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The ABCs of Brand Ambassador Responsibilities: What You Need to Know

As a company, you know how important it is to reach more people and tell them about your products or services. But, how can you do this most efficiently and effectively? The answer lies in the hands of brand ambassadors—your secret marketing weapon with a triple threat impact. The brand ambassador responsibilities include building brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately driving sales.

These people know how to get the word out about your products and services, create buzz, and reach more people. They give you valuable feedback and insights based on their interactions with customers, work together on marketing campaigns, and keep your brand’s messaging and engagement standards in mind. By teaming up with brand ambassadors, you can make a lasting impression on your target audience and grow your business.

In this guide, we’ll break down the responsibilities of a brand ambassador and explain why they are essential to marketing and promoting your brand. We’ll also delve into the general and specific duties of a brand ambassador, as well as the qualities that make a successful ambassador.

Intro to brand ambassador responsibilities

Brand ambassadors are like your brand’s cheerleaders, working to spread the word about your products or services to a large audience. Their role is crucial in growing brand attention, loyalty, and sales. 

By working with brand ambassadors, you can build a strong brand presence in the market, attract more customers, and get valuable feedback and insights from their connections. 

Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

The specific responsibilities of a brand ambassador can vary depending on the brand and the nature of the ambassadorship. They are the face of your brand, responsible for promoting your products or services in a positive and exciting way. Their ultimate goal is to build brand awareness, loyalty, and sales through their promotion efforts.

These dedicated, enthusiastic people should be a big part of any successful marketing plan. So, what are the primary responsibilities and duties of brand ambassadors? Let’s dive in:

Represent the brand

First, be a great brand representative at events, on social media, and in other marketing efforts. This means embodying the brand values and presenting them in a positive and professional light at all times.

Share love for the brand

Second, get people to know and like your brand by sharing content, promoting products or services, and talking to your customers and followers. They build brand awareness and loyalty in many ways, such as through social media and in-person events.

Feedback to the brand

Third, they need to provide feedback and insights to your brand based on customer interactions. This valuable feedback can help you improve your products or services and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Market and promote

Fourth, one of the ambassador’s responsibilities is to work with your brand on marketing and promotions. The cornerstone of this responsibility is producing user-generated content (UGC) and participating in campaigns.

what are the responsibilities of a brand ambassador?

Stay informed

Fifth, they are responsible for staying up-to-date with your brand’s products, services, and industry trends. Knowledge is power, and they need to be knowledgeable about your brand and its industry.

Align with brand

Lastly, they need to know their roles and responsibilities as brand ambassadors for the partnership to work. Ambassadors must be consistent in their messaging, branding, and engagement. They are responsible for adhering to your brand’s guidelines and standards to uphold a consistent and impactful image.

There you have it, the list of duties and responsibilities of brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is vital to a brand’s marketing and communication strategies. Their job is to promote the brand and build positive relationships with customers and followers.

Real-life brand ambassador responsibilities 

To help a company grow, ambassadors need to know what tasks they might be responsible for in the real world. Even though a brand ambassador’s general duties are the same from one campaign to another, their specific responsibilities can vary a lot depending on the brand’s needs and industry. In this section, we’ll look at actual campaigns run by companies using the Roster platform. 

An e-commerce brand ran a February campaign called Love is Everywhere. The goal was to highlight that love is available in all parts of life and can be found in unexpected places.

They asked their community of ambassadors to pick one of four campaigns and finish it before Valentine’s Day. 

1- Highlight the unexpected places you love to go and the brand products that make it special. If you choose this campaign, please complete the following tasks.

  • Share personal experiences about unexpected places that they enjoy visiting.
  • Showcase how the brand’s products make these places unique or special.
  • Highlight the benefits or features of the brand’s products in the context of your personal experiences.
  • Create engaging content that promotes the brand and its products in a positive and authentic way.
  • Encourage your followers to try out the brand’s products themselves by sharing your positive experiences with them.
  • Include the hashtag “loveiseverywhere” and @mention the brand.

Real-life brand ambassador responsibilities 

2 – How do you keep your world a loving place?  If you choose this campaign, please complete the following tasks.

  • Share personal experiences or tips on how they keep their world a loving place.
  • Encourage your followers to share their own experiences or tips.
  • Promote the brand’s products or services in the context of the message and @mention the brand.
  • Follow the brief and brand guidelines.
  • Include the hashtag “loveiseverywhere”.

3 – Consider sharing your favorite brand product with a loved one. If you choose this campaign, the following tasks are required.

  • Capture the moment on video.
  • Post as an Instagram Reel or TikTok.
  • Or highlight how you embrace love in your daily life with [Brand Item].
  • Snap a photo or record a video of yourself incorporating [Brand Item|.
  • Follow the brief and brand guidelines.
  • Include the hashtag “loveiseverywhere” and @mention the brand.

4 – See the brand in the wild

  • Visit a physical store where our brand products are sold.
  • Capture the brand’s products in the store environment and showcase how they fit into the overall shopping experience.
  • Create engaging content that promotes the brand and its products in a positive and authentic way and post on Instagram.
  • Encourage your community of followers to visit the physical store themselves and try out the brand’s products.

Athletic brand example

Using the same “Love is Everywhere” campaign, a shoe company asked its ambassadors to choose one. 

1 – Team Spirit

  • Share images and videos showcasing the camaraderie and support athletes show each other on and off the field.
  • Emphasize how love is everywhere in the form of support and encouragement.
  • Include the campaign hashtag and @mention the brand.

2 – Personal Triumphs

  • Share personal stories from athletes about their athletic achievements and how they showed love to themselves by pushing themselves to their limits and setting new goals.
  • Make sure to @mention the brand and include the campaign hashtag in your post.

Brand Ambassador Responsibilities include posting and mentioning the brand

3- Encouraging Others

  • Share messages of encouragement from athletes to their fans or images of athletes inspiring others through their sportsmanship and hard work.
  • Emphasize how love is everywhere when people inspire and uplift each other.
  • To maximize the effectiveness, it’s important to include the campaign hashtag and @mention the brand in your brand ambassador posts.

Altruistic brand example

One more real-life illustration. Another brand gave their ambassador the responsibility to complete a “Fan Love” campaign or a “Giving Back” campaign. 

1 – Fan Love

  • Share images and videos of fans showing love and support to their favorite athletes and how this creates a sense of community and connection.
  • Emphasize how love is everywhere in the form of shared experiences and relationships.
  • This is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, February 12.

2 – Giving Back

  • Create and post images and videos of athletes who give back to their communities through sports, such as coaching youth sports teams or participating in charity events.
  • Also, please emphasize how love is everywhere when people give of themselves to help others.

For additional brand ambassador responsibilities, you can visit Roster’s continuously updating page of brand ambassador and influencer social media campaign templates.


To sum up, the responsibilities of a brand ambassador are very important in marketing and promoting a company. They play a vital role in building brand awareness, loyalty, and sales. That’s why it’s crucial to leverage brand ambassador responsibilities. Remember, these advocates are more than just promoters—they can be the key to unlocking your brand’s potential.









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