs.


“Our ambassador program was non-existent. And we wanted to do something different, not just another drip campaign.


We went from 10 people mentioning us to over 550 brand ambassadors!”

GoBe Kids case study Small startup builds authentic advocates