Drive growth through referrals and UGC with Roster

Drive growth through referrals and UGC

Turn your customers into motivated brand ambassadors that boost awareness and sales.

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“Roster saves us countless hours of management, tracking, and reviewing ambassadors. I love how it integrates with Shopify and social media apps and keeps ambassadors engaged through Actions and Milestones!”
Alete Active Nutrition

With Roster, growing your
brand is a social blast!

Unlock brand success with Roster’s intuitive collaboration platform. Effortlessly oversee ambassadors and energize your community with campaigns that seamlessly integrate social media and eCommerce.

Generate amazing UGC

Engage people who love and use your products to create and share content 

Ignite brand awareness

Combine real voices with tailored campaigns for strong brand presence

Boost referral sales

Automated discounts and commissions fuel excitement and word of mouth

Instagram & TikTok UGC

Activate the power of word of mouth marketing. Effortlessly collect, manage, and repurpose content to strengthen trust and enhance your brand image while boosting engagement, sales, and market presence.

Referral tracking & payments

Arm ambassadors with customizable links and discount codes to drive word of mouth sales. Reward and gamify with commissions, points, and automated payments.

Product seeding and gifting

Empower ambassadors to pick products they love for authentic content and increased awareness. Streamline selections and campaigns with powerful integrations, enjoy automatic product fulfillment, and greater brand engagement.

Supercharge word of mouth sales

Rev up your brand marketing! Join the ambassador platform proven to drive awareness, produce content, and increase sales in the most authentic way possible.

$599 /mo
With 20% annual discount
For brands starting their first community program
$1,199 /mo
With 20% annual discount
For growing brands with multiple advocate types
Pro / Enterprise
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Custom packages available
For established brands with engaged communities

Brands are totally crushing on us

All Roster plans include these amazing features

For brands starting their first community program
$599 /mo
With 20% annual discount
For growing brands with multiple advocate types
$1,199 /mo
With 20% annual discount
Pro / Enterprise
For established brands with engaged communities
Contact us
Custom packages available

Ambassador Management

Unlimited ambassadors
Multiple program types
Custom recruitment forms
Ambassador portal
Bulk and one-off email messaging
Automated email messaging
Custom properties and tagging
Activity log and team notes

Ambassador Tracking

Referral link tracking
Discount code tracking
Recurring order tracking
Personal order tracking
Custom UTM parameters

Commissions and Rewards

Flat rate commissions
Percentage of sale commissions
Advanced tiered commissions
Manual commissions
Cash-based commissions
Point-based commissions
Order cancellation tracking
Automated commission approvals
PayPal payouts
Venmo payouts
Store credit and custom payouts

Dashboards and Reports

Customizable brand dashboards
Customizable program dashboards
Sales attribution reporting
Social listening and UGC dashboards
Social campaign reporting

Social Listening and UGC

Instagram campaigns
TikTok campaigns
Facebook campaigns
X (Twitter) campaigns
Welcome campaigns
UGC campaigns
Public hashtag campaigns
User generated content management

Ambassador Engagement

Automated milestone journeys
Point-based rewards
Automated product seeding
Personal discount codes
55+ action templates

Private Community

Unlimited community channels
Auto-syncing program channels
Invite-only channels
Text and image-based posts
Like and comment on posts
Community member profiles


Shopify integration
Ecommerce integration
Klaviyo integration
Zapier integration